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Mel Puleo offers money for seeing aliens

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http://www.ufoworldnews.com/fatcah-system-creates-a-feeding-frenzy-for-ufo-mlm-program-press-release-365-press-release/ Just take a look at the unintentionally hilarious post above buy Mel Puleo aka Mr. Miami. If you intend to do business with Mr. Miami then please ask him to explain what the above scheme is. Fast Cash for UFO MLM Program? Huh? What the heck does Mel Puleo even mean? "The product side of UFOMLM is a set of tools that will help anyone in social networking to reach a much broader audience, in order to unite the masses in the quest for disclosure and online wealth.". That is what Mel Puleo has to say. Do you really want to do business with someone who peddles a scam on alien sightings? Google the name Mel Puelo and you will come across a host of questionable business activities that he runs from a post box in Florida. If that does not alert you to the kind of scammer he is then I do not know what will.
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Poor customer service

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Mel Puleo Letter of reference, all you read about me is pure rubbish!

Letters of reference for CM Puleo Consulting LLc Letter of reference: I am writing on behalf of Mel Puleo and his Co. CM Puleo Consulting. I have been doing business with Mel Puleo and his Co. CM Puleo Consulting for over 1-year marketing commercial grade LED’s to commercial and industrial businesses in several states, Mel Puleo has consistently bought sales teams to our co, and he & his wife Amber continue to recruit teams & individual marketers till this very day. For whatever its worth, I’m not an easy costumer to please, and so for Mel Puleo & Amber have had a focused passion for hunting down the right teams or marketing individuals for our business, we’re real pleased to work with Mel & his wife, and I can tell you, this will be a profitable journey for many years to come. Lastly, once he sees a real unmistakable opportunity to capitalize, Mel and Amber will provide a great pursuit for success. Thanks, Mark A To whom it may concern, DelSol Energy Solutions is an established LLC in Rincon, Puerto Rico. Our motto is "Converting energy conservation into a way of life!" We are energy conservation specialists. We not only deal with solar and renewable energy, we also work with states where energy is deregulated and help the residents and business owners save money on their electric bill. Working alongside Mel Puleo for several years now, he's always been a resource of high integrity and strong compliance. Our business has been able to grow because of his network and knowledge in the business and we look forward to grow exponentially with his support. In conclusion, we feel we have benefited from CM Puleo Consulting and continue to keep working alongside such an innovative and driven company in our industry. All negativity on the net regarding Mel, Amber & their Co. should be disregarded as pure nonsense! From first hand experience you could not chosen a better co. to work with, Providing CM Puleo Consulting does take on your project, success is assured with out question, I cannot remember 1 project, (& we’ve done many ) that was not a home run. Proceed without caution. Regards,
Carlos Garcia Greetings, to whom it may concern: 
I am happy to provide a professional recommendation/reference letter for my friend and business partner, Mr. Mel Puleo. This letter is based upon my experience with his professional consulting/placement business and also as a partner in projects together. Personally, I have been a business owner, top sales professional, a speaker and trainer, and also a regional manager for a successful national coast to coast company. (All of this with 40+ years and counting) of course, in business, there will always be a necessary place for sincerity, honesty, leadership and fairness. Leadership by example is always a winning formula. Most of us in business have found that not all companies and persons function based on upstanding values. This is unfortunate of course. At this late date in my professional experience I have had to admit that "Many people are not qualified to be my associate, manager, partner or friend"! Fortunately though, Mel Puleo has proven positive to me on all of these points through his work ethic, morals and practice. Additionally he is a fine entity in business to learn, reason, and grow with. Forward thinkers and leaders have found their success moving through a vast and ugly field of play. It is always excellent to find these kinds of people like C. M. Puleo who also value integrity! Trying to make sense of all the nonsense written about Mel’s Co. Can really throw one for a loop!! When I can tell you from my own personal experience, it has been 180 degrees the opposite of what was written, don’t be persuaded by jealous people that have no basis for their claims, I see these claims and classify them as a competitor who would love to achieve 5% the level of success Mel & Amber where able to tap into. Mel is constantly bringing great deals, to be frank once you get to know him on the level that i’ve had the pleasure too, I don’t just consider him a partner, but a true friend. 
Thank you for your kind attention. Eddie B To Whom it May concern, I have been honored to know and work with Mel (CM Puleo Consulting) for more than 12 years and his wonderful wife Amber for almost 2 yrs, and I am delighted to provide this Character Reference Letter on behalf of their request. Enthusiastic, professional and organized, CM Puleo Consulting is a credit to any Company they are providing their services to. Above all, CM Puleo Consulting is a gifted manager of people, as evidenced by his success at CM Puleo Consulting. They are both forthright and fair, discreet, motivational and supremely knowledgeable in their field. Their magnificent interpersonal skills extend to every level of an organization. They are both bright, dedicated and self-directed, quickly understanding and matching a company's ethos and mission. I have no reservation in strongly recommending CM Puleo Consulting for any company to utilize their expert knowledge knowing that Mel and Amber would only do what is best for your Company I am certain that CM Puleo Consulting will be an asset to your Company. I am happy to discuss their professional attributes as discussed in my character reference letter, so please feel free to call me at your convenience. Mel Can supply my contact info, Most sincerely, 
Sheila M To whom this may concern: Carmelo Puleo, (AKA Mel) CM Puleo Consulting LLC, hands down one of the smartest/hardest working "laser focused entrepreneurs" we've ever had the pleasure to meet. We can't say enough about him and his wife Amber. If your Company is looking to bring on an individual with tremendous talent, credibility, integrity, commitment, high energy that won't stop until the job is done, Mel Puleo is as good as a "find" as it gets. From knowing him several years of working on the Searl Spintronic Motor "Free Energy Technology" and other green energy related projects, his drive and tenacity has always been towards how can we get the entire planet on green energy, how can we get everyone off the grid, how can we create opportunities in new emerging fields. He does not feel that what he does is real work. Amber and Mel truly enjoy the Energy Field, and if you ever meet him, he seems to have too much energy himself. Lastly, I'll say this; Mel and Amber live and die on the battle field and as always looking out for the small people. Hiring CM Puleo Consulting will be a move that will prove to be a pivotal point for any corporation and success will speak for itself in due time. If you have any further questions, please contact me via email. Thank you. Debra and Jim Harvey To whom it may concern. We at Platinum Advertising have had the pleasure of doing business with Mel Puleo for roughly 3 years now. In our experience with Mel he’s always been an asset and always will be. Mel is a star recruiter who takes a lot of pride in bringing talented individuals to the table and his ability to follow up is unparalleled. Over the course of the 3 years we did business with Mel he always upheld is end of the bargain and made sure the individuals he recruited were taken care of and tended to. If opportunity permits we will continue to do business and look forward to tackling new projects with Mel in the future. We hope you strongly consider making him a member of your team and we strongly feel that you will find his abilities, experience, knowledge and skillset to be very helpful. If you have any further questions regarding Mel’s abilities or work history with Platinum do not hesitate to reach out to me directly. Sincerely, Jay D
President of Mass Marketing Team Integrity Mon, Nov 9, 2015 at 1:12 PM To whom it may concern: It is with great pleasure to recommend Carmelo Puleo, (AKA MEL) for any position he is seeking. His leadership, integrity, professionalism, knowledge, collaboration, and overall business acumen are just some of the assets he brings to any person or organization he comes into contact with. If I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Puleo on any campaign, I would not hesitate. To be frank we’re working on some new projects as we speak that should manifest shortly. Mel Puleo & his wife Amber do business the way business needs to be done! Look, when I came across all this Rubbish on the Net about Mel & his Co. I was also skeptical, but the longer you get to know Mel & Amber, you come to one quick realization, that all the rubbish on the net about these people & their co is just that, rubbish, I suspect the guy/gal who is writing all this is nothing but a looser who living in their mom’s basement, probably smoke a bit of *** everyday. If you need to reach me to confirm, Have Mr. Puleo forward you my contact information, and I’ll be more than happy to verify my findings, Thank You for your time & God Bless. C.E.O
Tyde Bo
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mel is bad person

Digna Aao


This is a press review written by Mel Puleo himself while pretending to be an independent journalist. He thinks he is Tony Soprano and calls himself one intense individual.

Ask Mel Puleo to sign a legal affidavit and state that the above press release was not written by him.

Tell him that he will have to return your money if he lies about the above.

He will not do this. That is because the above fake press release was written by him. This is deceitful.

There are many other instances of deceit by him.

He slams customers, sells fake electric cars that require no maintenance, has a fake business that pays you money if you see aliens and what not.

Be careful when dealing with scam artists like him. I will update this page shortly with more of his scams.

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