Coleman Furniture in Boston, Massachusetts - A NIGHTMARE -- DON'T EVEN CONSIDER BUYING FROM THEM.

I ordered a sideboard on August 16, 2014. After placing many, many phone calls to customer service about a delivery date after waiting 6 weeks, I finally was scheduled for delivery.

The delivery company informed me that there are no deliveries to Queens on the weekends and that I had to schedule either Tuesday or Thursday. So I scheduled for a Thursday and had to call in a sick day to wait for the delivery. Well, after waiting all day, I called the delivery company and they asked me if I hadn't gotten their message -- which was left at my work number -- that the delivery "was not going to happen that day" -- the exact words she used. No apologies, no reason, nothing.

So, after much yelling, they suddenly decided they would make an "exception" and delivery to Queens on a Saturday. Well, when the merchandise finally showed up after 2 1/2 months, the sideboard was so damaged -- screws from legs bored through bottom into the cabinet -- scratches on the front and no hardware was the least of it. Needless to say, I sent it back with the delivery people. Well, it is now the end of October - after placing many, many calls to customer service and not even getting the courtesy of return call -- it is in the hands of the credit card company.

If that doesn't work, it's small claims court and then my next stop is the Better Business Bureau.

This company is either run by total incompetents or they are just rip-off artists.


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Was the $1550 a judges decision? Did coleman actually send someone to represent themselves?

I am contemplating doing the same just don't know if I should cut my losses or attempt to make a point. What irked me was their "How we keep our cost low" page. They actually said "because customers don't return items" - More like, We make it so difficult it's impossible to return. I read on Yelp of a girl canceling an order that wasn't in stock - after they billed her.

They charged her to restock the item that wasn't in stock! For me. Damaged, wrong color, not as described. No apologies (which makes it so much harder to swallow).

I have to pay to reship an item the wrongfully sent me! They said "well, you're sending back a used item"... As in I opened it so now it's considered used! You have to open the package eventually!

I opened the box but it was encased in clear pastic so it didn't take effort to see wrong color or damage.

Still my fault.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I cannot express more strongly - DON'T BUY FROM THEM!!!!

Reason of review
Damaged or defective
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Full refund
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Furniture Fix Review

Coleman furniture is AWFUL DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. It's been 2 months and nothing has been resolved!

I want my furniture fixed or my money back! !!!!!!

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Coleman Furniture - BUYER BEWARE! Worst company to buy from!

“My experience with Coleman Furniture has been a nightmare. I was excited to order a leather sectional from Coleman Furniture in June 2014 because I was saving money.

Delivery time was about 3 weeks from placing the order so everything seemed to be going good. My sectional was delivered in the first part of July and that is when my horror story begins. Each and every piece of the sectional was damaged, mostly upholstery tears and rips but there was also a mechanical problem with one of the power reclining pieces. I immediately called Coleman Furniture and they advised me to refuse shipment.

They also required that the furniture that was sent back to the moving company be repaired for me and not replaced with undamaged furniture. I was disappointed in this policy since I had ordered new, undamaged furniture but they assured me it would be like factory new. It took numerous calls, emails, and a lot of stress to get the furniture redeliveried to me 2 1/2 months later. They had assured me that the furniture was repaired and like new.

That was not the case. Each piece that came off the delivery truck was still damaged, some with even more damage than before. The mechanical problem with the recliner was the same as before. I once again refused shipment.

I am frustrated with this company because even after all these problems, they still refuse to refund my money. I am still without furniture and it is the end of September. This has been a horrible experience. Do not take any chances ordering from this company.

It is not worth the any amount of savings.

Coleman Furniture has been the absolute worst company I have ever dealt with. BEWARE!!”




I too have just had a nightmare experience with Coleman Furniture and wish that I had found these reviews before I made my purchase. Friends are advising me to consider litigation to resolve my dispute so I won't go into specific detail here yet but I will re-post at a later date with all the information once I have a resolution.

In the meantime, I want to warn any other potential customers to BEWARE and please, please, please carefully evaluate any purchases you are considering from Coleman Furniture.

The savings in $$ are just not worth the risk.

Conover, North Carolina, United States #900346

I have had the exact same kind of situation.....I really wish I had read the reviews before I placed the order. Not worth the a little extra and get the furniture in a timely manner and in good condition. No company should be in business with this kind of customer service and product delivery times.

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Damaged or defective
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Full refund
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Coleman Furniture in East Aurora, New York - 6 weeks out and still no delivery date, customer service was rude and not-helpful

I purchased furniture fro Coleman furniture with an estimated delivery date of 2 weeks which was perfect in coordination for the time I would be moving into my new home; however, I am now 4 weeks out and the shipping company is still unable to give me a delivery date. I contacted Coleman today and the lady I spoke with kept calling me mam and putting me on hold.

She claimed she could not set the schedule for the delivery company so basically whenever they choose to do with the furniture/delivery dates/times is their prerogative. She put me on hold for 30 mins only to tell me there was really nothing she could do and I would just have to wait and see.

This customer service is absolutely horrible! I would never buy from here again!!!!

Reason of review
Problem with delivery
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Coleman Furniture - No furniture

I ordered a sectional on July 22. I called August 26 and was informed that they were waiting on payment because the paypal transaction had expired.

I immediately gave them my credit card number (HUGE MISTAKE) and was promised the delivery company would call. Nope. So I called the delivery company and they had no record of our order & even said they don't deliver to our zipcode.

Coleman says the company does have our furniture but found a "blue spot" on a cushion so they are waiting on a replacement. I have contacted Chase and started the process to dispute the charge.


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I would like to update that we finally received our furniture and it is in good condition. After reading other complaints, I consider us to be very lucky. I would never order from this company again though, nor recommend them to anyone.

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Coleman Furniture - Review about Delayed Sectional Deliver

Wow I must say I have experience the same thing I purchased a sectional and it took a month to deliver . I had to curse them out and I'm not that type of person. And now I want to add the warranty because it's delivered.i can't

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Coleman Furniture - Do Not Buy from Coleman!

Ok so you get a couple hundred savings from ordering through their website, but they are pathetic in customer service. I ordered a dining set in the beginning of June and it's almost August and still waiting.

I would have paid the extra hundred if I knew it would take this long. I don't know how they are still running as a company. They fool first time buyers into good prices, but the service is completely horrible.

I will not buy from them again and I don't think many others will either. Save time and pay a few hundred dollars at your local store instead of dealing with this company.


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All I have to say is DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. They lie and it is not a company you can trust

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Coleman Furniture in Columbia, South Carolina - Still waiting on furniture...

Do not purchase from this company. I ordered living room set and bedroom set in April and am still waiting for pieces to come in.

They told me everything would be delivered by June 1. Every time I call they say the sofa will be another month (I have the rest of the living room set). I am still waiting on the footboard, rails and dresser. Every time I call they say the delivery company will call by the end of the week and they do not.

Very disappointed in this company.


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Coleman Furniture - Couch Review from Greece, New York

I had the same problem. I ordered a couch on April 21 and it is now June 7… Seven weeks later still no couch.

"I" had to call find out that there was an issue that they didn't feel the need to alert me out. I called the next week and the same issue but was promised a personal phone call the following week to let me know a delivery date and received nothing. I call the next day and find out that they are closed for the next three days... this company is a joke.

Constant lies for no reason!!!

Don't give them a penny, this company is undeserving of any business as they have failed on every level. 6-7-14


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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States #834084

Same problem! I ordered in April and still no couch (I have the rest of the set) every time I call they say it will be 1 more month.

I also ordered a bedroom suite and am still waiting on the footboard, rails and dresser, every time I call about that they say that the delivery people will call by the end of the week. What a joke...DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!

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Coleman Furniture - Tried to cheat me out of my money for 18 months

DO NOT GIVE COLEMAN FURNITURE YOUR BUSINESS! I cannot say enough about how difficult and drawn out my experience with Coleman Furniture has been. Long story short, this is a terrible company that is run by dishonest people, and I am stunned that they are still in business.

I’d like to point out that Coleman Furniture is owned by Renegade Furniture Group, which also owns Mazel Tov Furniture. The founder and CEO of the company is Yisroel Bruce Krinsky.

With regards to my story, I unassumingly placed on order through the Coleman Furniture website in June of 2012. One month later, I received a brief e-mail from Steven Smith stating that their warehouse had been trying to contact me to set up a delivery date. I hadn’t received a single call from anyone. I responded immediately, and thus began the first stint of phone tag.

In October, nearly 4 months after I placed my order, a delivery attempt was made. The first piece of furniture that was unpacked was cracked completely in half, and the delivery company’s employee advised me to refuse the delivery. I did exactly that, and was contacted shortly thereafter and told that the furniture would be repaired locally, and re-delivered at a later date. Having been warned in advance by the same delivery employee that Coleman Furniture would try to do this, but that there was no way to repair such a defect, I asked if the furniture could instead be exchanged for a new, undamaged set.

Over the next 12 months, I placed between 30-40 calls to Coleman Furniture to follow-up on the issue. The replacement furniture was never shipped, and no one ever called to update me on the status of things. Each time that I called for such an update, I was automatically routed to Steven, who always put me on hold for 5-10 minutes (for no clear reason) before giving me some lame excuse and telling me he’d call me back the next day with more information. I never once received a call back. He eventually began to screen my calls, so I started calling from a private line.

In July of 2013, nearly 13 months after my initial order, I finally asked for a full refund (in lieu of the “exchange” that had never materialized). Steven agreed to this, but continued to give me the run-around. By December, I started calling on a near-daily basis. Midway through the month, he told me to call back between specific hours in order to talk to “the person who handles our finances”. After 3-4 additional calls, all of which were placed during the aforementioned hours, he happened to discover one day that replacement furniture had actually been shipped several weeks prior (per a “new” update that magically showed up in their system), and had already arrived in the local warehouse near my home. Prior to that day’s conversation, he had never even mentioned that he was planning to re-ship the furniture. When he began insisting that someone from the warehouse had been trying to get in touch with me for weeks, I finally lost it. I told him that we had been discussing a refund, not fulfillment of the order I had placed 18 months prior, that he had agreed to this, and that this had been the topic of our last 20+ conversations. I also called him out for blatantly lying to me about the furniture having arrived in my state, given that he had repeatedly told me there were no updates in the system as recently as 24 hours prior to that conversation. Though he acknowledged that all of this was true, he kept repeating that there was no way he could issue a refund. I was absolutely livid by this time, so against my better judgment, I went on a short rant during which I told him that, as a doctor married to a lawyer, there was no way I was going to let him take advantage of my family, and that I had every intention of filing a lawsuit if the issue wasn’t reconciled that same day. Less than 60 seconds later, he told me that a check for the full amount of my initial purchase would be mailed that same day.

I fully anticipate that this post will receive a response stating that Coleman Furniture did, in fact, try to reach out to me, I never picked up their calls, I refused a full refund or otherwise obstructed the process, or any number of other lies meant to protect the company’s nonexistent integrity. I would challenge anyone reading this post to look at the myriad posts by other customers who have had very similar experiences (links below), and to decide for themselves what to believe. It’s no surprise to me that Coleman Furniture has had >70 complaints filed against them within the past 3 years; they previously had a D+ rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, but are no longer accredited.




I am disputing $115.80 back to my credit card because this company is practicing fraudulent business. They misled their customers about the delivery time.

We canceled our order when we learned the delivery would be 8 weeks, from 3 weeks. You learn of a cancellation fee after the transaction is complete. This company does not deserve 1 star, such poor service. I placed an order with Coleman's furniture in Oct and never received the merchandise but was charged a cancellation fee of $115.80.

I cancelled the transaction because it was way over 3 months and I continued to receive messages that the merchandise was damaged and could not be delivered. The cancellation fee was not in the policy and I was not aware of the fee until I decided to stop waiting for the merchandise, since it was over 3 months; so I cancelled the order. The company has NO remorse for their customers. Read the reviews of this company before you place an order, something I did not do.

There are many unsatisfied customers.

I will be going through my attorney to receive my funds back. Never again will I ever purchase from Coleman and will definitely be spreading the word so no one has to go through this terrible experience again.


I'm going through this with Coleman Furniture and have filed a law suit against them. Thanks for filing this complaint, it only helps my dispute.


How has a class action suit not been filed yet? I am going through the same pains you are.

I am early on in the process, but I am demanding new furniture rather than risk receiving their "like new" repaired furniture to the damanged furniture that was delivered. According to the lengthy conversation I had, I ascertained that parts (meaning new leather) was to be delivered to the shipping company whereby a "technician" (apparently employed at the shipping company) was to fix it and restore it to new condition and the furniture was to be reshipped to me. All of this was to occur in 2-3 weeks. However, they will not reply and put this in writing.

Therefore, I am disputing this on my credit card. I also have a good mind to report what I think is a ponzai scheme to the BBB in several states as well as go to the Federal Trade Commission with my suspicions. This is ridiculous.

I would like to rally several other consumers who have been taken and get a class action suit going. These guys need to be shut down.


It seems to me, after reading too many complaints to count because I was going to order a sectional sofa, that this company has been inviting a class-action law suit against them and all the poor customers/victims that had to put up with their negligence, time wasted, harassment, and out right scamming, should be compensated! This is insane that it continues to occur!

Thank you to all who took the time to share your experience as you have saved me from being their victim and from giving those greedy $%^+*!

My business! ;)

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