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College Funding Solutions is unethical

It is now 2016 and Coy Howe is still scaming parents and students looking for help and advice preparing for college. It is the exact scam they warn you about. The price is very expensive and the final result is very little help or service. It is a bait and switch. The Salesperson at our school misrepresented the services of the company. And you do not find out how little they do until you have paid a deposit and given them bank or credit card information. They do not help you find scholarships or even suggest scholarships to fit the client. It is only access to a website with tips and advice and a list of scholarships. There are many websites that offer the same information for free. They fill out your fafsa, but that is not needed.There are many Free workshops at colleges,schools and online that will help you fill out the fafsa. Bottom line they do not offer anything that you cannot do yourself or get free assistance. They are not professional and will try to discredit anyone who complains with detailed records blaming the client. They are not beyond making angry voice messages. Do not pay for scholarship assistance. Research the services to see if you can do it on your own or for free. And do a background check on the owner and the company. Not at all worth the money!In my opinion a scam.
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One of the sleaziest outfits I have ever had the misfortune of getting involved with. Both Cory and his mentor, John Belles: *** to avoid at all costs.

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College Funding Solutions, Salem, Oregon

College Funding Solutions of Salem, Oregon is a fraud. Coy Howe, the owner came to Alaska, took my one thousand dollars to assist my daughter into getting into college.

After one and one half years, they would not contact me, send me the necessary information, nor return my calls. After three weeks of calling nearly every day, i was finally contacted by Coy Howe. I asked for a refund and he said "now that is just not going to happen.." This man, his company is a Fraud and a charlitan.

Buyer beware.

Look before you buy. Check the

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Disgruntled moron. This company is very credible and I DID check the BBB.


We had the same experience with out son. It's a SCAM!!!! We were charged $2,500 and got NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH!!!

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I also lost more then a thousand dollars from this company and Coy How in 2016. No service, no real help or consulting to help your student.

Do not pay anyone to help you with the college process, there are too many free or low cost resources. It is a Scam!

Les T Cgi

I know Coy Howe, and how much their advisors and company does to help assist students, and help the parents lower the cost of paying for college - and it is a shame that a lazy *** parent - took time out of their day to lodge such a rediculous complaint when the actual reason for the failure fell totally in their hands.

Parents have to remember the decision they are making today are not just 4-year college decision - they are 40-year life decisions.

The parents don't deserve a refund - the program works - it was the fault of the parents and was not due to anything Coy or College Funding Solutions did.

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I highly suspect Coy Howe is behind the comment by East Side Lou. That is the company's tactic to discredit anyone who complains and blame the client.

The program is a scam! It is now 2016 and he is still taking people's hard earned money and playing games to keep the scam going. Do not use this company. Many colleges warn you not to pay for scholarship searches or anything you can do for free like filing the fafsa, or submitting appeal letters, Lots of free help out there!

Free websites, good books, high school and college workshops. The program is designed so that parents will look lazy or like they are failing to pay.

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You sound like a very low class person. This company and Coy Howe are scam artists who do not help students or parents in any way.

What a crazy defense ! to call the parent lazy.

Coy Howe took his money! Unthinkable!


Just as all coins have two sides, so do the claims and accusations contained in this post, made by Ms. Gary Stein of Eagle River, Alaska.

I thought it only “fair” to make available the substantiated facts of the situation:

October 20, 2006 – Family Enrolled in the College Funding Solutions, Inc. (CFS) Program

October 23, 2006 – Student / family was emailed the Activation Code and details to begin her SAT Online Test Prep Course.

October 26, 2006 – Family was mailed a Welcome / Initial Family Profile (IFP) Reminder letter by CFS.

November 2, 2006 – Family’s IFP was rcvd by CFS and the family’s Enrollment Packet (E-Pack) was sent via Priority Mail directly to the family. Included in the E-Pack were the last three CFS Newsletters; a copy of our Money for College Guidebook; Usernames and Passwords for both the Client Secure Section of our CFS website and the DISCOVER Career and College Selection Software; as well as our 606 College Funding Data Form (606 Form), which is used to gather personal and financial data from the student and family – allowing us to “build a profile” and move forward with our services.

December 15, 2006 – Family was mailed a reminder from CFS asking that their required 606 Form be completed and returned to our office.

March 15, 2007 – Family was again mailed a reminder (second request) from CFS asking that their required 606 Form be completed and returned to our office.

June 15, 2007 – Family was again mailed a reminder (third request) from CFS asking that their required 606 Form be completed and returned to our office. This reminder also stated that this would likely be the “last” 606 Reminder they would receive and that CFS was unable to move forward with the process due to missing materials.

February 11, 2008 – Ms. Stein called our office and inquired about the SAT Online Test Prep Course (originally emailed to the student / family in October, 2006). Ms. Stein was told that we would have to “re-issue” a course and forward the Activation Code and details to the family. Ms. Stein was also told that the Test Prep Provider was re-engineering their web-interface and it may be 30 – 60 days before it was available.

March 19, 2008 – SAT Online Test Prep Course Activation Code and details were emailed (for the second time) to the student / family (to date this course has not been activated by the student).

March 20, 2008 – As the student would soon be concluding her high school junior year and rapidly approaching her senior year, another 606 Reminder, which included another 606 Form, was mailed to the family in an attempt to once again gather the required information and move forward with our services.

At the time of this post, and after several attempts, CFS has still not rcvd the required 606 Form from the Stein family. Simply put, our “hands are tied” and our ability to assist the Stein family has obviously been adversely affected by the family’s failure to participate in our program, and/or respond to our requests for information.

From over fifteen years of hands-on experience in the college planning industry, I would like to offer some valuable advice to those families with high school aged children / students who may be considering retaining the services of a college planning company: as a family, be sure that you are committed to the program and be prepared to actively participate. As a whole, college planning companies are only as good as the communication they receive from the family and the active participation demonstrated by the student and parents.

In the Stein’s case, it’s evident that sometime after their enrollment they decided not to participate in our CFS program. Although unfortunate – that was the decision made by the family. What’s even more unfortunate, however, is their choice to attack CFS, our services, and reputation. Both sad and actually, kind of hard to believe – but, after all, it’s much easier to point the finger and blame than it is to take responsibility.

Coy R. Howe

Managing Director

College Funding Solutions, Inc

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You are the one not taking responsibility and blaming the family and parent. Your program is designed to collect data and require forms etc...from parents who might be hesitant to give out all that personal information.

It looks like you are doing something if you collect all that information. But it is just a smoke screen so that no one will notice you are not really doing anything. You discredit the parent and family by claiming they dropped the ball. And keeping detailed notes that make the parent look at fault.

You should be offering much more service for the money you charge. You sent letters rather then call or email (who does that anymore?) The customer is always right, really bad customer service.

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It sounds like you're making excuses for a lazy family who failed to so what they committed to do. Use the system.

One can't go anywhere without oniwing the facts or data. You want to hide all your data? Live in a log cabin and don't go to college expecting anyone including taxpayers to give you money soley based on your name and a request. Free websites, books, free seminars, all good.

Do they actually do anything by themselves? No. The parents and student has to act. And act big for big results.

Learning the college admissions process and acting on it is another mountain to overcome for parents working full-time and managing their family. DIY? Go for it. Want help to minimize time and maximize effectiveness of the work inputted?

Then you'll need help. Help is not free. Want to rely on college counselors at school? They will tell you point blank that they only really help the disadvantaged student that shows a high promise of being attractive to select schools.

That's who they pour their efforts into. If the student has outstanding grades, test scores, and engaged patents, counselors deem that student "good to go, no help needed". In fact those patents can save money and make better choices with private paid counseling. Colleges will say they have huge endowments that they use to fund awards.

I sat in an audience of a tier 1 school where all the patents around me were asking where this supposed money for awards was. They have it, claim they give it, but it gets disbursed to very few. Your comments shows that you haven't been through this process with your child else you would base your argument on rhe US mail priority letter saying stupid things like "who does that?". Who does that?

From reading the other comment detailing the case, the family was emailed constantly and when they fielded a phone call they communicated the message again and reset their account setups. What are you expecting? A rep to show up at their door? Then you would probably say "who does that?".

Unless you've been through the process and dealt with consumers your comment appears ridiculous. The customer is not always right. Another saying taken out of context. Customers many times make demands or complain about service that they know or suspect businesses will concede to avoid a negative remark.

But all businesses are not deep pocketed organizations or violate their own rules by making everyone happy just because. How many parents tell their child "no" because the child hasn't done something or extra to deserve money? The patent doesn't say "I'll just fork over this cash so that Johnny or Sally don't bad mouth me to their friends". I've seen too many people admit they broke an item or used it imptoperly and then took it back to the store for a replacement.

These are the same folks that will moan and complain when someone asks them for the same concession. People getting something free are not customers. Customers are people that pay for a good or service. If they pay and follow the rules, then they are right.

If they don't follow the rules and want some shortcut or item/service not offered nor purchased, then they are wrong and out of order. I think you haven't been through this process at the time of your comment. You're probably entering this for the first time and trying to justify why you don't want to pay for help. Again, free and DIY?

Great! Have at it. It's a ton of work. A ton.

For a couple of thousand dollars that will at the very least educate & help lighten the load, is a bargain.

It's the cost of eating out at a restaurant 10 times a year and a year of cable tv. Saving money and peace of mind is a lot better spend than prepared food and mindless programming on 157 channels of nothing.


So what happened?

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