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We traveled from Florida to the Cleveland Clinic. We did all things right, so we thought. We hired a Medical Advocate who contacted Doctor Jaegar's office in advance to ensure that our week long visit to the Clinic would be fruitful. We sent confirming fax letter with medical information to his office. We were lead to believe before we arrived that I would have a diagnosis when I left. When we arrived, the Doctor had not even looked at the...
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Anonymous The Clinic is all marketing and no substance.
Leapfrog's “New Safety Report Card Alarms Hospitals” ranked Cleveland Clinic in 2012 with a "barely passing" D rating for sa...

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Dr.Niebauer explained the procedures they were going to do on my heart including pictures of what he wanted to accomplish. He all the questions my wife and I had about the procedure.. He was so good the first procedure that I have been back for other heart issues and trust him completely. I still use Dr Niebauer today. Each procedure was completely explained so both I and my wife knew what to expect. The Doctor Niebauer is one of the main...
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