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response to my review that they took 1000.00 deposit during first visit{consultation} . they have reversed the charges .I got my $1000.00 BACK thank you Pissed Consumer ,can't help thinking that this site helped in my positive outcome. I see the many slam's against...
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I see it only took 3 days to get your money back. So now that they refunded your money, how would you rate their performance?

I had my first visit ,lasted 2 hours had quick tour of operation x-ray of my upper jaw { area to be repaired at the end of my consultation was asked to pay the full amount of 30,000 for the repairs . I told them I didn't have that much money with me . they informed me...
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I didn't like
  • Deciete
My husband and I had a amazing experience there. We met with a lovely consultant named Flo and she just absolutely took the fear and anxiety out of the whole process....seriously, my husband refused to talk to her in the beginning as he is a stubborn wallet clincher,...
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I liked
  • I loved how they remembered my name and who i was
  • Staff
  • Smile
The lady who interviewed me told me the upper would cost $28,000. I asked her if they could just implant 4 teeth. She said no, it had to be a complete plate. I told her I couldn't afford it. She said I should do it because other places charge as much as $150,000.00....
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I just recently knew about this website from a friend who was scared to go because all these bad reviews. I am a current patient in the Southfield office, had 2 implants and a...

Jaelessa Current Patient

Actually - The Doctor there IS a classic rock/ heavy metal's judging who now?

I didn't like
  • Were dishonest

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