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Coleman Furniture - These guys are thieves. Buyer beware.

I bought a set of Ashley living room furniture from Coleman last summer. I had done a lot of research prior to purchasing, and Coleman appeared to have what I wanted for the best price. They also had an additional warranty, which I purchased. After all, furniture is a big expenditure, and I wanted to make sure I was covered.

It took almost a month to get my furniture, and the delivery date was not ideal as I was due to leave town the same day, but after they assured me I would be the first delivery of the day, I agreed to stay a little later and have them deliver that day rather than possibly wait another month.

I had been under the impression that “first delivery of the day” was going to be around 7 or 8am. They didn’t get there until after 10, and when they did, my furniture was in pieces. They had to take another hour to put it together in my living room. Normally I would be more understanding of something like that, but again, I was supposed to be leaving town and driving 10 hours. So for the delivery people to be 2-3 hours late (without calling), and then take ANOTHER hour of my time for something that should have already been done was rather irritating. The guys were nice, but still!

Fast forward a couple months. My armchair already has a crack in the decorative wood panel on the front, even though it’s the least used piece of furniture in the set. Also, my sleeper sofa is badly sagging on one side. Upon further inspection, it’s because the piece of OSB (OSB, y’all...not even MDF, let alone solid wood) that held the sleeper frame onto the sofa frame is shattered, making the bed crooked, and the seats sag. It also made the frame twist, which made the wood paneling come loose on the opposite side. Disappointing to say the least, for furniture that’s not even a year old.

Oh, but wait! I have a warranty! So I got in contact with the company, who requested pictures of the damage. I obliged, and even labeled them for clarity. And I waited for their response, being relieved that I’d had the foresight to get the warranty in the first place, as even the casual observer can see that this is likely to be a rather pricey repair.

Therefore, it goes without saying that I was completely shocked when they told me they would give me $100. For the entire repair. Seriously? But I know I’m dealing with an insurance company, and never to accept the first offer, especially if it’s obviously low-ball. So I emailed back and told them that I didn’t think that was going to be near enough, and that I would expect them to up that offer if I got a lot of estimates that were substantially above that. They asked for those estimates, so I did some research, and got estimates from three different companies, the cheapest of which was $450. The guy was even nice enough to email me an invoice so I could show Coleman that I wasn’t just blowing smoke. I sent all of this over to them.

The response? Well, read for yourself:

“Hi Myristica,

The manufacture has advised the issues you have reported can be repaired by a local furniture technician. The allotment amount should cover the cost of the repair on both items.

As a courtesy, we can approve up to to $200.00 to have the items brought back to manufacture standards.

Please see below for a technician service in your area.

Furniture Solutions Network

(Link removed)

Have a good day!”

Yeah, a good day it’s anything but.

I’m not done fighting this battle, and the outcome may end up being marginally acceptable, at least in regards to the condition of my furniture and what I end up paying for it. If so, I will update my review. But this run-around and refusal to make this right WITHOUT a fight has lost them a customer. And considering the actual quality of this furniture, they’ve lost Ashley a customer as well. These problems aren’t the only ones, they are just the only ones I was trying to actually get the company to repair. The underside of the ottoman was all ripped up, which I discovered when I tilted it to put felt on the feet to protect my floor. The love seat is also sagging way more than it should at less than 1 year old. So I definitely would recommend you save yourself both money and headache, and shop elsewhere. They are only too happy to take your money, but once they have it, you cease to matter to them at all.


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I totally agree with this. They do take your money and will not let go even when you have proof of their wrong!! Never buy with them

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Coleman Furniture - Missing furniture items that’s why

I’m still waiting on 2 broken damaged items ( End Table and Cocktail Table). This is the first time my husband and I purchased through Coleman Furniture and it will be the last time.

You all have beautiful furniture, but getting the furniture to the customer takes too long.

Not only was my order a long wait, I’m still waiting on items that was damaged and broken. This furniture ordered order and paid in

Beginning of April 2019.

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Coleman Furniture - Seat cover labels.

Wrote a review earlier found couch cushion label tags

Review #1538534 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer1538534.

Coleman Furniture - Returns customer service

Recieved sofa and love seat sofa was damaged told the delivery guy ignored me completely. Called one goldie de jesus .she was rude also told me to send her pics of damaged sofa which I did now she is saying she didn't receive the pics now she has blocked me from calling what a company.the couches I have received are poor quality and don't have the seat cushion tags that's against the law .dont buy from this company.

Reason of review
Damaged or defective
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Coleman Furniture - Terrible

I do not recommend Coleman Furniture. I ordered an electric fireplace from Coleman and received it this past weekend, the delivery service was terrible they damaged my new flooring by scratching it and used my coffee table to put pieces of the fireplace on when they were building it and ruined it.

On top of that the fireplace looks cheap and does not look anything like the one on their website and has damage to the top of it. I called looking to exchange or return it and customer service was no better.

They refused to make this situation right so now I’m stuck with a $1600.00 ugly damaged fireplace.

Do yourself a favor do not order anything from this company, they suck! #colemanfurnitursucks

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Coleman Furniture - Never Again

We ordered sofa dining set and a buffet. 2 weeeks later they cancelled order but still have our money locked up.

They still show its available online? No problem I oredered same thing from AFA/stores for less and they explained that the sofa will take 3 weeks because its considered custom. I am okay with that. Still working on getting my money released.

They said 3-5 days when I called. Don't know why they even took money when they knew they didn't have.

Reason of review
Order processing issue
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Coleman Furniture - Dont waste your time

Two orders placed, Two orders cancelled. Both for the same reason " Prolonged delay with no available ship date"

Having contacted moth manufactures directly. Liberty and Jackson they both confirmed stock was indeed in inventory and available to ship ?

So far its been days and still no return call from management in customer service.

Lets see how long it will be before our moneys returned..

Reason of review
Order processing issue
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Coleman Furniture - Horrible Customer Service

I ordered a bed. The site said "Free setup and delivery". Free Delivery


This item qualifies, for "FREE DELIVERY & IN HOME SETUP", which means that at the time of delivery, your order will be brought into the room of your choice and assembled. All of that at no additional cost!

Turns out not to be true. I called and asked because UPS was delivering it. The Customer Rep said you don't get setup. I said the website said I do. She said it does not say that anywhere on the site. I pulled up the site. It says it. Then she says, well that is ONLY if you buy the whole bedroom suite. You only bought the bed.

No where does it say that.

Very deceptive practices.

Then I asked about voiding out the order and she said I had to received and pay the shipping to send it back to them to get a refund.

All of this because they are not telling the truth on their website.

Cecilia Palmer

Order 531196

I liked
I liked that i got my furniture in a timely manner
I didn’t like
Failure to honor what the website states
Reason of review
Poor customer service
Preferred solution
Let the company propose a solution
Review #1520850 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Coleman Furniture - Deceptive practices

Not a reputable company to do business with. Do not trust Coleman Furniture to honor the price in the cart even when the website states the sale extends for 2 days more.

Ordered a desk which several other retailers had for the sale price but decided to try Coleman Furniture for the first time. Big mistake. Placed the item in cart at sales price; placed order and with no prior indication of a price change the receipt showed a price of over $200 more. Called and emailed customer service and provided a photo of the item on their website that clearly stated the sale was through April 13.

They refused to honor the sales price. Thankfully, I was able to order the item from Wayfair at the sale price.

Reason of review
Pricing issue
Review #1513520 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Coleman Furniture - Buy Elsewhere

I ordered 4 counter chair in May of 2018. They told my I would receive them by late June/early July.

When they had not arrived by the end of August, and I not received a call or email, I called them. They said they were on back order and would be in soon. By late fall, I still had not received the chairs or any information, so I called again. They said I would get them by January.

January came, and I did not receive them, so I called again. They said they would come by March and could send me email updates. Finally I got an email stating that "Great news! Your furniture order has progressed and is one step closer to shipping out to you.

As of the latest manufacturer update, the items listed below are currently on order, with an expected ship date of 04.02.2019." Guess what, they never shipped. Instead, I got this email: "We're sorry the manufacturer has advised us the following products have been discontinued." Really? I wait a year for stools (and am told throughout the year they are coming), and they cancel them without even a phone call?

My suggestion--If you see something you like on the Coleman website, find it elsewhere. Customer service is abhorrent.

I didn’t like
Never received a product i ordered
Reason of review
Poor customer service
Preferred solution
Let the company propose a solution
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Coleman Furniture - Furniture pictured as a bright red, but burgundy upon arrival.

I ordered this same set a couple years back about 3 or 4 years ago, I wanted to get another one as it was true red, I placed an order on March 11th and received the furniture today and I refused it because it wasn't as pictured on the website the furniture that I received was a deep burgundy color and called customer service to talk to them about the issue from the offset the person I talked to was rude and condescending insisting the furniture was red when its burgundy, the website describes it as a bright red, so in essence they want me to pay to have the furniture restocked my issue is why should I pay restocking fees when your website is misleading and the color show is not what I got. I' contacting an attorney as I refuse to pay these fees.

the manager was rude and talking all over me not letting me speak, this is a *** poor company and their customer service sucks.


Reason of review
Not as described
Preferred solution
Full refund
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