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Taking advantage of the disabled.

Original review Feb 13, 2022
If it's sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Community Ventures administers USDA funds to provide low income citizens homes. My experience have been less than expected and promised. The house I found needed upgrades, repairs and maintenance. The amount the USDA loaned me was based on Community Ventures estimates to bring this house up to code. I was informed there was a year to correct any problems that may arise. My first night in my "last home" it immediately became clear that there was indeed a plumbing issue! When I reported this gurgling in the pipes when the washer drained, Mr. Agnew simply said, "Welcome to homeownership!" A huge amount of money was used to roof and gutter an outbuilding best used for storage but is unusable due to regular flooding. Electric outlets won't hold plugs in. The safety lights outside don't work. The back half of the house is 15 degrees hotter or colder than the rest of the house. Water freezes under the kitchen sink. The on-demand water heater waste 9 minutes of water before delivering hot water to the bathroom. I requested the old, stained, disintegrating carpet be pulled up, but it wasn't. With all the work done on the storage building, the gates to the backyard were destroyed and left that way. I am a disabled person without family to help me. My income is fixed and low. My opinion is that they left me with serious problems I cannot afford to fix. Finally, I was instructed to make my first mortgage payment a month late!
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Colby Hager

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