Kenneth P Lwq
map-marker Greenwood Village, Colorado

Arguementive, argent, refused to help.

On 10/31/2018 i went to DMV because title and vin on car did not match.was told that vin was a mistake and i could easliy repair thru records. Went to DMV where i spock with lauren at station 2. Was now told i had to get vin checked. I told lauren repeatly that i was told all she had to do was look up records,as previously told. She snapped that i didn't know what i was talking about, and threatened not to help me if i did not shut - up. Then end results were 5 visits to the dmv. 3 visits to emmissions. Was told vin again not correct. I finally demanded to speak to a supervisor. Who FINALLY check the records and stated i did not need a vin. This could of easliy been handle if miss know it all lauren. Would of made some effort to check, as this was exactly what i had told her.this cost me a large amount of time and money. When i complained to supervisor. She said what the problem were fixing it NOW that was on 11/5/2018.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service
Rick L Qmj
map-marker Colorado Springs, Colorado

Waste of State Gov. department

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I have been waiting 3 weeks now for a dam title for the Semi-Tractor, so I can license it to use in Michigan. Michigan requires copy of title. Colorado state DMV says now they will not maybe print till Sept. 15, 2018, due to a back log. DMV, how about giving over time to people to get caught up, so those of us do not have to wait 3 weeks now, plus another 2 to 3 later, total of 5 weeks of no revenuse now! This is totally unexceptable. State of Colorado government, I see is total waste of our tax payers money. Fix this now, so other do not have to go thru this. Now my truck will sit, and I all have lost revenue because of this.
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  • Takes 3 plus weeks to get title
Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Print title now, so I can get back to work.

Yaminah Jov
map-marker Golden, Colorado

Golden DMV

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November 2, 2015 To Whom It May Concern: Today, I went to the Golden Driver License Office (DLO) to switch my license from out-of-state to Colorado. I was warned about going to this particular DLO but traveling with a one year-old deemed that I go to that one. While there, I saw Golden DLO employees repeatedly belittle customers. For example, one DLO employee announced to 45+ customers, "Because you guys are too sleepy or too stupid to follow directions, we can't help you. We have had to send quite a few of you home,because you didn't have two proofs of residency." I was in a corner rocking my one year-old in her stroller while she was chewing on my phone. The DLO employee,Norm, said, "I need you to go sit down. You’re not allowed to have cell phones in that area." I was at least 12 feet or more from the testing counter and 25+ feet from employee counters. I said, "The sign says no cell phones at the testing counter or at the employee counters, not here." Norm again told me to sit down. What DLO employee has any authority to tell someone to sit down? I was in the corner for 20 mins while Norm administered a driving test, and none of his fellow employees felt I was in violation of the signs’ instructions. The DLO had something I needed so bit my lip and moved, but didn't sit. I continued to stand and rock my daughter in her stroller. As soon as I provide all documents needed to switch my license over to Colorado, I promptly asked to speak to a manager about the issue with Norm. The supervisor, Nic, was very defensive when I voiced my compliant and really didn't resolve anything. I decided that was a lost cause. Later, while I was waiting for my picture to be taken, my daughter let out a shriek. DLO employee, Sunnie, said loudly, "Can someone please shut that kid up?!" I lost it! I couldn't believe that an employee of the state would say such a thing. I asked her if she had kids – no answer. I asked her if she was a spinster and had a house full of cats – no answer. I did get the whole room to laugh, but that wasn't my intention. I wanted to know what gave her the right to be so rude. What state agency can get away with such horrible customer service? Again, I walked myself over to the supervisor’s office and talked to Nic. This time he tried to tell me people had complained about my child for being disruptive and it was totally ok what Sunnie did. I told him that wasn't true and he knew it. I told him he was using that an excuse to keep his employees out of trouble or a reason to not do his job as a supervisor. Right after that he threatened to call the police expecting to scare me away. It didn't work. I called my wife and had her leave her job to come get the baby and I told her I was going to jail today. I asked him why he hides behind the law and to man up to do what was right. Nic then said, "The police side with us all the time." I stood my ground and waited for my picture to be taken. The police officer showed up during the picture-taking process. All the while the other DLO employees were apologizing to me for Sunnie’s actions. The police officer was very professional, and filed a report with statements from other DLO customers verifying everything I wrote here. I will be following up with a complaint to the regional manager,Pamula Hardwhick at 303-935-****. Sincerely, Michael Wright
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  • Check in kiosk
  • Utter unprofessionalism
Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution

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Dona Yja

Also, contact your local state rep and complain about that local office and staff. He will forward it as a legislative complaint to the head office, etc.

Christine A Vkt
map-marker Denver, Colorado

Racial profiling at the Colorado DMV

Last Friday, I went to the Colorado Dep't of Motor Vehicle location on Mississippi and Santa Fe to get a Colorado driver's license. When you first come in, you have to stand in line to take a number. I was behind a young man who was turning in his Washington license for a Colorado one. I was turning in my New Mexico license for a Colorado one. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. I have dark hair and dark eyes with olive skin. When he explained why he was there, the man gave him a number and told him to have a seat. When I told him why I was there, he asked me if I had a social security card. The man was not nice to me, either. The young man was able to get his license. I was not. The first thing I was asked by the clerk was where I was born. I told her New Jersey. She asked if I had a birth certificate to prove that. I told her I did not have it with me. She was very rude to me. She told me I could not get a license without a birth certificate. Why was I asked if I had a social security card and the obviously caucasion person in front of me wasn't? Why was I asked where I was born? Why did they treat me with such disdain and disrespect? The more I think about it, the more I believe they suspected I as an illegal immigrant from Mexico--I have dark hair, dark eyes and olive complexion. I moved here from a state that borders Mexico. From the moment I walked in there, they acted like I shouldn't be there and I saw a blonde haired, blue eyed person from a state far away from Mexico get a Colorado license with no problem whatsoever.
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The Hispanic / Latino population for Denver is roughly 35 percent... having a hard time believing you were treated as you said when clearly a Hispanic looking person would be a common occurrence at the DMV.


Colorado is a prejudice state. The law is unjustified from the top down.


that sucks.


WV DMV is the same. My best friend is foreign and had a state ID and learners permit.

we went in today and he needs to bring in all the paperwork he previously needed to be able to take the road test. he had shown all of this info previously, so apparently this state cannot trust its own forms of identification. when asked they responded that they only hold foreign born peoples data in the system for 14 days.

After providing them with the required documents they informed us that it would take 3-5 business days for the office to verify his information and they would let us know when he can take the test again. I know we had better get it done within 14 days of getting approved because they will throw out his authorization after that.


I went to school there for 9 years. Denver is very much a hick white trash town.

What they did to you was very illegal.

Sue the *** out of them. OR simply wear an Elway jersey.

I do lol cause im a New York Giant fan and was there going to college at DU when LT was tossin Elway around like a *** ragdoll in the superbowl lol.


I had one of my worst experiences at this DMV. I will admit that I came in right as they were closing, but that still does not excuse the treatment I received.

I came in as another person was exiting and immediately the employees began to yell, "WE'RE CLOSED." I glanced at their clock on the wall and it was not even 5:00 yet. I asked if they could quickly help me with something. They told me rudely that I needed to come back another day. When I stated that I had a question, one woman hostilely declared that she "only answered questions between the hours of 8:00-5:00." Even though I told them I was a teacher and that it was hard to make it over, they said that I would need to *** work to come in.

Never during this encounter was I rude or yelling. As I was asking another employee for a list of their other locations, another employee approached and demanded that I leave the premises. Unfortunately, some people should not work with the public. Not only were they extremely rude, but they were unsympathetic to my situation.

I wasn't asking for a royal treatment; however, common courtesy is not much to ask.

If I could give this place 0 stars, I would gladly do so. They're honestly not deserving of 1 single star and it's unfortunate that the public has to deal with these bitter individuals.


This happens all the time in Arizona too. All "foreign-looking" applicants are asked for immigration information and sent to a specific employee who is probably trained to authenticate immigration papers.


Dye your hair and get some contact lenses. :grin

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