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Collegiate Entrepreneurs Scam

What a nightmare. The schedule to paint my house and stain my deck was to be from May 17th - May 27th. I hired this company based on the price, the timeframe (finish date of May 27th), and the work that was to be done as agreed upon during the initial walk around and discussion. I pointed out that I wanted the house painted including the wooden shutters, trim, front steps, and cinder block chimney. After the work was already a week in I was told that they never agreed to painting anything but the cedar siding on the house and that the shutters, steps and chimney were not included. Also, a week into the job and I was told that tax was not included in the total price that was quoted in the contract which increased the total to just below what the professional painters were quoting in other estimates. There are two contracts: one for the house and one for the deck. I was pressured into signing off on the house. After I said no repeatedly because the job was not completed, the person running the job continued to "beg" saying that he would not be able to pay his crew and that they would not be able to complete their job on the deck that they started. I came up with a list of the things that still needed to be done with the house and he "promised" to finish it all if I signed off on the house contract. I regret trusting him and doing so. I know I should not have given in but he was very persuasive and seemed honest. I don't believe I should need to settle for the horrible job being done though. For what was to be a home improvement project, the result is that my home looks worse than when they started. The first week into the job was inclement weather, on and off thunderstorms throughout the day every day but still they painted. They just took shelter until the rain subsided before continuing to paint. Sloppy work to a large extent which includes but is not limited to the coat of paint being thin enough that there are numerous two tones and primer showing all around the house, areas that were skipped over entirely, large painting strokes (not just small splatters) on my new gutter system, my new stone chimney, my new roof, my new windows, damaged electric outlet box, deck stain painted onto an entire gutter down spout to cover their over spilled paint, gouges right down to the aluminum on another down spout where they tried to scrape off the paint, and more. I took pictures and had a meeting with a manager to mediate on June 1st. He came up with a game plan that seemed acceptable to fix these problems and by June 10th they would be finished with the entire job. After mediation I find that what was agreed upon isn't being done. They continue to stain over green mold/mildew rather than doing the promised bleach wash. More landscaping is trampled/painted. A roller is being used to stain the deck. Rather than sweep the leaves/debris from the deck they have rolled right over all of it so now there is debris embedded in the stain. They attempted to use "Goof Off" to remove the latex paint from my asphalt shingle roof. Now there is a significant sized bleached spot on my roof. During mediation it was agreed that a second chimney (cinder block), that was damaged by slopping paint onto it, was to be painted by using a masonry primer then painting. This didn't occur. Instead, latex paint was just painted directly on the chimney. Also, in mediation, they recommended painting the ENTIRE new gutter system to cover their damages. I did not feel that I should have the value of my gutter decreased by painting over it. Since it was just the down spouts and a short section of one trough that were defaced, we agreed that I would be able to replace just the damaged areas and get that amount refunded. Now I am in a long drawn out process of getting 3 estimates and still do not have a written guarantee that I will be reimbursed if I have the work done nor do I have a guarantee that I will be able to select what professional will do the work so I know it will get done correctly. I don't have a guarantee that they will not be selecting who will do the work. Where are we on June 13th? There is still a significant amount of deck that is not stained, there are still areas of the house that have not been touched, they have touched up the window frames but the paint is so thin that you can see brush strokes of the white frame showing through the green paint, and all of the problems mentioned above still exist. The one person that remains to finish the job shows up almost every day and works for only 1 - 2 hours per day. I don't see an end in sight and I am not sure yet where I will go from here but I don't think any company has a right to do this. 0
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This sounds more like College Pro..? I had them stain my deck and they were AWFUL so the following summer I hired Collegiate Entrepreneurs to come fix it.

The branch manager couldn't believe it when he saw what College Pro did to my deck! They had it sanded down and re-stained in three days (BIG deck). I thought they were great. I recommend them to friends now, especially friends who express interest in College Pro.

Are you sure it wasn't them? They're pretty similar in set-up but Collegiate is so much more organized.

#489806 is there site. i had an interview with this company it went well enough for me to have an "Orientation" well it consisted of going to a persons house with about 30 other people listening to some daddys boy talk about what to do how to do it.

some safety tips. common sense stuff. Then grabbing a brush and supposedly showing them what your made of. 95% of the kids there had no clue on how to paint let alone paint neatly as fast as they want you too but i'll get to that.

Anyways You could tell this general manager or whatever he was. "He was in charge of the people that hired you" was a real talker.CE must walk into a room look around for the dude that is posing Capt.Morgan style with one foot on a chair with an ascot tied around his neck.. the one that's got all of dad's money. The most full of himself surrounded by other not so fortunate kids that would kill to be his friend.

you know the type. Well as i sat there yawned while he gave this speech that you can just tell he fed to other kids so so many times it was seared into his head like the impostor Ralph Loren polo cologne he was wearing. he was a real *** lil guy. i reached in my pocket because i was getting a couple phone calls important job calls.

and before i could shutoff my phone as intended he shouted "put your phone away" i politely said yes sir. btw I'm 31 yrs old. he was pushing maybe 20. but before i got too sir he said "right now" in a rude voice.

By now i have nothing to learn from this guy because i know more about what he's talking about then he does.. I've done construction for 11 yrs at this point i can finish his sentences.*** a lowes greeter knows more then this d'bag about painting. After all the bs was done it was time to prove you can paint or at least do a "decent" job. well all 30 people that i could tell off the bat had no clue grabbed some brushes and started painting this homeowners house..there was paint and *** everywhere literally all over the place.

On the driveway/sidewalk the grass....EVERYWHERE! They got more on the ground and themselves then they did on the house. Good thing it was free labor. We were there for about 6 hrs and didn't get paid for it.

now my time is valuable esp when they said we will be working asap 10 hr days. i have a lot to do at home. i showed them the spot i painted and they were impressed. I told them i had to leave so they gave me a test with about 10 questions on it.

i filled it out and he comes back with some cheesy looking cert that says i'm now a pro painter.. lmao really? 4hrs of listening to this tool talk and 2 or so hrs of painting and i was considered a pro? they seemed really excited i think they were just trying too hype up the situation giving the dumb founded look on my face.

i read the cert and it said i completed paint safety. nothing on there says a certified sherwin williams painter nobody from sherwin williams was there. no rep no painting trainer. just me 4-5 CE management and 30 clueless high school/college kids.

i got that bad vibes going on so i went home and did some research and found out a lot more then what they had told me. useful info like i was hired on for $9 an hr and you really make nys min wage unless you paint fast enough. they gave us an example of how fast you got too paint to make anything close to $9 an hr and i don't care how long you have been painting. If you painted as fast as they want/make you paint there will be paint dumped splashed splattered all over the place.

And what you did get on the house or whatever your painting would look like complete ***. you would be better off paying a few neighborhood kids $6-$7 an hr buy them drinks and McDs to do it. there quotes are professional but there work and labor sure isn't. i have no problems with the company nor anybody in it.

Just giving you my exp and 2 cents.

Take it how you want it. i would think about using this company before you exclude a professional.


Whos the other comptetitor... whats the website i can seem to find it and i've been googling for atleast 30 mins


My name is Steve Miller and I am a General Manager for Collegiate Entrepreneurs. I have 2 comments: 1) this same exact (word for word) post is posted both under my firm's name as well as under one of our competitor's names, so I am not sure what is going on with that (I'm just trying to clarify which company you had a problem with - us or our competitor), and 2) if you (cchemeon) are someone who has a legitimate complaint, Please reach out to me directly and I will make sure that it gets attended to.

If you did in fact have this type of experience with our company, I apologize and will do all that I can to make sure that your issues are resolved. You can reach me at: smiller@***.com.

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