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Update by user Mar 04, 2021

Students in Criminal Justice with defaults are barred until lifted.

Update by user Mar 04, 2021

Any default bars Criminal Justice related careers by law.

Original review updated by user Mar 04, 2021
CNI College is a front with no services to offer. Of coarse, criminals pretending to be a college would charge two or three times more than near by actually colleges (tuitions goes to students' bank accounts). We are dealing with the lowest kinds of *** These crooks hope students are late in payments to accrue interest. The biggest lie to so called CNI College is that once any unsuspected student signs up he or she cannot leave. Real colleges allows a withdrawal. The owners the Buffington are not even worth a penny with their overbearing and fat Kay Kenyon that nobody likes. CNI College knows they will never deliver what is advertised which is suable under false business advertisement. Their massage course is an underground ring brothel. Obvious they do not care to get any career as tooted with the network of personnel that cannot find jobs any where else. US Department of Education knows CNI College pocketed all of my four grants at the time and stole two tuitions under $12,000.00 each for a course that was not taught and no real certificate. I suggest a class act lawsuit against CNI.

User's recommendation: CNI KILLS ALL FUTURE.

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#2443327 Review #2443327 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Orange, California
Anytime Fitness Personal Training
  • Night classes
  • No degree program
Preferred solution
Full refund

LVN program

I attended when the had the LVN program and let me tell you it was an intense drama filled post menopausal nightmare. These group of older women were backbiting, unprofessional and ragefull. The DON was unstable and insecure, yes I'm talking about you Mrs. VJ. Mrs Detwiler was a truly unorganized horror of a woman. The was a sex scandal involving the most hideous little Filipino instructor and an old white Mormon instructor that was well, prejudiced. All these instructors thrived on intrigue. They all had psychological problems and engagedThe last I heard they cleaned house. You know now that I'm a new nurse, all my skills are learned in the field PLUS I take from mentors. Instructors out there, be generous with your knowledge and be WILLING TO TEACH. If you don't like your job then get the f$&@ out! Nightmare of a school, a true nightmare.
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This complaint sounds just as immature as the people it is talking about.

#956142 Review #956142 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Cni College Orange Program
Reason of review
Bad quality

SCAM! they Bait and Switch!

I Attended an MRI program at CNI College, prior to enrolling I wanted to make sure the school was accredited for the program I was attending. They sit you down and tell you all the money you can make as an MRI tech once completing the classes and passed the ARMRIT exam. What they DON'T tell you is, That there are ONLY 2 states in this country that actually recognize this certification!! Any Job you look for in MRI Requires you to have a CRT license in Addition to ARRT. In some rare cases, you can get a job with a Certified Radiologic Technician license + ARMRIT. To get a CRT its an additional 15-24 months depending on the program. They NEVER mentioned that once!. I needed a career switch due to not being able to perform Clinical massage anymore because of my injuries. I have a family to support and now I am having to go back to school in order to find work in Medical Imaging. For the same price, I could have attended Loma Linda, Graduated with the necessary certificates and an AA. Now I am still struggling to make ends meet and having to add another 34k in school loans. Save time and money.. go somewhere ELSE!! you will be glad you did.
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Hello, which two states in the country accept the MRI Tech certificate from CNI College? Wow

#875454 Review #875454 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Orange, California
  • Nih
  • Night classes
  • No degree program
  • Lack of professionalism in staff and students
  • Incompetent staff and admin department
Reason of review
Not as described/ advertised

Review in Colleges and Universities category from Bakersfield, California

STAY AWAY FROM CNI COLLEGE! They only care about your money!
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I could not disagree more, they helped me in every way possible and now I'm working as a nurse.


Can you be more specific? Im thinking of going there, but want to be completely informed before I choose this school.

My main concern is if they prepare you for the NCLEX exam.

The main reason why i want to go here is because the program is so fast, but if they do not prepare you well then there is no point of going to this school! thanks!

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#735143 Review #735143 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Bakersfield, California
Reason of review
Poor customer service
New Reviewer

CNI college, Orange CA

This college does not care about its students, all they want is your money. After you graduate they will not help you to find a job, they have not returned my calls for 1 year. Waste of my money. Before I started I was told that they will help me find a job, that they have all the hook up, well after I graduated they didnt help with anything, i had to write my own resume, didnt even get help with that. And its not just me I kept in touch with half of my class and they didnt help them either.
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If I would have known then what I know now, I never would have chosen this school. My first choice was Concorde, but I had a problem with the loan so I chose CNI instead.

Big mistake... My term 1 teacher had no idea what she was doing. She wasn't an instructor at all and the only reason she was hired was because she and Kathy went to school together. When it came to teaching drug caculations she couldn't do it and instead made the class go up to the board and made us explain it.

That only confused us more. As far as our lectures all she did was read the power point which honestly for 35,000 I could do myself.

Clinical instructors suck except for Miss Norma who really seems to care about her students.By the way , they give you this bs about tutoring and what not but fail to tell you they charge you additional fees. I would really research other schools before choosing CNI.

#272741 Review #272741 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Palm Springs, California

Worst school, DON,ADON and teachers.

I'm a term 2 student attending CNI college. At first, I was hesistant to believe the rumors but now they are all coming true. The teachers are sloppy and don't know what they are teaching. Ms. Becky is very prejudice and discriminating. She only likes phillipino and white students only and favors them a lot. She is rude, unprofessional as she looses her temper easily when things don't go her way. Mr. Ian is another clown of the school. He flirts with every single girl and has slept with many of my friends. This school is a joke!! Clinical instructors are not teaching us but walking around during clinicals. My friends in other school have told me that they learn more than what we learn at CNI. Where did they get these instructors? We are constantly having new instructors and every one wants something new in clinicals. They are not at the same page. Get together!! I heard the seniors compliaining of about Ms. Sandy Carter, the DON, that she doesn't know what she is doing, she lies to students constantly and then changes the stories. This is a nightmare. Kathie Le doesn't know what she is doing by lying to students about small things. Please don't come to this school!!! There is so much drama here, it's not funny.
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Go to Stanbridge college / a little bit expensive but more stuctured and had been in operation for a long time


How about clinical instructors sitting in the Dining room and the Nursing office during clinical time and leaving their students in the supervision of floor RN or leaving them alone , not passing medications nor treatments as they are told or instructed , " just to follow RN around and observe ". Some are with their books and reviewers . They might as well go to the library not in the clinical sites .


I agree with not going to CNI. This school just cares about MONEY!

Stay far away from this place. The DON Mrs. Khan is a evil b**** who thinks all the nursing students are ***. She talks down to us.

Going to this school was the worst decision of my life. This school needs to be shut down!!!


Thank you Anonymous for your non-bs very telling words. I will leave your comments as they are and only add to all of you who are there or are planning on going to the school.

This school is a business, not a school!!! They probably net around 15 to 20k per student. Unfortunately you are accepted not because or your intelligence or lack there of but whether you can pay or get a loan. Do not waste your time or money on this school.

Anyone taking advantage of good honest, hard working people should be damned...look out, your contract, you sign an arbitration agreement. Based on how it is written, you will only be able to get your money either don't sign or get your money back


well can someone tell us what the names of the others schools are. so that maybe we can go to them instead?

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#261332 Review #261332 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Los Angeles, California

CNI Santa Ana, CA - Lvn Program Violations

I was attending a lvn program for 9 mos ($30,000). This school is the worst i've seen yet. They are testing students from other books that students are not accommodated with. They are violating student's bathroom privileges,they are also verbally abusive to their students. The passing rate was 55% when I started DON very dishonest to students stating that the board was giving false information. If you leave that school they will not give you your transcripts, you have to obtain an attorney to get transcripts. They are failing certain students (especially if you are vocal)
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RUN AWAY from this "school". They had a really good DON Ms.

Jayne but they did not let her do the right thing to make the program right.

I think they fired her I heard for making he bad studendts follow the policys and she was the good DON. All they care about is your money.

You wont get a lisense because you wont get a good education


June 2015

Not much has changed. As an instructor there I was censured from teaching nursing in a productive and helpful way, providing students with useable information for good patient care. The students are taught using ATI as the yardstick but the ATI coordinator, despite being motivated, was inconsistent so ATI grades could not really be trusted.


Listen up. If you are thinking about going to CNI, don't do it.

All the negative comments on here are totally true. The positive ones are probably from the DON or teachers. This school cares only about one thing, MONEY. In two years they have gone through 4 DON and countless instructors.

Many of the instructors I had quit because they realized how screwed up the school was. The curriculum changes all the time with out giving the students any notice in writing. The school gets away with so much shady stuff the state needs to shut this place down. Please do not go to this school and save yourself a lot of pain and stress.

I wish I would have done a little research about CNI before I got stuck with $30,000 worth of debt. You would think that once you finish all the classes and graduate from CNI the school will send all your paper work to the board so you can take the N-CLEX. WRONG!!! I have already graduated but the school is making me take a exit exam which was not even on the original catalog or part of my contract.

The exit exam is given only once a week. If you fail it, you have to wait a month to take it again. I was never told what problems I missed on the exit exam. The DON just told me I failed and to come back next month to try it again.

It's funny cause I was a A average student in all their classes but can't pass their *** exit exam. I am paying back the loans from this school and can't even take the N-CLEX because Mrs. Khan is holding my paper work hostage.

The state needs to investigate this place before more students get hurt by these evil people.


im a current student at this school. this school is a business theirs no more to say.but if you're going to be treated and taught like any other nursing school(business) then dont over pay this school cost more (5-10Grand) more and its not worth it.i see that now.

im half way through the program.if you have 38,000+ laying around, want to learn CNA work(hands on) but want the knowledge of an LVN, and want to pull out an extra loan 2 months before you graduate because no class has finished on time so far. then this is school is for you! This school seems to have a constant problem with over lapping and not having a facility to send you to. i am term 3 and i hae been at SNF(Skilled nursing facility) for 9 months Saturdays and Sundays.

because they over lap the terms.the theory instructors are awesome,They make sure you learn. but as far as facilities we are term 3 still doing basic care.

let me tell you, when im changing a brief im doing with compassion and care but in my head i cant help but repeat im paying 36,000 to do CNA work. DO NOT COME TO THIS SCHOOL ITS A RIP OFF!


Are you guys referring to the CNI (CALIFORNIA VOCATIONAL SCHOOL? ) because the title shows SANTA ANA. It is a different one?



Im a student from CT looking to move to Cali and attend CNI for their surgical tech program. Is the school really worth the $24,000 its going to cost me? Somebody, please help!


WOW! I was planning to go to CNI College in Orange for their Personal Fitness Program. Is it REALLY that bad?


I currently attend CNI and am in the Part Time LVN Program. So far I have aced every exam (90%) or better, completed ever assignment with plenty of time, and have a great relationship with all of the staff.

Maybe if people took less time to *** and studied a little might get more out of your experience.

It's an accelerated course and is supposed to move swiftly. Nobody said being a nurse is easy.



they are all liars and dont have answers to anything!

i want to stand infront of the school and tell every future student looking at the campus to RUN! This school is so unorganized and have a new head honcho that goes by the name of Sandy Carter who now runs this place like its a business. We are now not allowed to speak to our DON ms VJ for any reason... they are changing the curriculum and all the rules and are not notifying the students...

they are waiting for the end of the term to drop a student so they can get paid for the whole term... but yet they will not tell u that you are going to be dropped! Sandy is a lost cause runs around like a chicken with her head cut off... she should be worrying about the RN program and let the LVN program be...

dont fix something that is not broken!!! this school sucks! go to ACC instead... NCLEX scores for this year wont be posted anytime soon...

but just wait our 100% rating will be droped... yes it was a great school when VJ was in charge now its just a *** hole!


I am a1st term student at CNI. I would definitely NOT recommend this school to anyone at this time.

The VN program is extremely disorganized. I have a different clinical instructor every week, which would not be so bad if the instructors were all on the same page, but they are not. Our theory instructor is good and I enjoy coming to her class. My biggest pet peeve is how disrespectful and rude some of the instructors are to the students.

Ms. Becky, Ms.

Gina and Mr Rudy have been downright rude to students. My advice would be to choose this school as a very last resort.

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#159108 Review #159108 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Los Angeles, California

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