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| map-marker Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Order problem!

I was promised my business cards would be delivered on the 13th. I ordered my cards on or around the 4th. My order is still in production (19). They apologized and sent me a coupon for ten dollars off a future order meanwhile my order is still in production. I'm done with this company. At this point, I don't know when I'm going to get my cards. They should be free. I'm going to file a complaint this is ridiculous.
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Preferred solution: Major discount or free

User's recommendation: My past purchases trouble free however, this time terrible.

Loni Ohq

This review is from a real person who provided valid contact information and hasn't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website. Check our FAQ

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| map-marker Miami, Florida

RUINED our flyers with misprinting on edges

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Clubflyers - RUINED our flyers with misprinting on edges
Clubflyers - RUINED our flyers with misprinting on edges - Image 2
If you are a small business, think twice before dealing with ClubFlyers / Club Flyers / ClubFlyers.com. The flyers we received did not match the PDF proof, had weird printing from a completely different order on the edges, and were THE WRONG SIZE. All we want is our money back for this utterly unusable order. They offered to have the flyers shipped back to remove the defective margins, but we have already ordered replacement flyers from a different company because we no longer trust ClubFlyers.com. We can't wait another month for ClubFlyers to fix what should have been done right the first time. Since we already ordered replacement flyers from a different printer, WE WANT A REFUND. I've sent multiple email requests asking about our refund and I have yet to receive a straight answer. I started this order in October. I can't believe I'm still dealing with it. 
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Reason of review:
Bad quality

Preferred solution: Full refund

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We received an order from this customer for an 8.5 x 11 flyer, and she specified that she had the intention to do the die cutting herself, with a die she already had. This is not a normal request as we do die cutting and usually die cut our clients work to their specifications.

Because she specified that she wanted to do the die cutting herself, we sent her the print with an extra space along the border called a GRIPPER, so she could apply the die and cut out the desired shape. This is an industry standard.

This client was in communication with our design team and was told that there would be a GRIPPER on her files as is customary for die cutting. She asked for PDF proofs, which were sent to her. However, at no time did she order an actual physical proof of the print, which was offered to her, and is suggested by us on all jobs that require a specific die, ink or coating.

She refused these proofs and went off of a pdf proof which is solely to approve text orientation and design, not the layout for die cutting and not a specific color. All of this information is available on the order she placed as was reiterated to her via the design team. She approved the design for print.

From the inception of this order, Jennifer was in communication with our designer and it was clear that she did not have any understanding of printing, die cutting, how to use photoshop, illustrator or how files should be designed or submitted for printing, least of all, die cutting. Our designer tried to give her information and to help her set up her files accordingly.

One more than one occasion, she stated that she was making changes to her die mold. We believe that the files we printed were to her specifications, but that her die mold that she ordered to do her own die cutting was wrong.

This complaint states:

1) "Our flyers were misprinted with the edges covered in printing from a completely different order."

This is untrue. The files are printed with guidelines. These marks are not from another order.

Her order was printed on its own independent run. These marks are an industry standard. She asked us to print her work with bleed and cut lines. she asked for these specifically.

2)"Our flyers were sloppily cut. Each sheet was much larger than the 11 x 8.5 inches we ordered, making them too big to fit in our custom die." This is untrue. Her files were printed to her specifications with a gripper (space for the die to grab the paper and cut it.) on the border. This is an industry standard and applicable to all die cutting.

This customer designed her die cut mold wrong and it did not align with her printed pieces. 3)"I have yet to receive a straight answer from ClubFlyers about our refund. They offered to have the flyers shipped back to Florida to recut the flyers and remove the defective margins." This is untrue. We offered to cut the printing down to the proper die cut that she needed as a courtesy as this client did not know what she was doing in regards to design and die cutting.

She approved the files and the printing to her specifications and did not order a physical proof of the design. She asked for a PDF proof which is to verify text and design elements, not color, coating or die cutting. She refused the offer of a physical proof. This customer has not been waiting for "weeks" with no communication from us.

We can provide copies of our correspondence with this customer from October 17th, when she contacted our design team with questions before placing an order, through December 11th, when we processed her refund. This client approved all printing work and saw the files and approved them on November 8th. Her exact words were: "Looks great. What is the estimated arrival?" She received her order on November 17th.

The order was timely with her specifications and turnaround time. She sent the email stating the print was too big for her die cutter, on November 20th. As is our customary guidelines for misprints and issues with any order, we suggested solutions and responded to her the same day. She was in communication with our designer from that day onward until November 29th, when the issue was sent to our customer service manager for resolution.

On December 4th, after we surmised that she would not be able to die cut the print she ordered - which was an easy cut to make and could have been accomplished by any experienced printer - we offered to have FedEx pick up the order and ship it back to our company so we could die cut the print ourselves. We have the equipment and the capacity to do this at our professional print facility. She declined that offer on December 6th. She asked for a refund.

Although we tried to work with this client every step of the way, and we offered her many suggestions and solutions, we told her that we were happy to refund her money. On December 11th, we issued a Fed-Ex label to her, so that FedEx could pick up her box and so that she could ship back the product and we could process her refund. We have been in communication with this client since she originally started her ordering process and have been in communication with her the entire time she was dissatisfied with her order. We have followed up and tried to help her and fix the issue with the printing that she approved.

We are sorry that she approved files with a GRIPPER for die cutting and is not up to par with industry standards when it comes to custom die cutting. We have an open door policy when it comes to refunds and complaints and our designers are always available for questions and issues with designing. At no point did we ever ignore this customer or take her payment under false pretenses. We are in the process of refunding her money and she is aware of that as we have an automated system that emails our clients every step of the way.

We are sorry that this customer was dissatisfied with the work and that after we tried to resolve this issue multiple times, she was not receptive or communicative with us. We die cut hundreds of orders every day and have never had an issue being up to the task. We are happy to provide timestamped screencaps of the entire interaction via email that proves we followed this job and communicated with this client every step of the way. We are also happy to provide proof of the refund process.

Since December 11th, this client has been posting negative reviews with altered facts and blatant untruths about this order and her experience. In some, she states that we have been withholding her refund for months. In others, she claims that we have not replied to her. We are happy to provide proof of all communication and records of our response and attention to her requests.

This client clearly ordered the wrong items, designed poorly and did not order the proper die cut mold to suit her project and is now scrambling to assign blame and recoup loses for her mistake. We have since issued this customer a refund and asked that she return the product to our company in Florida. We have issued her a pre-paid label via FedEx in order to facilitate the process. We no longer wish to be harassed by this client, nor do we wish to do business with her, as she is not versed in printing and has ordered the wrong product and now is trying to defame our company with false claims, including this one.

We print thousands of orders a day and die cut hundreds a day and have never been accused of shoddy work or of stealing anyone's money. We communicate with all clients who send in complaints and have issues with their work.

map-marker Staten Island, New York

Clubflyers Flyer Printing Service Review from Staten Island, New York

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If you're ordering from this site BEWARE! In the check out they have a pre-checked box that states that you agree to have their logo/website URL printed on YOUR order. This box was nowhere in site and you certainly wouldn't know if it was there if you weren't looking for it. Even the digital proof presented to you before submitting the order doesn't show not say that their logo will be on your item! Therefore, I received my order of 1,000 printed flyers for MY company with THEIR website printed on it. To top it off, it was RIGHT NEXT TO MY OWN LOGO. Practically ontop of it! How can I hand out flyers to my customers with another company's website only a millimeter to the right of MY logo. The customer service reps were extremely nice however they claimed that majority of their customers WANT to have their logo printed on their material. Do they really expect people to believe that? I wanted a full refund but was only given the option to reorder at a discounted price. I'm extremely disappointed and most likely will never order from here again after receiving this new order.
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Reason of review:
Bad quality

All of our customers are able to opt out of the tagging option when they place their order. It is prominently displayed during the ordering process as a DISCOUNT and every customer can opt out if they choose not to take this discount.

This customer had to manually opt-in to get this discount.

We are not in the business of ripping off our clients and we offer the tagging option at a discount on printing costs. We tried to resolve this issue with this client for HIS error and he was not receptive.


Wow, thanks for the warning!

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map-marker Raleigh, North Carolina

Unusable postcards

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free cards are not free.and the quality is very poor. they are simply free advertising for Clubflyers.com. You are paying for shipping for them to advertise to your clients. When I called the company to speak with customer service, they simply said that is what we do. I should have read the terms before ordering. I will not ever order from them again. I would have no problem is their ad is smaller and still allows you space to use the card. I have better experience wit companies like Vistaprint and Overnightprints. Their products have higher quality at a reasonable price.
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  • Customer service so far
  • Product quality
  • Shipping took
Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Full refund

1 comment

This client ordered FREE Business cards from our site.

The products are free because as stated on the site, we gift one side of the card to the client and we retain the other side of the card as advertising for our company to offset the cost of the free product.

This customer paid only for shipping.

This customer also received a PDF proof of the product before they approved it for printing.

The card and both sides were approved by this client prior to printing.

This client's complaint is that they did not receive a completely free product, but the terms and conditions for said product were stated clearly and approved by this client prior to printing.

October Swf
map-marker Dallas, Texas


I've been doing business with ClubFlyers for about 3 years now. Ordered SEVERAL business card orders, flyers, even banners. ON My last order the print came up really small, when I called and tried to work it out with them I got nothing but excuses from them. Their customer service agent even told me their "proof" is not set up to give you a preview of their work but to make sure you uploaded the right file! Huh? So they DO NOT stand behind their work but are willing to have you re-order? Why would I give you any more of my money or business? Sorry but you LOST this customer, great timing too, I'm about to order print for 5 different campaigns. Your Loss!
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We are sorry you had a negative experience with your order.

We can assure you that we always do everything we can to ensure that your order is correct and that we get you the right products on time.

We invite you to try our services again with a promotional discount.

Please contact us directly at info@***.com.

map-marker Atlanta, Georgia

Club Flyers.com

Club Flyers offers 1000 business cards for the cheapest price I have found on the internet. BUT YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! My order was printed incorrectly. I waited on hold for several hours on at least 3 occasions trying to get through to someone in their "customer service" department. I was asked to send several samples back for them to determine if there was a printing issue and 2 weeks later they decided that they would not reprint my order. I'm not sure if I'm more angry about my order be incorrectly printed or the fact that it's nearly impossible to speak with anyone at this company.
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Clubflyers.com is great.

If you don't proof your artwork, its your fault it was printed wrong.

AND if you DID proof it, and it was printed wrong. I guarantee they reprinted it for no cost.

Anybody reading this should realize there is no explanation about what was printed 'wrong'.

I personally had a colour issue with my business card job. It came out orange, not RED. I showed them my file is CMYK, with 100% Y and 100% M which makes 100% RED, NOT Orange.. and they agreed and re-printed the entire job.

If you can prove they did it wrong, they are not idiots, they will reprint it. IF they got it wrong, they fix it. I totally respect this company for doing just that. NOW I will say, they were not easy going about it.. And did want proof. But of course they do!! Otherwise every complaint would be a reprint and they would no longer be printing at such great prices.

I give them 95% in my book

Although, they do need to seriously colour check their print setup. As the ORANGE has been creeping back in again.

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