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by Charlie C Lco #175403

Hi The main reason we love coming to 151 coffee is to get our dogs pup cups after long hikes. We have been doing this almost every weekend for the past 3 years.

Did the rules change on allowing employees to give the pup cups to the dogs? It's extremely difficult to feed the dogs that are in the back seat pup cups from the front seat. The employees always have smiles on their faces and get to pet the dogs and can then wash their hands when they do it. We do not have the opportunity to wash our hands and it is very difficult to turn around and feed them.

For the employees the dogs stuck their head out the window for you.

Now for 2 days in a row we have been told by the guy working the window at the 151 coffee on main street in Lewisville that they can not feed the dogs the pup cups. This is a first for us, so have the rules changed or is this guy just not a dog person?

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