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Michael Edwards is a fraud

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It seems many other people have been taken by this con artist. All the stories are the same he promises good leads, doesn't deliver, when you complain he shuts your account down and keeps the money. I've reported him to the BBB and consumer affairs in Florida, he's still in business so it's a matter of everyone who has been ripped off by this *** to file complaints everywhere in the business community.
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File a complaint with the state attorney general's office. They are the ones to file a lawsuit and have him shut down. This has been going on for years.

@Aerith Cck

I have been in touch with the attorney general, they have noted the complaint.


Tell me who to get in touch with I’ll file a complaint too This company needs to be shut down I never funded one loan, every lead I called was angry I called because they had received so many calls already from other people

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#1538682 Review #1538682 is a subjective opinion of poster. Does NOT Deliver What is Promised!

I am a loan officer for a bank that has a program to fund commercial real estate loans nationwide. I wanted to increase my production and I had been receiving marketing emails from for a couple of years The company promised exclusive leads based on filters that you set up and you could "cherry pick" the ones you want. After speaking with the sales guy, it sounded legit, so he had me wire $2,000 to their account. What a HUGE mistake. It turns out that the most leads I ever had the opportunity to select from was 2. The few prospects I was able to contact had already been repeatedly called by other lenders/brokers. Exclusive leads, really? After six months of nothing, I got fed up when they stopped sending me alerts and decided to write it off the loss on my taxes. Maybe they got tired of my complaining. It's my own fault for being suckered into this scam because I did not do my homework. There are enough complaints online that would have definitely changed my mind about moving foward. If you are in commercial lending and receiving marketing emails from this company, do yourself a favor and send them to spam and spend your hard earned money on a marketing method that you can fully trust and that you have researched. Don't be a sucker like me.
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file complaints with the Florida BBB and Florida consumer protection also with the AG

@Hala Sqm

Excellent if everyone keeps filing with the Attorney General something may happen. They are the ones to begin class action suits and shut businesses down.

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LAV2/ is a fraud

Michael Edwards of Lav2 / offers commercial real estate leads for a fee for a stack of leads provided on a weekly basis through his website. He'll ask you to wire money and set up an account then he supplies leads from a download. The leads are old ans stale, it took 5 weeks to get one bad lead. I complained to him, he shut down my account, will not refund my money so basically he's taken my money without any product as promised. In short this guy is a fraud along with the guarantees offered on the website. I've filed complaints with the BBB and the Florida AG and I'm going to the small claims court also. There are many other complaints against Michael Edwards and Lav2 / which are very similar to my complaint so my experience is typical of this businesses mode of operation.
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Thanks for the warning, I will take heed.



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