Teresa Irz
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Consultancy services

The services provided by clear debt solutions are purely consultancy. After the file is submitted to the Trustee, the debtor " swears and signs under oath that all the information provided is true to his knowledge" If the information in the file provided or in the file is differs, the debtor should get it corrected before he signs the documents. Further, a copy of all the documents are mailed to all the creditors and a copy is also sent to the debtor (by law) for the debtor to check the details and get it corrected. The reason for mailing the hard copy to the debtor is check any discrepancy and get it corrected within 45 days after signing the proposal or bankruptcy. After this stage the court approves the process as accepted by all. caking a claim after a year and holding the consultant responsible after a year is just ridiculous and unacceptable.
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Clear Debt Solutions refuses to be helpful once customers use their services

I used Clear Debt Solutions in 2010 and paid $1000 for their services. I met wit the Sid Peddinti who was very helpful but it's Peter his father that needs customer service training. Now 2yrs later I recieved a letter from the trustee that handled my file and I noticed and error so I wanted a copy of my file of the original provided to CDS to compare with the submissions to the trustee and my copy and they refuse to help. Instead, I'm asked a million questions and because its 2yrs later I shouldn't worry when all I want is a simple fax. I guess once they get your money and pass of your file they don't have to assist you further.
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Clear debt Solutions provides consultancy services in insolvency process like Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposals. After assessing the financial situation of its customers, we provide "credit Counsellor services" and forward them to the trustee.

The debtor signs under oath that all the information provided is true to their knowledge and a copy of all signed documents are mailed to all the creditors including to the debtor for review for any errors or mistakes. The Debtor has 45 days time to get back for any discrepancy in the file. The job of the "credit counsellor" in this case Clear Debt Solutions ceases after signing the documents.

If the Debtor comes back after such a long time and having paid the proposal payments for 12 months, there is nothing much anyone, except withdrawing the proposal or filing for an amendment (which all the creditors need to accept again), almost like refilling a proposal. it is unreasonable to blame anyone after 12 months of signing the documents "under oath".