Purchased a 2016 Jeep in February, 10k car with a 1k down payment. 5 year loan with a jaw dropping 22.9% rate for lack of credit history.

Night we bought it back wheels locked up Came with two keys one of which looked brand but wouldnt work in the car.

Have had issues, brakes needed changed almost right away.

At the end of June, the car died assumed it was the starter. Went through this warranty we were forced into by the dealer, 3 different shops couldnt figure it out, symptoms seemed to either be relay or starter. Turned out to be the key short circuited, NOT covered by the warranty! (Dealerships should have the responsibility of making sure your keys are good when they ask you for 10k).

I have made a payment of $335.66, EVERY week on the car since February 10, 2021, my pay off balance has not lowered since June 2021 That claim of paying one extra dollar lowering the length of the loan or interest rate doesnt seem to be accurate with them.

The Jeep is currently in the shop, were awaiting news whether Superior Protection will cover it or not, I pray that they do, every extra cent has gone into paying this car off in under a year so we would be pretty screwed if they dont!

Side note, when I called to get the pay off balance and found out that it hasnt lowered at all since June, I inquired why.

The woman I spoke to said that the longer we have the car the higher the payoff balance will be (shouldnt that be the other way around?) I pointed out my weekly payments, which she was able to verify and stated that Im paid up until the end end of 2025. I asked how much I have paid this far (I have all that figured out and when my last payment SHOULD be made) she couldnt tell me. I asked about my 1k down payment, she said that IS not factored into the loan (so, I am at a loss as to what that went for, she couldnt tell me either).

Anyway, God willing the warranty will cover whatever is going on with it.

My 10k Jeep wont cost me nearly 25k!

While getting ready to post this, the shop just called, warranty will not cover anything other than coils. My 10k car is getting more expensive as the day goes on.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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