The moderator called "KrisBishop" need to be banned in comicvine.

The moderator called "KrisBishop" need to be banned in comicvine. Yesterday, he ban me despite the fact that i did nothing wrong. Literally, he ban me just because i corrected a User on Comicvine based on the feats the User posted in a Respect Thread. Make no mistake,...
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Lagos, Lagos

The moderator called "KrisBishop" need to be banned in comicvine.

Yesterday, he ban me despite the fact that i did nothing wrong. Literally, he ban me just because i corrected a User on Comicvine based on the feats the User posted in a Respect Thread. Make no mistake, i did nothing wrong in that Respect Thread, i did not insult the...
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Lagos, Lagos
Preferred solution
Unban my account.
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Mods specially Renchamp need to be banned in comicvine

Mods will ban anyone with different opinion. They need to be removed from comic vine. Renchamp of comicvine specially needs to be banned. He does not listen to the other party. Someone will add him as mod and he bans them. So especially he needs to be thrown out. Everyone has the right to be on the website.Nobody can be banned until and unless there is a reason to be banned. The other party is at fault but mods don't listen. They should listen to the party. Last week too a friend of mine wrote her opinion. Someone also commented rudely but renchamp never banned him. He did not listen to my friend and banned her. So fire and throw him out as well first. I request you.
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ComicVine - Review in Entertainment category

The moderator "renchamp" of comicvine site needs to be fired or banned because he is totally biased towards his friends and keeps on banning other person's account...he banned my account just 5-6 friends are also there on comicvine..all of them will also complain against this moderator "renchamp" ..comicvine should ban this moderator or unban my account by today
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I too agree. He needs to be banned. I did not know he was very dirty and cheap fellow.


I too agree the same. He needs to be banned. he is very rude.


I don't have any friends on Comic Vine. I don't mistake online personas for real people.

As such, I don't have anyone to protect and I only ban users who break rules or prove to be a detriment to the site.

The only bias I can admit to is refusing to ban users that don't break the rules.

In the end, you were a user that trolled far too much and finally crossed a line by creating an alt (based on my avatar and username) to disparage another user. Good riddance, I say.

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Poor customer service
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Comicvine Reviews Review

I am a fellow female user who is also a former poster on Comicvine. I got banned from that site because I believed Mortal Kombat to be a vastly superior verse to the HST or Holy Shounen Trinity (that is Naruto, One Piece and Bleach). I wanted to prove that contrary to popular opinion, MK wasn't as weak a verse as people made it out to be. So I posted a plethora of videos, articles and character endings to prove my point. But no matter how much evidence I tried to give, it was often countered with "but there's not enough context" or "they haven't shown any feats to suggest this or that", all of which the same can be said for many characters from other series. But for some reason, MK just HAD to show feats. What makes the other verses so special in that while MK, although stated to have beings that can threaten/create a Universe in plain English as an official part of the storyline, they HAVE to show these feats ALL in these people's faces, they don't? Other counter arguments range from " MK *** everyday" to "Pre-Shippuden Sasuke solos", etc. in spite of the fact that MK has Gods who are restricted of their powers and therefore CANNOT fight to the full extent of their abilities because the Elder Gods don't want to risk the very destruction of the realms. Another thing they did which not just them, but pretty much humans as a whole have a sickening habit of doing is taking things out of context that are written in simple, plain English or rationalize or otherwise reword it and give it a different interpretation or implication that what was initially given and very deliberately and premeditatedly complicate the details of a particular event depicted in a storyline in order to try and further invalidate the possibility that a certain argument is correct. They do this to further validate their erroneous and fallacious views and CONTINUE downgrading the opposing verse's power. So you see, it isn't the lack of sufficient evidence that prevents the people of that site from seeing that MK is stronger than the HST and the Power Six, but quite simply what appeals to the individual's preferences and what doesn't. Because of this, I'm fairly certain that even if MK characters showed visible feats in the viewers' faces that suggested they're as powerful as the storyline, their backstories and their endings depicted, they STILL would've conjured up some lame ***, weak excuse as to how that isn't so, such as "that's just for exaggerated effect". Many characters from other series demonstrated feats that from the real world's perspective are impossible for anyone in real life to do and are thus all just for exaggerated effect, but do people from that site say such and come up with every possible way conceivable to try and refute that? Oh right, they SHOWED these feats. So what? And even if I was wrong, even if I was proven wrong, is THAT any reason to ban someone from a website? Just for being wrong and having a different opinion? I thought this site was supposed to be one that respected people's opinions. It's supposed to be a safe haven for users to voice their opinions on whatever subject they discuss and only ban those who harass, upload explicit content, speak obscentities, ot threaten to harm. Not ban people for simply having a different opinion. But I shouldn't be the least bit surprised because in a way, I saw it coming. Two users who agreed with me said the same. One user said because of their unjust bias, that he avoided the site like the plague. Another told the story of how many people before me tried to do the same: prove MK's strength. And what did they get? The finger. One person about two to three years ago on that site even went through the trouble of creating a grid showing the power levels of MK, which worked similarly to that of Marvel. And it STILL wasn't enough. I mean, having an opinion is one thing, but if it's so wrong, why do people feel the need to mock, degrade, undermine and ban people? What had that person said or done with that particular opinion that could've possibly warranted expulsion from that site? I realize that, no matter how much evidence you give, no matter how unbiased you are in your arguments, no matter what you say, you're just not going to convince some people. That some people are going to believe what THEY want, HOWEVER they want. They want what they want what they want, and if anybody DARES to try and counter that oh so treasured opinion and belief and disillusion that precious dream outcome of theirs, to *** they go. I realize you can't waste time and energy trying to convince people who don't want evidence. It's not a lack of evidence, it's not the evidence TO THEIR LIKING.
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Syracuse, New York

It IS Corrupt

Comic Vine - It IS Corrupt
I personally hope this place goes out of business. The moderators are fascists.They ban anyone with a different opinion.They are extremely biased towards DBZ. There are the worse *** in history.The moderators abuse there power, and defend there friends or people that share there mentality.Not mention if don't like what the moderators like you are banned.This place is full of comic fanboys who overrate the characters abilities.JediXman will ban you don't like star wars.Godspawn would ban you if you insult spawn. The moderators are really bunch of liars.This is serious mafia.
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You sound like a crybaby.

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Poor customer service
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Comic vine doesnt like girls

I been a member of comic vine for a while--me and some of my admittedly nerdy girl friends-one by one over the months we got banned. Now I guess it was MY turn. I got banned because me (this has happened before ) did not agree with a review- We had thoughtful response and we weren't told anything except we ALL got banned one by one. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE! And YOU Cant complain because if you do they go after you and get you booted from other sites as well. STAY AWAY from comic vine!!!! discriminates
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I believe you. Their moderators are voluntary people who don't get paid to moderate. They are random people chosen and no background check is done on them. Some of the so called moderators are children. They pick random people as moderators who spend time uploading copyrighted pictures and writing down a lot of reviews which are reviews but their biased opinions. Alot of members end up disagreeing with their reviews. I've had alot of problems and disputes with their staff and moderatores, They told me that because they wrote a lot of posts or you might say *** opinions and because they uploaded alot of stolen artwork without permission from the creator they are considered contributing members and they should get to ban people or write any *** review. That they should get special previligies and be except form their strict ridiculous rules.

The worst part is the staff, the paid staff, know about certain members and moderators but take their side and usually ban the victim. If you've been banned form comicvine its not you but the staff and modrators. Its probably wasn't because you threatened the moderator or member or used foul language but simply because they didn't like what you wrote or because you had a little diagreement with them. That my friends, is a biased website and you should not visit it again becuause the viewer gives it advertisment ratings and the so called contirbutor can post as much posts it won't matter. Their are better websites.

I personally wouldn't even let my children sign up without parental guidance because it has a bunch of *** *** on it though its suppose to be a child friendly website.


Its true they always ban people their moderators disagree with. Those other jerks that banned you from other sites were the owners of that site and they love comic vine so they banned you.

They are mainly DC fan boys. If you were banned from those other sites don't use them either. Their website are cheap poor websites a reason they barely stay on their own website but visit comicvine to troll. They like to troll but expect others to give them sugar coated comments and compliments.

So where you unfairly treated and the answers is most likely yes.

Some moderator doesn't like you and banned you. Their moderators spend all day on comicvine usually posting their own opinions even as reviews.


they ban a lot of people not just females simply because they don't agree with you. They will do it but no one will know you were banned because they want to claim they respect everyone's opinion but they dont, They want you to be silent zombies while let others run their mouths.

Their moderators are jerks who get upset about anything they don't like and will ban if you keep it up. Use which has the same and only website with features as comicvine and even more. Its like facebook and comicvine mixed in one. Its not a strict website.

Comicvine hates this site.

I know a lot of people who have been banned from comicvine but comicvine likes to keep it a secret because they don't want to expose what kind of rude discriminating website it is. But its a haven for trolls.


This is such ***. CV has a female staff member who goes out of her way to make the place more welcoming for females, as well as two female moderators. The mods were chosen because they all brought something to the table and were trustworthy with the well-being of the site.

There is a three-strike policy for bans. You generally get three warnings and then after the third, are banned. These vary, however. If it's something egregious, you can be banned automatically (however this is rare) and you can also receive unofficial warnings.

I've been a member of Comic Vine for over two years and am a female, to boot. Never once have I been treated negatively because of it. I've also disagreed a good bit on reviews, not once have I been treated negatively by staff because of it.

How on Earth would they go about banning you on other sites? That's a completely fallacious claim that they would do so.

I call complete and absolute *** unless you're able to provide links and/or screenshots.


That never happened. You were probably banned for swearing or trolling, and just you.

Links or it didn't happen.

They also don't have the power to get you banned from other sites. You are a liar.

Also, one of comicvine's editors is a woman. I'm pretty sure if they hated girls she wouldn't be there.

Source: Common sense.


yea hard to believe 5 girls got banned-yeah all it was for legit reasons right? sure.

It didnt just happen to us.

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Disinformation: Russian and Chinese trolls among us

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How to know what’s fake on social media? In this video, Prof. Darren Linvill from Clemson University Media Forensics Hub explains how disinformation works, common tactics of political propaganda, the role of trolls, hashtags, and how to spot fake news.

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Prof. Darren Linvill

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