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CIB Collectibles Investment Brokerage NO customer service & NON-delivery

I am a repeat customer of this company, who specializes in high end collectible vintage toys. The last time I attempted a purchase from them on the ebay website, something went horribly wrong with the bidding and checkout system- some kind of a fault or glitch with ebay, which blocked one of my bids. I was also prevented me from checking out for the auctions I did win- it's uncertain if CIB blocked me or if it was a related part of the glitch on ebay's system. I contacted CIB immediately to report the problem and to ask if they could find a replacement item for the bid I lost out on, as it was the most desirable item I bid on. They instructed me to wait and see if the high bidder of that item pays, and if not they could sell me the item. In the meantime, they reported me for nonpayment! I thought this was odd, as they had given me the go-ahead to wait & made me believe they were helping me to secure a replacement item. So at first I was not concerned, assuming it may be an automated thing. Then I attempted to bid on another one of their items to find they had blocked me from buying from them completely! This is all the while they were making me believe that they were helping me, and they never said anything at all about it. To make matters worse, when I tried to check out for the other items I had already won I got this error message: "ebay's payment module is not available for this item at this time" I was literally blocked from both paying and from buying additional items from CIB, yet they were trying to put unpaid strikes on my account for the same items they refused to let me pay for, and while making it sound as if I should wait for their further assistance & instruction. When I tried to get help from CIB, they were unresponsive, except when I asked about the replacement item from the non-functioning listing. They lied to me, making me believe that they were helping to find another one and add to my order, but behind my back and without any communication they were suspending my order and blocking me from buying anything at all from them. At one point I went outside of ebay and sent a request through the CIB website for an invoice that I can pay, because I was blocked from paying on the ebay site. Ebay customer service was completely useless, because they are not trained to handle problems of this nature, and they only said "you have to find a way to pay it on ebay". They also had absolutely NO records of the glitch I reported or the error message that ebay showed me (among others- see the other ebay complaints- there are slew of them!!!) CIB never responded when I asked them repeatedly to send me an invoice and provide a method of electronic payment online. They never processed my order, and I never received my items, despite being fully willing to pay and honor the deal. This really does not make sense, as I had purchased from them several times in the past with no problem. All of a sudden, just because I needed help with an order, I was given the cold shoulder, despite being a good repeat customer. I shared my complaint and my concerns with the collecting community, and one of the other members wrote me back to say he had talked to the owners and that they would simply rather cut me off and not deal with me instead of providing customer service. They said this as if it was only natural! CIB's internal policy seems to be that they can avoid spending any time on customer service at all, and the less money you spend the less they will help you. If there is a problem with checkout or a customer needs help in some fashion, they feel it is not worth their time, so they would rather alienate a return customer and cancel the deal (outside of ebay poliy or procedure) than do something as simple as sending an invoice and providing help. To put this in perspective for those outside the collecting community- This company already has a reputation for price-gouging and using AFA (action figure authority) grades on their items to over-inflate high-end items by a thousand percent or more, and if you read between the lines, it becomes clear that they think customers who are only spending $500 for lower value items are expendable, simply not worth the 5 minutes it would have taken to help me out. After all- why should they? they can simply mark up an item a couple thousand percent by having a high afa grade without lifting a finger or talking to anyone. They probably know that ebay is no help with glitch errors on the site, because customer service is so poorly trained and kept in the dark about most of the worst problems with the site. God forbid you are one of the lowly shoppers only spending a couple hundred bucks. Noses in the air at CIB... to the point where you don't get your order!!!
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CIBM is a scam ,their not a real

Company that appraises Collectibles

They sell bootlegs, and have no over site or authority as to what is real or fake , you would be wise to ,thank God the deals did not happen ,they are fakes.


CIB is clearly the immature one.most consumers expect a business to provide assistance when their check out feature on their website does not function. This company deliberately lied to the consumer in an effort to cover up the fact that they did not wish to provide any customer service whatsoever.

they set up a situation that deliberately entrapped the consumer to not get his product and receive UPI strikes. it seems like CIB is the one who needs to grow up. If you read the complaint regarding this issue on the other website you also see where other consumers agree with the complaint that the company should have provided customer assistance. any company like this that would lie to the consumers and the public so that they don't have to do anything at all or lift a finger is immature.

And there are currently 49 listings that they have for well over a thousand dollars. If you hit the button on ebay to see similar listings you will find many of those products cheaper in same condition elsewhere and you will also see cib's are the top price.

If you check completed listings you will note the majority of their items do not sell for this reason. CIB needs to grow up and start acting like a mature business.


I didn't read a single complaint that anyone else had, I did see a lot of people saying they couldn't believe they do that to you. Also I realize they have things listed at over thousand dollars and that people have an item like it, but 95% of the time they have a superior item.

One more thing, I've never had them turn down a fair offer that I've made them, they usually accept 20% off the price on lower priced things and 35% on higher priced things.

(I know because I've done both) :zzz :zzz :zzz

P.S. I'm not affiliated with them, I just can't stand people who attack good/honest people!


I have never had a single problem with them, and I am a "low value person" as I've never spent anywhere near that amount of money with them. They have helped me multiple times and I truly don't see them price gouging at all.

I hope you realize that if that was true everyone of their auctions would be over a thousand dollars.

I actually read one of your posts on another site and this "problem" is from 2011. I say you need to grow up my man..

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