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On 11/9/12, I purchased a vehicle from this dealership. On 11/12/12, the owner (Jim Walker) and one of his employees came to my home to try and steal the vehicle, however, he ripped the red temp. tag off the vehicle. On 11/9/12, I put $2,900 in cash towards this vehicle. Mr. Walker wrote out a "Bill of Sale" agreement that eight more agreed payments would be paid. He went against his word. He threatened my husband with physical harm and police...
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Wish I never met either Brady You fat losers, you and your husband both. Both of you lie so often it appears that reality is no longer something you live in. I wish you both nothing but misery and suffer...


Anonymous John and Melanie Brady are both completely useless human beings. The world would be a better place if they just climbed a ten story building and jumped off the roof.

I brought a car on 11/9/2012. I put down $2,900 cash and agreed with the owner to pay eight more payments and the vehicle would be mine. He wrote out a bill of sale showing that the $2,900 was paid on 11/12/12. He came to my home and ripped the temp. tag of the back of the vehicle and try to steal the car saying that the agreed payments were not high enough. He threatened my husband with physical harm. The police came and told the owner that he...
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Oli I know who the Bradys are. The Notorius Bradys are the biggest liars, crooks, lowlifes in NH. John pretended to be a cop in concord. Melanie was arrested for false police r...


Someone there are a lot of reviews from consumers who have been ripped off or almost ripped off by this guy. I could see people saying that this is someone not making their payments b...

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