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I then went to six different stores in my town, looking for pure steam distilled water, and at the first five stores, their labels were not clear as to what processes had been used to distill the water. Dollar General Market was the 6th store and my last one before having to go to another town. I found Clover Valley and the label looked good, so I bought a jug, took it home and made a batch of colloidal silver. I was relieved to see that this...
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  • Great quality distilled water
So, My family buys some of your products because these days they are some of the cheapest and its actually a good product. We buy Clover Valley water CONSTANTLY. About twice a week . 32 package at a time. The last few times I have purchased your water there have been a few bottles with pinholes, slits(that looks like it come from a box cutter) or punctured holes. I dont like spending hard earned money on your products then get home to realize...
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Ok....i live in the United States and in Louisville Kentucky to ne exact...i regularly shop at Family Dollar store to purchase my water...i buy your water...plain purified water...with this batch of water, everytime i open one it has a gassy if gas was pumped into me this is most unhealthy and should be pulled off the shelves.....not good!.
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Anonymous Drink it and die already

Clover Valley Purified Bottled Water Review

I purchased four 24 bottle units of water and each one of them had holes in most of the bottles which resulted in a two thirds of 100% of purchased paid.How can I get additional bottles for the ones lost ?