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Scammer/Fraud in play

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the staff is full middle aged uneducated indian women who has no knowledge of computers and manners

Original review Dec 18, 2014
if you are an international student and fresh pass out, do not go to this company....they are untalented group of people who are covering each other inefficiencies....if u r taking business analyst training with them then believe me you will never get the job in your life....pooja singh the trainer does not know abcd of business....he is teaching very old lessons which are not being asked in any interview....if you are learning sql, then again your chances of getting the job are 1 in 100 since the guy teaching sql is out of touch and the students know much better than him and all the students getting the job in sql are primarily who are studying themselves and applying by themselves...the accommodation provided is one of the worst in the world. the students generally are punished to sit in certain places in the complex and they are not supposed to sit or talk in many places. the rooms are dirty and do not have light so studying is very difficult....they are very racist...generally the students from south india are getting because of race preference....sometimes you will find their own family members in the student group.....it is total mess.... moreover i came to know they are under scrutiny by the police for illegal immigration....the neighborhood people are also not cooperating with these because of bad attitude... do not spoil your career so never go there...
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: close the door and leave the student career for a better tomorrow


I would like to talk to you about this. I am a reporter writing about these issues.

Can you please email me at jeff.elder(at)wsj.com ? Here is my bio:



How much fraud in millions did Adesh Tyagi and Aditi Aswani a.k.a Aditi Grossman scam? This looks like a Bonnie and Clyde story.

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Domenik Elq
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Cloudeeva is a complete scam, fraud and the worst consulting company on earth. Here is a list of my observations: 1) TOTALLY DISHONEST- This is a very dishonest company where they lie about everything- right from the number of years of work experience on resumes, to the year of birth of the candidates (in order to accommodate the 7 years of work experience they claim the candidates have), and about your travel reimbursement. The candidates are forced to fake about their resumes. We were forced to prepare a resume with 7 years of experience that we didn't have and with projects and companies that we never have worked with. So, EVERY TRAINEE who interviews with vendors and clients for BI project has a fake resume. Be prepared to lie about everything once you join this company. Everything here is FAKED FAKED and FAKED! 2) WORST RECRUITERS WITH HORRIBLE WORK VALUES AND POOR COMMUNICATION SKIILS- The recruiting team is the worst here- Team of inexperienced recruiters with very poor communication and interpersonal skills. They will always be on top of our head, dictating us as to what we can do and what we cannot do. They make you feel suffocated and leave you with little liberty to do things your away, even personal things that you pursue after working hours. They almost interfere in every aspect of your life. For example, when a friend of mine had to go on a hospital appointment, the recruiter ordered him that he cannot go on personal work even though it is after working hours of 6 pm. How ridiculous is that! 3) TOO MUCH STRESS- There was another instance when I was called into the meeting room to discuss my personal habits. A couple of us friends hung out on a Tuesday evening and had very few couple of beers. The next day my recruiter called me into her cabin to advise me to not drink on weekdays. I was completely taken aback that I had to sit and discuss my personal life with her. Why does she have to advise me about what I can do or cannot do? My personal life hasn't affected my professional decorum in anyway, then why?! 4) BANKRUPTCY- Biggest issue going on right now is their bankruptcy. They filed bankruptcy in July but they did a great job of hiding from all the trainees. Once this news was out, almost 90% of the trainees left this company to pursue better opportunities. News is that all the current trainees have received legal notice warning about cloudeeva's bankruptcy which did scare a lot of the new trainees. 5) LACK OF PROJECTS AND LATE SALARY PAYMENTS- They are out of money and all the salaries and other payments are being delayed. Many friends of mine have complained that they didn't receive their travel reimbursement even after a year they joined. Due to the bankruptcy issue, now they aren't even getting any projects either. I know more than 10 people who have completed their Business Analyst and Business Intelligence training and who have been on bench since May (6 months).They completely neglect the people once they complete the training. 6) TAKE MONEY FROM YOU AND CHEAT PEOPLE- They have the culture of taking money under the name of refundable deposit and not returning them even after months and years of training. Our travel expenses that we incurred to travel to other states like Texas, California to take vendor interviews haven't been reimbursed. I had to beg them to return my money, even after which my recruiter didn't pay any attention to my request. A couple of us who were travelling to other places on personal trips had to pay $500 deposit in order for them to allow us to take a leave. They haven't reimbursed the money even today. We all still have the email threads as a proof where they asked us to put down the deposit without which they wouldn't grant us the leave. Shame on them! 7) USELESS MARKETING TEAM- Bunch of useless , incompetent people who do a horrible job in bringing job requirements and interviews for candidates. There was an incident where the marketer I was working with suddenly called me to say I have an interview in the next 10 minutes and yet they didn't give me the job description. Are they crazy? They schedule interviews for us and don't intimate us or atleast send us the job requirement. Just to get more vendors work with them, they even lied that I had cognos and VB experience when I had none. Because of this, I was left totally clueless in an interview when the interviewer asked me everything about cognos and informatica. In addition to that, they were so slow and not motivated at all. I used to get just 2-3 job requirements per week and just 1 interview scheduled for every 2 weeks. What are you guys doing? Get projects for us! We didn't work so hard just to sit on bench without interviews for months together. Advice to Management - ADESH TYAGI (CEO AND SCAM KINGPIN), MIKE RUPANI, MARK VITCOV, ROBERT KALETA, SEAN PIMENTA AND SCAM SECRETARY ADITI ASWANI A.K.A ADITI GROSSMAN Employ recruiters who have minimum work values and decent communication skills. Dear recruiters, get a life please! Constantly calling candidates day and night to scrutinize their every move and step isn't what the job of recruiter is. Learn to be more professional. Resolve all your financial issues first before you recruit so many people to get trained. Start paying your employees on time. Delaying their payments for weeks and months isn't how a company should function. Stop taking money from trainees. Treat people like your assets. Don't always go after money. Value people too. Train your marketing team to be aggressive. The marketing team lacks motivation. I for one, had worked so hard, waited on the bench for 6 months as the marketing team slacked in their work and did a horrible job in marketing my profile. I finally waited and waited and waited before I left to pursue job opportunities on my own. Marketing team, please wake up from your slumber and start doing your job. I just don't know how the senior management recruited a bunch of incompetent people to market our resumes.
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Currently this company working under another name in San Ramon - Cloudarity INC. and also they have office in Gurgaon, India - Cloudarity India Pvt.


Don't apply any fresh H1b visa with this company, they take visa money from you and will not provide you any document which proves whether they file your H1b in yearly quota or not and also return your pending money after a year. No need to mentioned how many mails or follow up you have to do to get back your own money.


he is a thief and was in jail in California for cheating an elderly man


*** they changed their company name so many times from SA America to Bartronics to Cloudeeva. What's the next name after bankruptcy.

I went to cloudeeva took their training for SQL Development. When I was in the market got a job from a big client and the vendor offered me $80 an hour to jump on board with them.

That's when I told cloudeeva I need to visit my family and never came back. Best move I ever made.


Adesh Tyagi is a fraud, cheat and liar. Bought Bartronics good company and changed name to Cloudeeva.

Made cheap wordpress website of Cloudeeva. Started annoucing all fake press releases so that price of shares goes up so he could sell. This is called pump and dump scheme. This is illegal.

Aditi Ashwani Grossman must be arrested too for pump and dump scheme. Adesh Tyagi should get 50 years in prison for stock market manipulation.


Adesh Tyagi = 420 Chor

Aditi Grossman (Aswani) = Chor Randdi



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Ernestene Isl
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Cloudeeva scam and bankruptcy

I found that Cloudeeva filed bankruptcy. Adesh Tyagi is a ***-man. Search the internet and you will find many scame and frauds by that person. Cloudeeva was surely a scam from the start. All the directors Adesh Tyagi, Mike Rupani, Robert Kaleta, Mark Vitcov, Sean Pimenta and Aditi Grossman were part of the scam. The scam was to write and leak sensational press releases and pay unscrupulous websites release the press releases on the internet so that people will believe the lies and buy the stock while Cloudeeva people sold the shares and made millions. Now Adesh Tyagi has started another scam called Systems America http://www.systemsamerica.com/ FBI please investigate Adesh Tyagi.
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Tyagi has moved, I need to find this career criminal and his friend Ranni Hillyer please help me


I am suing Tyagi and Systems America, and need to find other victims. He was just sentenced to a very short prison term (weekends in a "halfway house" in Oakland CA, for the crime (one count) of Stock Fraud...He is a carrier Criminal and found guilty of embezzling over $4,000,000 from an "elderly person" in San Jose, CA. He plead guilty to Stock Fraud in a SEC civil case and got a $290,000 fine, The government said that the case was "too complex and time consuming" (quote by US attorney and parroted by Judge Selna at the sentencing hearing) to find the victims, even though I was standing there in court...so now is the time to sue this guy, and I would welcome any testimony from any victims of any of his crimes ...please contact robertooroark@***.com


This guy came from bits pilani by manipulating his transcript. He has done so many fraud from school time itself.


Adesh Tyagi to bada chor hai. Sabko topi pehenke unhone bahut paisa banaya.

Aditi Grossman ko bhi chodna math.

Woh uski randdi thi.



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Yanet Sqc
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I agree that Adesh Tyagi is the worst crook and criminal. I am convinced that Cloudeeva was a pump and dump scheme. Every so often Aditi Aswani and Adesh would create press releases to fool the public and buy SYAI shares while they dumped. Everything about Cloudeeva was a fraud. Do a google search and you will find that Adesh Tyagi is a professional cheat and has previously been charged with criminal cheating people of their money. You will also find he pays stock pump websites to pump up the stock. Adesh Tyagi and Aditi Aswani probably dumped SYAI shares while we poor employees were suffering non payment of salaries, Aditi Aswani and Adesh Tyagi made millions. This guy should be in prison. Robert Kaleta, Mark Victov and Sean Pimenta should also go to jail. All of them are cheats. Poor employees are suffering. FRAUD, FRAUD, FRAUD.
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Don't think of this company, very worst experience. It is dumped with liars and unprofessional people.



Aditi Aswani changed her name to Aditi Grossman to hide scam of Adesh Tyagi pump and dump share scheme.




I agree with your opinion. Adesh Tyagi, Aditi Ashwani, Mike Rupani, Robert Kaleta, Mark Vitcov and Sean Pimenta should be rounded up and sent to prison.

The prison where the most dangerous criminals are housed. They should be sent to the prisons on this list: http://blog.arrestrecords.com/the-28-most-dangerous-prisons-in-america/

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Natalee Djq

Cloudeeva Bankrupty

Cloudeeva Inc, has filed bankruptcy on July 21st and I was always feared about my payments from the company. I thought this payroll on August 15th for July 2014 will be litmus test for the company’s performance. As expected my fears became true as I was supposed to get direct deposit on Friday 15th of August 8 AM the deposit in my bank as usual and it never showed, when I tried to reach the company no one is answering, when I tried to reach Mr. Sean Pimenta who is the one who cares for employees and most of the employees trust him as HR Vice president who is no longer with the company as per their website. It looks like the current management is jokers who don’t know how to run company, now blaming nation’s biggest bank for their faults. God bless Cloudeeva Inc. I told you as mentioned above these guys are real jokers, first they said it is a bank mistake not they are saying they processed with wrong amount as one employee payroll get received by other. Shawn
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