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John Darer is a con artist that I tried to work with but he was impossible to deal with. He spouts off and just never ever shuts the heck up.

Man does this boy keep on blabbing on and on and on.. If you dont believe me call him and listen to him ramble on about nothing and talk about how great he is and that all the reviews about him being a scammer, inducing fraudelent settlements, being licensed, blah blah blah.. This guy is one you need to stay away from. He is a straight up con artist and scammer.

He tried to rip me off but I ended up working with another company in his industry and am glad that I got away but that wasnt before he called me non-stop for a period of time.

He has also been sued multiple times for fraudelent practices against a woman. So if you are a female do not work with him he doesnt respect women.

User's recommendation: Con Artist.

Monetary Loss: $250000.

Preferred solution: Apology.

4Structures Pros: Guy takes no responsibility.

4Structures Cons: Scammer, Con artist, Fraud.

Location: 43 Harbor Drive, Stamford, Connecticut 06902, United States

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I am the Business Owner. We keep good records and we have not ever spoken to or done business with anyone by the name of Jaquell Lhm.

It's easy for the anonymous to throw around words like Jaquell Lhm has. The individual does not make any sense, because if any of it were true JD could not hold any insurance licenses as he has for 39 years. It's easy for any consumer to verify a license through online records with the relevant state insurance department (in some case referred to as Department of Financial Services). The individual seeks an apology for someone and/or something that simply cannot be substantiated.

Please refer to and Please refer to and

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