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Coleman Furniture - Couch Review from Greece, New York

I had the same problem. I ordered a couch on April 21 and it is now June 7… Seven weeks later still no couch.

"I" had to call find out that there was an issue that they didn't feel the need to alert me out. I called the next week and the same issue but was promised a personal phone call the following week to let me know a delivery date and received nothing. I call the next day and find out that they are closed for the next three days... this company is a joke.

Constant lies for no reason!!!

Don't give them a penny, this company is undeserving of any business as they have failed on every level. 6-7-14

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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States #834084

Same problem! I ordered in April and still no couch (I have the rest of the set) every time I call they say it will be 1 more month.

I also ordered a bedroom suite and am still waiting on the footboard, rails and dresser, every time I call about that they say that the delivery people will call by the end of the week. What a joke...DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!

Greece, New York
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Coleman Furniture - Tried to cheat me out of my money for 18 months

DO NOT GIVE COLEMAN FURNITURE YOUR BUSINESS! I cannot say enough about how difficult and drawn out my experience with Coleman Furniture has been. Long story short, this is a terrible company that is run by dishonest people, and I am stunned that they are still in business.

I’d like to point out that Coleman Furniture is owned by Renegade Furniture Group, which also owns Mazel Tov Furniture. The founder and CEO of the company is Yisroel Bruce Krinsky.

With regards to my story, I unassumingly placed on order through the Coleman Furniture website in June of 2012. One month later, I received a brief e-mail from Steven Smith stating that their warehouse had been trying to contact me to set up a delivery date. I hadn’t received a single call from anyone. I responded immediately, and thus began the first stint of phone tag.

In October, nearly 4 months after I placed my order, a delivery attempt was made. The first piece of furniture that was unpacked was cracked completely in half, and the delivery company’s employee advised me to refuse the delivery. I did exactly that, and was contacted shortly thereafter and told that the furniture would be repaired locally, and re-delivered at a later date. Having been warned in advance by the same delivery employee that Coleman Furniture would try to do this, but that there was no way to repair such a defect, I asked if the furniture could instead be exchanged for a new, undamaged set.

Over the next 12 months, I placed between 30-40 calls to Coleman Furniture to follow-up on the issue. The replacement furniture was never shipped, and no one ever called to update me on the status of things. Each time that I called for such an update, I was automatically routed to Steven, who always put me on hold for 5-10 minutes (for no clear reason) before giving me some lame excuse and telling me he’d call me back the next day with more information. I never once received a call back. He eventually began to screen my calls, so I started calling from a private line.

In July of 2013, nearly 13 months after my initial order, I finally asked for a full refund (in lieu of the “exchange” that had never materialized). Steven agreed to this, but continued to give me the run-around. By December, I started calling on a near-daily basis. Midway through the month, he told me to call back between specific hours in order to talk to “the person who handles our finances”. After 3-4 additional calls, all of which were placed during the aforementioned hours, he happened to discover one day that replacement furniture had actually been shipped several weeks prior (per a “new” update that magically showed up in their system), and had already arrived in the local warehouse near my home. Prior to that day’s conversation, he had never even mentioned that he was planning to re-ship the furniture. When he began insisting that someone from the warehouse had been trying to get in touch with me for weeks, I finally lost it. I told him that we had been discussing a refund, not fulfillment of the order I had placed 18 months prior, that he had agreed to this, and that this had been the topic of our last 20+ conversations. I also called him out for blatantly lying to me about the furniture having arrived in my state, given that he had repeatedly told me there were no updates in the system as recently as 24 hours prior to that conversation. Though he acknowledged that all of this was true, he kept repeating that there was no way he could issue a refund. I was absolutely livid by this time, so against my better judgment, I went on a short rant during which I told him that, as a doctor married to a lawyer, there was no way I was going to let him take advantage of my family, and that I had every intention of filing a lawsuit if the issue wasn’t reconciled that same day. Less than 60 seconds later, he told me that a check for the full amount of my initial purchase would be mailed that same day.

I fully anticipate that this post will receive a response stating that Coleman Furniture did, in fact, try to reach out to me, I never picked up their calls, I refused a full refund or otherwise obstructed the process, or any number of other lies meant to protect the company’s nonexistent integrity. I would challenge anyone reading this post to look at the myriad posts by other customers who have had very similar experiences (links below), and to decide for themselves what to believe. It’s no surprise to me that Coleman Furniture has had >70 complaints filed against them within the past 3 years; they previously had a D+ rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, but are no longer accredited.






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I am disputing $115.80 back to my credit card because this company is practicing fraudulent business. They misled their customers about the delivery time.

We canceled our order when we learned the delivery would be 8 weeks, from 3 weeks. You learn of a cancellation fee after the transaction is complete. This company does not deserve 1 star, such poor service. I placed an order with Coleman's furniture in Oct and never received the merchandise but was charged a cancellation fee of $115.80.

I cancelled the transaction because it was way over 3 months and I continued to receive messages that the merchandise was damaged and could not be delivered. The cancellation fee was not in the policy and I was not aware of the fee until I decided to stop waiting for the merchandise, since it was over 3 months; so I cancelled the order. The company has NO remorse for their customers. Read the reviews of this company before you place an order, something I did not do.

There are many unsatisfied customers.

I will be going through my attorney to receive my funds back. Never again will I ever purchase from Coleman and will definitely be spreading the word so no one has to go through this terrible experience again.


I'm going through this with Coleman Furniture and have filed a law suit against them. Thanks for filing this complaint, it only helps my dispute.


How has a class action suit not been filed yet? I am going through the same pains you are.

I am early on in the process, but I am demanding new furniture rather than risk receiving their "like new" repaired furniture to the damanged furniture that was delivered. According to the lengthy conversation I had, I ascertained that parts (meaning new leather) was to be delivered to the shipping company whereby a "technician" (apparently employed at the shipping company) was to fix it and restore it to new condition and the furniture was to be reshipped to me. All of this was to occur in 2-3 weeks. However, they will not reply and put this in writing.

Therefore, I am disputing this on my credit card. I also have a good mind to report what I think is a ponzai scheme to the BBB in several states as well as go to the Federal Trade Commission with my suspicions. This is ridiculous.

I would like to rally several other consumers who have been taken and get a class action suit going. These guys need to be shut down.


It seems to me, after reading too many complaints to count because I was going to order a sectional sofa, that this company has been inviting a class-action law suit against them and all the poor customers/victims that had to put up with their negligence, time wasted, harassment, and out right scamming, should be compensated! This is insane that it continues to occur!

Thank you to all who took the time to share your experience as you have saved me from being their victim and from giving those greedy $%^+*!

My business! ;)

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Coleman Furniture - Poor Customer Service

Bought bedroom furniture set from their online website and they promised delivery in 3 weeks but still waitin for delivery after 5 weeks have passed by without an ETA as to when it will be delivered. Spoke with their customer rep multiple times but does not help because they are still waiting for their partner company to get back to them.

Poor customer service

Their delivery partners do not deliver goods on time.

They threaten to charge you 25% stocking fee while they cannot guarantee when shipments would arrive.

They lack customer focus and do not intent to help out customers, more money minded and intent is to snatch money from customer.

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Coleman Furniture - BUYER BEWARE-Delivered wrong color sofa & no remedies to fix their error

In September I purchased a sofa and loveseat. They delivered two different colored sofa and loveseat.

On the date of delivery Coleman's was closed and the freelance delivery men were unable to get in touch with them so they said they would have to leave the sofa and would advise Coleman's of the error and have them contact us. To date we have called on numerous occasions and spoke with Jordan and Steve who are giving us the run around. We do not have the correct sofa or any answers! Don't buy from this place!

Customer service sucks and they will rip you off!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Coleman Furniture, Renegade Furniture and Mazel Tov Furniture - scam fraud

Coleman Furniture, Renegade Furniture and Mazel Tov Furniture is one and the same. They sell broken, or best case refurbished furniture.

Delivered items have missing parts. Their answer to that is “go buy missing parts somewhere else”. Their customer service is horrible with this guy Steve being a total ***. Don’t never buy from these guys because you will go through *** trying to get your money back.

And yes, they will keep 25% of any item you returned.

They (Steve) will actually make fun of you by commenting that “we get to keep your 25%, you’re giving them money for free”. Beware of this rip-off, scam joint business.

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Coleman Furniture - Leather sofa started peeling within 24 hours! Nonexistent customer service!

Absolutely horrible customer service!

If you buy furniture from Coleman Furniture you are taking a huge risk. If you receive defective merchandise, don't expect to hear back from them. After receiving defective leather furniture, I called Coleman Furniture's customer service number, left messages and emailed them with photos of the peeling leather. After a week of trying to get a resolution, I have not ONCE received a returned phone call. Every time I speak to a customer service rep at Coleman Furniture I have to reexplain the situation and then I'm put on hold for excessive periods of time (usually over 20 minutes) often just to get disconnected. I'm continually told they will look into it and call me back, but then I never receive a call. After emailing photos of the peeling leather to a customer service agent at Coleman Furniture, the agent responded that getting it repaired would be "complicated." His exact words were, "I'm not a private investigator... I don't know if it got run over by a bulldozer or what."

I placed an order with Coleman Furniture for the Walnut Axiom Sofa & Loveseat on August 11, 2013. One week later I was contacted by their local delivery company notifying me that the sofa and loveseat had "manufacturing defects." The representative said the delivery drivers had inspected the furniture and since it was not in 100% condition they could not deliver it because it would need to be "repaired" first. I was already concerned at this point because I paid over $1800 for new furniture, not repaired furniture.

The furniture was finally delivered on Thursday, September 5th. Upon visual inspection the sofa and loveseat appeared fine, but on Saturday after sitting on the loveseat, we found the brown "coating" on the loveseat started to peel on the area we sat. There is an area on the bottom of the back cushion of the loveseat where the surface appeared bubbled. When you rub it with your finger, the brown coating peels right off on your finger. Now I can't get any call back from Coleman Furniture despite calling over 10 times in the past week, leaving voicemails, and emailing photos.

Stay away from this company - If they sell you defective merchandise, their customer service is nonexistent. I will never purchase anything from this company again and hope my review of their service will save someone else from this headache.

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We saw some of the Largo Furniture at a local (Houston) retailer, but which was going out of business, so we passed. Learned that Largo is an importer based in Houston, but who sells to numerous local, national and online retailers. That led us to Coleman Furniture, which has great prices and free delivery on Largo brand furniture. After reading these negative review here and elsewhere, we're turned off to Coleman as a retailer and Largo as a brand (who knows who in China actually makes their stuff?!)

We're just a nice middle class couple looking for a nice leather sofa and love seat in the $2-3K ballpark, but we don't want to get ripped off. Apparently there's no one out there in that price range who is honest and reliable. So we'll have to *** the bullet and go pay $5K+ down at LazyBoy or Star Furniture or wherever. I know it's overpriced, but what can you do? You have to deal with someone who's honest or at least local and long, long established, so you can get a hold of them (on the phone, by the neck, whatever) if there's a problem.

Thank you for this review. It really did spare us a lot of headaches dealing with Coleman and Largo.

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Coleman Furniture in Seattle, Washington - Lies, Never call you back, won't refund = scam

Honestly, I have never felt more mistreated, had a worse experience with any company as Coleman Furniture. They scammed me, continue to lie to me and have made this process a living nightmare. See details below. Long story short. They estimate 4 weeks delivery. I check in at 3 week point and promise it will get there in 4 (rather rudely and question why I even called at the 3 week mark). Closing in on 4 weeks and still no update that it has reached the delivery company. I call them and they argue that it still might make it there later in the week. It doesn't (they don't let me know that it will be late, I have to call every time) and then they tell me it will take 1.5 more weeks. Offer $50 refund for $2000+ bed. I rebuke that and after calling them (mainly Steven) back multiple times, get verbal agreement of $100 discount. I call next week and Steven lies and says it should come the next day (Wednesday or Thursday at the latest). It doesn't. They tell me it will take another 2 weeks. I ask to cancel the order and get a refund. Steven says he understands and he then doesn't cancel or give me a refund. He also had endless excuses why he didn't call me back. "I was still talking to the freight company." "Sometimes these things take awhile," or my personal favorite, "I had a customer with the same name." To name 3 of at least 10 excuses. I just want my money back and to rid myself of this disaster and the company. NEVER USE THIS COMPANY. Look at Better Business Bureau and all the nightmare reviews on here. Just go to Ikea and save yourself the trouble.

Jul 23rd – New Order

Aug 6th – en route to shipping company. Process says it should take 1 day to 1 week depending on where the order is going.

Aug 13th – I call and ask about my order, given it has been a week. I am told they will look into and call me back. I am never called back.

Aug 15th – I call and talk to Steven Smith. He says that it is typical for an order being delivered to the West Coast in more than 1 week, but guarantees that I will receive my order in the estimated 4 week time frame.

Aug 20th – I call and they tell me my order has been delayed by a week and should be there by late next week. I put in a request for some sort of compensation for the delay. See email confirmation.

Aug 21st. – I call again asking about a discount greater than $50. I am told by Steven they will call me back within 30 min. He does not and I call again. He verbally agrees to $100 discount.

Aug. 26th – I call and ask to talk to Steven. He tells me everything is set for a delivery to the delivery company late in the week.

Aug 27th – I call and Steven deliberately tells me the order should arrive at the delivery company for a quick inspection and turnaround on Wednesday. Thursday at the latest. He repeatedly does not call me back and contends that it is because he has a DIFFERENT customer with the same name who he has been checking with for a different order.

Aug 29th – I call and Steven tells me that the order has been delayed and that will arrive Sep. 9th. I tell him this ridiculous and to get back to me that day. I ask for a discount of minimum $500. He tells me he will ask and get back to me. He doesn’t.

Aug 30th – I call Steven and this time tell him I am sick of the excuses and lies and would like to cancel the order. I call him multiple times over the course of the day and he continually tells me he understands my frustration, and that I had been much more patient than he would have been and to just email him and he would put in the request. I email him and he tells me he got the email and he will handle it that day or over the weekend. I INSIST that he processes it on Friday before the long weekend but don't get a response.

Sep. 3rd – After the holiday weekend I talk a US Bank credit company and detail my complaints and request to dispute the charge. I am told it can take up to 30 days to get my money back so I could call the company to see if they could just credit my card sooner. I call Coleman and am told my order has never been canceled and my refund was not processed. I then hear from Steven that they may charge me a 25% restocking fee. At this point I get angry and tell him he clearly knows he is overstepping and to either get me a refund or see if I can talk to the refund department. He says I cannot talk directly to someone in that department but he will get back to me and cc me on the request for a refund. I don’t get cc’d on the refund request but I do get an email on Sep 3rd saying he still is trying to deliver the bed. I call and he doesn’t answer, dictating I clearly wanted my order canceled and a refund. I didn't sign up to wait 7 weeks and be told it was almost at the delivery company 3 different times."

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I know very well what you are feeling. I have the same issue with that company, same Steve, same excuses. I'm currently disputing the credit through my credit card company.

Seattle, Washington
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Coleman Furniture in Wylie, Texas - Terrible buying experience

I bought a new loveseat, when I received it, there were broken and scratchs. I mailed them the pictures in 24 hours and they send a guy to fix the broken leg after 2 weeks. i am ok with there service

For all other, they give 150$ for me to fix it. I called medic, cost 300$. I asked if I can return, the answer is no.

So basically I am buying a new one and have to fix it myself with money and time? Will never buy from Coleman Furniturem, there service is not guarantee, the buyer has risk.

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Wylie, Texas
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Coleman Furniture - No furniture no money!

This reviews here are so true! We' ve been in dispute for the last 2 months .

Part of furniture still not delivered as it was damaged in transit to my home and never properly fixed, the other part was not assembled right by their own people and no one came to fix that.

Now coleman announces that we are using furniture and refuses to give money back.instead of advertised 4-5 weeks for delivery we are in process for 3 months, still have no bedroom furniture and our money is stuck! No one should deal with them, Steven, Jordan are liars and untrue to their word.

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Coleman Furniture in Baldwyn, Mississippi - Horrible Company, Horrible Customer Service

Check out the Better Business Bureau on this company http://www.bbb.org/new-york-city/business-reviews/furniture-retail/coleman-furniture-in-hewlett-ny-119615 , I wish I had before purchasing from them. I purchased a hutch/file cabinet, office chair, and 2 recliners from this company.

I will just tell you about the worst of the deliveries. The first time the file/hutch was delivered the hutch had a busted shelve and the file cabinets would not unlock or open, my husband refused delivery; the 2nd time it was delivered the bottom of the bottom drawer was busted, literally, with hole and shards of plywood, I refused delivery; the 3rd time it was delivered there were scratches and scuffs on the top surface of the file cabinet, a tear in the backing board (which was there before) and it was dirty, we both were present and refused delivery. I was told each time that a furniture medic would fix it and make it look perfect, in factory condition, and each time it was not. I was told I could not cancel the order because "they had the right to repair the furniture" never mind that I paid the money up front for new furniture, not repaired 3 times over and still waiting on it to be delivered with false promises for the past 4 weeks.

I told them I wanted a refund and they told me I did not want to do that because I would be charged a 25% restocking fee!! That fee would be $192.25! So, I am to be charged for much aggravation for the past 3 months. I have made so many phone calls and have been made a whole lot of empty promises.

When I asked to speak to a higher authority I was told there was no one else just Jordan or Steven, I asked "you do not have an owner or president" and I was told yes but they did not get involved! This is not an honorable company. The supervisor Steven, that makes the decisions, is arrogant, condescending,makes false promises and is abusive. I filed a dispute with pay-pal 06/12/13, they were courteous enough to escalate it to a claim since it was past their 45 day period to file a dispute.

Filing the dispute had Steven make an attempt to resolve things but he did not follow through. He promised that the file/hutch cabinet would be delivered on 06/24/2013 in perfect condition (after sitting at the warehouse for 40 days since the 3rd delivery on 05/14/13) and give me a $150.00 credit for my aggravation. The hutch was delivered on 6/24/13 with a new damage!! The hutch does not sit level on the base and overhangs on the left side and the veneer is buckled where it has obviously been banged and the top of the file cabinet base repairs to the top are very evident.

I called Steven back and told him of the damage. He has not done anything to have it repaired and refuses to credit the $150.00 till I drop the claim with Pay-Pal. I told him I would drop the claim if he resolved the issues and and this point if he just credited the $150.00 where I could get it repaired on my on I would consider it resolved. Truth be told all the time.

effort, aggravation and frustration this has been they should be paying me more than the furniture is worth!! I paid $769.00 for 03/09/2013.

(to add insult to injury I just found the same merchandise for $690.00 at Home Gallery Stores)". Also, the office chair that I purchased for $589.00 has a cracked base and it sits crooked, Steven said he was sending a new base, we will see it that happens.

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Baldwyn, Mississippi, United States #681199

This customer knows that she has had much aggravation and unnecessary grief for four months making several calls a week and remains with defective and damaged merchandise. I was compensated the $150 7/10/13 after numerous complaints and having a claim and dispute filed.

As far as working on my other "issues".......I have not heard a thing. Certified letter has been sent, I believe the 10 days to respond is almost up so now it is time to file with the Better Business Bureau because apparently my other issues have put to the wayside.

My stance remains, horrible company since they have horrible customer service. If the other issues get resolved I will post.


At Coleman Furniture Our customer service reps educate customers on the process and make buying online sight-unseen a pleasure. As this customer is well aware of, any issues that are marked on a BOL ticket we take care of.

This customer has received compensation and we are working with her on her other issues. :)


I've been waiting for a King size bed, night stand, and mirror from them that I had to refuse. I received my purchase (a sectional, a large dresser with a mirror, 6 drawer dresser, 2 nightstands, and a king size bed together around $3000) on December 17th but the delivery company damaged some of it.

I sent back the bed, a night stand and the mirror. Every time I call they tell me they're working on it and the holidays have slowed things down. 2 days...Christmas Day and New Years Day have held it up an entire month! I asked if I could just return it since it has been so long but the said it's a 25% non negotiable refund fee!!!

The have not cared at all. Not that I want to ever buy from them again but they could have shown a little customer service and offered some store credit or a discount...something for the trouble I have been dealing with. Also, they didn't offer any sort of understanding to the matter. Pam Lubin, the woman I've been dealing with, keeps saying she can call and get an update and that's all she can do.

I have been more than patient! They are a horrible business and I reported them to the BBB today. But they already have a D rating!! Wish I would have know that ahead of time.

In addition to all of that, the "reputable delivery company" the used to deliver and set up my furniture tried selling me a mattress from "some side work he does" it made me very uncomfortable!! They walked around my house in places they didn't belong and when I refused the furniture he got really agitated. I would NEVER recommend this company. I have read numerous reviews since my purchase and have read nothing but complaints about customer service.

100% Customer Satisfaction is a joke. I asked Pam Lubin to speak to a manager and she said she was the supervisor and that I can talk to her.

Obviously she has not been helpful and she does not care about customer service. This is a perfect example of what NOT to do as a business!

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Baldwyn, Mississippi
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