ColorsOnParade In Austin TX

This is a place to get to supposedly get dents out. I went there with my almost brand new SUV that got rear ended by some other person. Well they gave me an estimate I could not beat so I took my car in and the owner, Terry Prater , told me it would take 3 days to get it fixed. I thought ok sure why not. It was fixed in 3 days alright...the dents were gone but when I jumped into my car, my seats had been changed. Yes my seats, my stereo, all my belongings I had in my car had been sifted through and these people put an additional 15 miles on my car. Really? Come on...15 miles? Where did they go I wonder. But in any case, do not go here. They will ruin your car. They replaced my car seats in the front and back with vinyl. Yes they ripped my leather seats thinking I wouldn't notice. I did. Its a shock that this type of company would do this. I would NOT recommend this place to anyone. PERIOD BEWARE COLORS ON PARADE IS A SCAM
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