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How It Works

  • 1. Register

    You become a member of the PissedConsumer club. The monthly fee is $9.99

  • 2. Tell us your concern

    You share your issue with us or ask a question

  • 3. Receive guidelines

    We provide you with tips on how to resolve your issue or necessary information corresponding to your request

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Personalized Expert Consultation

Consultation fee is $150/hour

You can describe your consumer issue to our experts and receive guidance with practical steps on how to resolve it. This service allows you to convey your concerns directly during the call, significantly reducing back-and-forth communications, saving you time, and eliminating the need to search for solutions on your own.

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Additional Services

  • Write effective complaint letters

    Request templates that will assist you in composing complaint letters to a company, explaining your consumer problem, and working towards a resolution.

  • Record interview

    Give voice to your problem by participating in a video interview with a PissedConsumer reporter and gain public visibility for your issue.

  • Class action

    If you want to take your issue with a company further to a class action lawsuit but don’t know what steps to take next, fill out the form and the legal experts will review your case.

  • Smart consumer tips

    Afraid of scams? Download our checklists on how to be a smart consumer and learn what to watch out for.

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  • What is is an online review and reputation management platform made for consumers who seek a place to share their purchase experiences, and for companies that need help to improve their reputation and customer service processes.

  • How does the PissedConsumer Club work?

    We try to make your communication process as easy as possible. You start by registering, making a payment, and receiving a confirmation email, thus officially becoming a club member. Next, you select the necessary service. Our experts then offer you practical guidelines, templates, and tips so you can further address your issue with a company.

    *Please note that doesn’t contact a company personally or on your behalf. We provide you with the best templates, instructions, and suggestions on how you can resolve the issue further with a company.

  • How much does the PissedConsumer Club membership cost?

    You can become a member of the PissedConsumer Club at a recurring monthly fee of $9.99.

  • How do I cancel my club membership?

    You can cancel your club membership at any time. We don’t charge any cancellation fee.

  • What if I have more questions?

    We’re always here to help you. You can contact us via e-mail at