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I bought a set of Ashley living room furniture from Coleman last summer. I had done a lot of research prior to purchasing, and Coleman appeared to have what I wanted for the best price. They also had an additional warranty, which I purchased. After all, furniture is a big expenditure, and I wanted to make sure I was covered.

It took almost a month to get my furniture, and the delivery date was not ideal as I was due to leave town the same day, but after they assured me I would be the first delivery of the day, I agreed to stay a little later and have them deliver that day rather than possibly wait another month.

I had been under the impression that “first delivery of the day” was going to be around 7 or 8am. They didn’t get there until after 10, and when they did, my furniture was in pieces. They had to take another hour to put it together in my living room. Normally I would be more understanding of something like that, but again, I was supposed to be leaving town and driving 10 hours. So for the delivery people to be 2-3 hours late (without calling), and then take ANOTHER hour of my time for something that should have already been done was rather irritating. The guys were nice, but still!

Fast forward a couple months. My armchair already has a crack in the decorative wood panel on the front, even though it’s the least used piece of furniture in the set. Also, my sleeper sofa is badly sagging on one side. Upon further inspection, it’s because the piece of OSB (OSB, y’all...not even MDF, let alone solid wood) that held the sleeper frame onto the sofa frame is shattered, making the bed crooked, and the seats sag. It also made the frame twist, which made the wood paneling come loose on the opposite side. Disappointing to say the least, for furniture that’s not even a year old.

Oh, but wait! I have a warranty! So I got in contact with the company, who requested pictures of the damage. I obliged, and even labeled them for clarity. And I waited for their response, being relieved that I’d had the foresight to get the warranty in the first place, as even the casual observer can see that this is likely to be a rather pricey repair.

Therefore, it goes without saying that I was completely shocked when they told me they would give me $100. For the entire repair. Seriously? But I know I’m dealing with an insurance company, and never to accept the first offer, especially if it’s obviously low-ball. So I emailed back and told them that I didn’t think that was going to be near enough, and that I would expect them to up that offer if I got a lot of estimates that were substantially above that. They asked for those estimates, so I did some research, and got estimates from three different companies, the cheapest of which was $450. The guy was even nice enough to email me an invoice so I could show Coleman that I wasn’t just blowing smoke. I sent all of this over to them.

The response? Well, read for yourself:

“Hi Myristica,

The manufacture has advised the issues you have reported can be repaired by a local furniture technician. The allotment amount should cover the cost of the repair on both items.

As a courtesy, we can approve up to to $200.00 to have the items brought back to manufacture standards.

Please see below for a technician service in your area.

Furniture Solutions Network

(Link removed)

Have a good day!”

Yeah, a good day it’s anything but.

I’m not done fighting this battle, and the outcome may end up being marginally acceptable, at least in regards to the condition of my furniture and what I end up paying for it. If so, I will update my review. But this run-around and refusal to make this right WITHOUT a fight has lost them a customer. And considering the actual quality of this furniture, they’ve lost Ashley a customer as well. These problems aren’t the only ones, they are just the only ones I was trying to actually get the company to repair. The underside of the ottoman was all ripped up, which I discovered when I tilted it to put felt on the feet to protect my floor. The love seat is also sagging way more than it should at less than 1 year old. So I definitely would recommend you save yourself both money and headache, and shop elsewhere. They are only too happy to take your money, but once they have it, you cease to matter to them at all.

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Larry Taylor
Home Improvement Expert

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So basically you are pissed because they found someone who will fix it for less money than you? And even provided you with a link for that company? Sounds like you were looking to make a buck.


I totally agree with this. They do take your money and will not let go even when you have proof of their wrong!! Never buy with them

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Coleman Furniture - A bunch of LIP service and a lot of nothing! I'm pissed off!


I bought a sofa and 9 months later a major support board broke. Jackson Furnisher has a 1 year warranty.

However Coleman has done nothing but lip service and a run around. It's been 2 months already. They are suppose to repair or replace period. First they wanted me to get a repair man and they would only pay $50 for repair.

I said no of coarse. So they were going to get a repair man but instead sent an email to ask if they could get a repair man to make an appointment. I called to try to stop all the run around and set an appointment. I couldn't do this because I have to respond to the email and Then they would find someone to repair it and they will contact me for an appointment.

Then the repair man makes the call if it can be fixed or replaced. It took 3 weeks for it to be delivered when I first bought it. Like I said it's been 2 months since I called them so now my sofa sinks way down and the board is almost touching my hardwood floors and cushions are distorted now from it sinking. I have nothing else to sit on.

This is all the BS they have been giving me on what would happen. However I am no further along on getting this issue resolved than I was when I first reported it. Just a lot of talk, forms to be filled out and a bunch of nothing. I will never recommend buying from this company or purchasing anything else myself from them.

What a rip off.

I will update if anything ever happens but it doesn't look very promising. I'm so disappointed.

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Run around on warranty
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