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I will never use another moving service without reading the reviews first.Please do NOT fall for their strong sales pitches. I had an itemized list from Allied which I sent to ALEX explaining that the goods really weren't worth shipping if I couldn't get the quote down. DUH...loser me bought into his quote coming in at 3284.95. Of course, when everything was loaded, my total was $4998.12. There is NO EXCUSE for this as he had the ITEMIZED quote...
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I liked
  • Actual movers were nice guys
I didn't like
  • Final bill
Review of move from New York to Washington state in summer. Don't ever book with Coast to Coast. I saw the bad reviews, but the sales people will make you buy the snake oil. The sales force will make so many promises (I had read the reviews and was concerned about the additional charges and policies and the sales rep made many promises and also wrote down some waivers to the extra charges). They constantly will emphasize that they are family...
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