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Dec 10 2016 stated date on bag. I usually buy 4 at a time. this time they were very stale. i even went to another store. It was the same date as well. I waited the next shipment of january. they were stale but not to the extent of the decembers. what is going on? I really like these. i bought them at General Dollar. I eat them all the time. you can email me at I hate it when things i like no longer is being made or the...
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Anonymous So you buying *** at the Dollar General and are complaining about it SMDH


h.kitchener Never heard of that brand but you might try to find it in another store and see what the expiration date is on theirs. Often, dollar stores and similar will buy manufacturer's...

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I don't think anyone wants genetically engineered produced foods.This warning should have been on the FRONT of the bag. I would have not purchased this product had I seen this first. Why do I need at least 100 words. I believe I got my point across. I shop DG all the time and alot of your products are decent. But I'm not happy trying to come up with 100 words! Seriously?words words words words words words words words words words words words...
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