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Checked into Tucson Comfort Inn on E. Tanque Verder Rd on November 30, 2016. In room noticed hot water only luke warm. Staff said boiler being repaired and normal hot water back in 2 hours. Upon returning later in evening there was no hot water. Was told crew working on it. In morning no not water--told would be repaired that day. After day long hiking there was no hot water. Staff said they had talked to local hotel for transfers. We called...
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Next day I went to check out and asked about my discount was told by the front desk that she din't know anything about it and that the manager could call me the next day. I never received a call. Now I'm in the process of calling customer service and have been on hold for 30min. Oh, I forgot. Due to the fact I couldn't sleep went to get some food. Upon returning the wedding reception had moved to the parking lot were a fist fight had broken out. Hotel...
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Comfort Inn Hotel Facility Review

Staying at the comfort Inn for two nights. Of all the comfort inns I have stayed at this has to be the worse. No heat on during the day just at night?? It'cold As for the food well let's forget it. This is at the comfort inn at White River Juunction Vermont