Coleman Furniture - SCAM ARTISTS

Deceptive advertising and terrible customer service! Do Not buy from these SCAM ARTISTS!!! I bought a furniture "set" online that came pictured with a nice desk and chair (cherry-grove-the-new-generation-home-office-set-american-drew). It appears to come with the whole desk and advertises that it is discounted. When it arrived it was just part of the set shown. I believed that it was just a mistake and called to get the additional pieces sent. The customer service was terrible, the agents and supervisors didn't know anything and just kept stating, "well you couldn't have thought you get the entire desk in the picture". Really? Since when does someone advertise a desk set and it only comes with a 1 item? They claim there is no one else in charge there and they don't even know who is in charge of the department. I asked for a refund but all they would do charge me for a restocking fee and shipping charges which would mean I get nothing back.

Again, they are a SCAM!!! BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK, but be warned.

Thanks, Ben


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Here at Coleman Furniture, we honer all of our advertised discounts and seasonal sales. But don't just take my word for it please call our sales line at (800) 974-5255 and we will be happy to assist you and answer all questions. :)
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Coleman Furniture in Norfolk, Virginia - Stole my money

I ordered furniture and never received the merchandise. They went out of business and re-opened with a new manager (yeah, right)Yes, this may have happened in 2008 but how dare they flaunt "secure shopping", celebrating 14 yrs.

online, top 100 furniture sites. Before you order, ask them-did you refund that lady in Virginia her $1,000. I also have a judgment but it's a little hard to gain when the company is in Texas.

This sure bought shame to the state of Texas, do all Texans steal? I still occasionally shop online but I use Pay pal for crooks like cordell coleman!!


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At Coleman Furniture we offer a variety of payment options. We also have a sales line that can be called to place an order.

Having said that, this person was never a customer of ours.

We do offer Paypal as an option as well. :)
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Coleman Furniture in Portland, Oregon - No money no furniture

ordered qu. bed with night stand 10-22-2012 as of today no bed.

Emailed twice to see what the problem was, no response. Called customer service after 10 weeks Amy said she would look into it and call me right back, no response. Called again today 01/14/2013, they said they would call right back, no response, no money and no furniture. I have never had this kind of trouble buying over the internet.

I told coleman furniture today that if I did not have a order cancellation AND a credit on my credit card in 24 hours I would file a complaint with the state attorney general's office and the BBB. We'll see



Here at Coleman Furniture - we are 100% committed to customer satisfaction.

Please feel free to contact customer service directly at 800-974-5255 with any concerns, as we are here to help you.


unfortunately you are liers! Stop saying you are committed to your customers!

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I recently purchased a leather living room set from Coleman's Furniture online in New York. It took forever to get the set, weeks,,,,,....then when the delivery people left, I discovered a tear in the leather.

I reported the problem within 24 hours like the company asked, sent a photo as asked, then they tried to blame the delivery company. We will remedy the situation their customer service representatives said. Guess what over a month later, no REMEDY. They do not even contact me unless I continually call or email them.

Last email I got was "we are setting up an appointment for a "medic" to repair your furniture. Excuse me....... If I had wanted repaired, mended furniture, I would have went to a flea market for my purchase. Instead I spent $2,590 and am expected to accept less than top quality for the dollars that I spent.

Please do not buy from is an annoying experience. MSgirlunhappy


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New York, New York, United States #641107
I actually googled for reviews for the opposite reason (not as a "pissedconsumer" but actually as a happy one :grin . I stumbled on this site (looks intriguing) but felt the need to post that it isn't such a one sided affair.

I personally had a great and smooth purchase with Coleman Furniture. I was told they had some new management and they certainly handled my concerns well. I also find it surprising the original author here is shocked it took "weeks...." as he says...

it's very surprising that he didn't know that furniture ships slower then say something that was purchased from amazon (like a cell phone), as it is included with in home delivery and setup. I picked them because I wanted that setup bc I don't have a great back and they were BY FAR the cheapest offering that service.
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