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ClickPoint Software sells Vaporware and Bad Service

Clickpoint Software CEO Gabe We have had a sad and disappointing experience with ClickPoint Software going from gung ho to totally ineffective and non-communicative. We reached out to ClickPoint Software to become our fulfillment for lead delivery. They were gung ho to work with us. We provided the documentation and API paperwork of our prime client prior to executing the agreement so they were well aware of our needs. Upon receiving their anticipated SOW we pushed back stating that we thought their SOW was too aggressive for accomplishing the needful work, given our experience. They stated they had done the work before, were experienced and stood by the estimation, thus we executed based on their background. It has failed thus far multiple times. They have not lived up to the experience promise and are currently 8 weeks late on a 3 week job on the SOW and they now want a change order with increased price for their failure. The agreed upon price was 2x the posted amount because we knew the work was substantial and we forewarned this as a partner. On top of this we shared that every day late is costing us lost revenues by being down and impacting clients, affiliates and us. This appears to have fallen on deaf ears. We asked for daily 5 min status calls or project emails of status and an ETA for delivery and go live. They cannot remember to accomplish the emails or status calls and do not return calls. Having been asked 3x times to estimate ETA for delivery and go live, they cannot. The estimated delivery and go live can allow our tech team to sync up. On top of this they only will meet between a 9-5 day so our off shored tech team has difficulty and they will not compromise for evening meeting or phone/skype sync up with them. In sum: 1) They appear to have a great product. 2) The CEO is enthusiastic and says the correct things re service and support prior to agreement. No so after executed agreement. 3) They write an aggressive SOW, and price within the average market space 4) They state they have experience with complex API issues. 5) They have some top tier clients posted, albeit few in the edu lead gen space 6) They fail with customer service 7) They fail with communication 8) They fail with preparing the customer 9) They fail with partnering for off shore dev teams 10) They fail with managing projects, being accountable and customer fulfillment 11) They fail on meeting deadlines (even when set by their teams; 3 x times) 12) They fail miserably to consider the customer's business needs and seem to not care for the impact with clients, affiliate relationships or the customers' business continuity. 13) They fail to get the customer prepared for implementation, have little or no written materials for implementation (we have requested multiple times without success) and 14) They fail in helping the customer to build confidence and faith in their Org. 15) They have not responded with truthfulness and honesty in actions. 16) They will not respond when a difficult discussion need occur, they refuse to follow up or communicate. Knowing what we know now, we would NOT have agreed to work with this business. We would have paid more for a lessor product to get the service and commitment needed rather than work with this business. They don't care and don't follow through with their agreed upon contracted obligations and will not communicate when addressed with them. In fact, this is a direct quote of the opening email line from the CEO, Gabe as to why he would not return calls or emails until we threatened further action – "The reason why I haven't responded to your e-mails is because I don't answer to you." I am a contracted customer! We had to threaten to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and have our attorney draft a letter to send before he would respond. I post this negative response online to ensure that other companies are not harmed by this company and the people within. We have paid more for the product now with a competitor as a result and thus far have been pleased with the competitor. Justin PD Marketing, LLC
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ClickPoint has been in been business since 2005 without a single BBB complaint. We feel this shows an excellent track record.

ClickPoint has 18 employees, is growing rapidly, and serves an extensive list of enterprise clients. Enterprise clients have very demanding SLA’s and wouldn’t conduct business with a company that could not meet them. ClickPoint’s SLA’s are acceded and their uptime is posted on their website for the world to see. They also post live updates about server migrations to solutions like Microsoft Azure, where they now host their software solutions in a high availability and scalable environment.

Our support team also sends out customer satisfaction surveys and scores regularly 4.95 out of 5. In addition, ClickPoint was named in 2013 and 2014 as the number one lead distribution provider by Lead Council. The voting is cast by industry peers and customers.

ClickPoint also provides free trials of both products so you can experience the support, software, and service first hand.

If you would like to read the overwhelmingly positive reviews posted on Capterra or similar sites from our clients, and not by anonymous posters, you can check them out here:


I have also had similar troubles with this company. Great Software that rarely functions as advertised.

I have remained loyal to this company awaiting promises of more stable web-based version, and a Lead Buyer/Lead Seller Referral Marketplace.

Neither have happened in over a year. This company talks the talk, but crawls the walk.

Broken Delivery Service, Lacking Support (this company only has a total of 5-6 actual employees),constant outages and a very suspect SLA.

-David (March, 2014)


Agreed their service and software is below average. There is constantly something wrong with it.

Poor software , poor service. This company will cost you money if you are a large publisher and you will have issues all of the time delivering leads to your clients.


Mr. Buck, CEO of ClickPoint, thank you for the attention and suddenly rapid responses to communication now that the issue is public and we are making a footprint into your online reputation. Yes, the price contracted to perform the estimated work by your company was $1500; double the posted price on your website for the solution. We requested and received a SOW from ClickPoint with estimations for the project for specific reasons. No changes to the contracted project were requested, contrary to what you allude. We know the effort and complexity of the problem and wanted to ensure that all parties were aware prior to engaging. In fact, we sent internal confidential materials needed to do the estimation prior to enable the SOW to be developed. It appears that they were not read, nor was there a reference to the API in question to verify the work effort it seems. We questioned this, but ultimately left it to the experts for statement of effort; ClickPoint. This is why we agreed to pay double the posted price for the solution.

You state, “After the customizations were complete on our end, the EDU company would not allow their lead capture form to work in the way Mr. Smith would like it to” yet you never delivered a working product, nor were you able to provide a “working test lead” to reengineer back to for the RFI form, nor were you willing to sync up with our (off shore) tech team, or the client – which we had requested. We even inquired specifically had you done such an integration previously? Yes, was the response from ClickPoint. We inquired if you have current customers with the major edu client, Again, yes, was the response from ClickPoint. Both of these do not appear to be on target. We should have taken the extra step of asking for the name and contacts of these clients of yours, then inquired with them how they are configured and the process that was used with their company. We did not and this is our failure.

You state that ClickPoint Software has such and such a reputation within the industry. I would agree that yes, you do have a reputation within certain segments of the lead gen industry. I cannot state for obvious reasons that blanket statement across all verticals of the industry. The issue seems to be that we were working to develop a solution for this very specific vertical of lead gen and you portrayed yourselves as having that competency. It did not meet itself out in our case. I do believe you have a good product for another portion of the lead gen industry; it just appears not in this engagement. As for service, I will reserve my opinion as we clearly have a difference in expectations and strongly have a difference in views on service.





ClickPoint Software would like to offer Mr. Smith a sincere apology for his recent experience with our company. WOW Service is one our core values at ClickPoint Software, and we regret that Mr. Smith had a negative experience. A customer upset is an opportunity for us at ClickPoint to do our best and learn from the situation.

The price that Mr. Smith and ClickPoint agreed upon for 26 hours of custom work was $1,500. He was also charged $500 for the month of October. We refunded Mr. Smith October’s fee immediately. We also refunded $1,000 of Mr. Smith’s setup fee. Our development and support teams spent well over 80 hours assisting Mr. Smith. Our contract states that the setup fee is non-refundable, as the setup fee covers developer and support team hours spent configuring the software. ClickPoint decided to give Mr. Smith a refund for all of his custom requests and monthly service fees in hopes of resolving any outstanding issues.

The service Mr. Smith requested was for our software to work with a third party provider lead capture form. This company is a well-known Education Lead Generation company. After the customizations were complete our end, the EDU company would not allow their lead capture form to work in the way Mr. Smith would like it to. We offered Mr. Smith our industry expertise to assist him with what the EDU company ultimately required. The project was delayed as we tried every possible avenue to help Mr. Smith with other options, but in the end, he did not want to continue. We wish there was more we could have done, but there are limits to what can be done from the ClickPoint side given the request for this particular customization. We informed Mr. Smith that the customization ultimately would not work using our API, and that he needed to do the customizations required to make this work on his lead capture form, with his web development team.

We wish Mr. Smith the best of luck with his business and we hope he is able to successfully complete his project. Unfortunately our hands were tied, and we regret that our relationship with Mr. Smith could not continue.

ClickPoint Software has an excellent reputation in the Lead Distribution and Lead Generation industry. We consider service a top priority at ClickPoint Software. The positive reviews we get from our fortune 500 clients and also our many lead generation companies that license our software is one of the primary reasons we continue to grow.

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