Koffey F
map-marker Dallas, Texas

Can't call them to find out where my money is

I had used and still have current orders with Clearitonline. Until this instance I have been fairly happy with their service. But my current issue is making me reconsider using them again. I placed an order on 31/05/12 for a total of $165.90. I noted that the funds had been charged to my account, however I hadn't received my usual invoice. After a day of no invoice, I sent a follow up email to sales@***e. No response. Since that day I have placed two extra orders which have all gone smoothly. But despite two more emails regarding my original order, still no response. Of course I tried calling- several times, phone continues to ring and has rung out. Not once have I been able to talk to anyone. Over two weeks since I placed the order, I still haven't received any contact from the company however I am still $165 short! I want to know why did they charge the account if they hadn't processed the order??? Disappointed.
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Update: All sorted! I finally managed to talk to someone and she was helpful and friendly

map-marker Brisbane, Queensland

Clear it online has not given me my credits

I purchased from the CLEAR IT ONLINE website in Oct 2011 and was given a credit of $368 cause of my returns but when I went to use it on my next purchase it did not work. I paid the full amount of next purchase and emailed them but no respond. So I though that ok as credit was still there. I returned some of the items from the 2nd purchase and still no reply so again I thought that ok credit $ would just be there on my next purchase. On the 3rd purchase there was a 75%discount so I went and purchase more items and when all these credit vouchers did not work I had no choice but pay for the new purchases as it was 2am in the morning. When I went to contact them website was down and phone line was not answered for nearly 2 months as their website went into overdrive due to the 75%discount. I did not follow this up as I then went on holiday for 1 month. My 4th purchase was returned and again shortly after website ad phone was out of action. After numerous attempts they acknowledged return but still no credit vouchers or reply. I have been in constant contacts with since March 2012 and was told that all the old staff have gone and that tis was a new team and it was hard to track returns. This is not my problem as business name has not changed and there MUST be a record as they have acknowledged some of the returns so where are the rest. I have been told everyday that issue would be resolve for nearly 2 weeks now and I HAVE TO CALL THEM NOT THEIR CALL ME. Due to a busy schedule with work and kids most of my shopping are done online after midnight I purchase from many website and have had excellent service but NEVER BUY FROM CLEAR IT ONLINE (FACTORY X VICTORIA) AS THEY DO NOT GIVE YOU BACK CREDITS FOR YOUR RETURN so I will have no choice but go to Consumer affairs and take legal action as I have tracking records of parcel returned.
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Hi all I was the on that posted the bad review please let me know if anyone have had the same kind of bad service by this website. Thanks

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