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I had 4 top implants in 2014 and 4 years later I was still going in every few weeks for adjustments that never worked. I went for outside consultations and each Dr. found something wrong. I had an extensive exam with xrays, ct scan, panoramic view and brought back to...
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Eugene B. 1

Thank you for confirming what I felt during my consultation with CC this morning - that something just wasn’t right. They want to yank all of my 18 remaining teeth (most of th...


I'm so sorry this happened to you... I need some dental work but I immediately don't trust a business that advertises that much. That's definitely a red flag that they're more...

I didn't like
  • Inability to take full responsibility for damages
  • Customer service and workmanship
  • Nasty doctor
when my wife and i first came to clear choice we had great expectations staff was very professional and nice and they told us that it will be 5 sessions, but as procedure went on time where changed and it affected me in big ways because i am from the Bahamas ,i have to...
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I liked
  • I loved feeling welcome
I didn't like
  • Flipper was uncomfortable and product was not right
My husband died because of repeated complications with such a drastic removal of teeth all at once. He was only 59 and in good health and an executive in Miami Fl. I live in Overland Park Kansas now with my son since my husbands death 4 months ago, oh how he suffered....
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Wow. You claim your husband died from a treatment that thousands go through every year and that’s the fault of the medical provider? Do you treat everything in your life with ...


Please explain in more detail. I’m sorry to ask that from you, but I am terrified for my husband that had his done on January 30th. He is in so much pain. One of the implants ...

I didn't like
  • Husband died only 59 yrs old
The staff at Clear Choice in Ft Lauderdale were wonderful. I went back on 7/11/17 to have a post inserted and another tooth pulled. The so far is fine, but the final implants are not done. Even though they are more expensive than other places I went there because of...
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Clear choice promotes that you can have everything done in one visit. I started in February 2015 and it is now February 2016 and I still have crowns pending. Making appointments is the most painful part of the process. Once you get in they do their job fast and good....
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I liked
  • Dentists
For those of you who have always had bad teeth and were told you needed dentures you will understand this review. I could not do dentures. It was not just the expense of the adhesive and cleaning supplies, it was that I could not see myself going to bed without...
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I liked
  • Staff
  • Dental doctors
I had visited the Fort Lauderdale location a month ago to get a consultation for implants knowing it was going to cost allot of money. I filled out the new patient forms and waited over an hour to see the specialist. There was a power failure in the area which is...
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Don't ass_u_me. They don't read minds. Let them know you are there WHEN you walk in!

I didn't like
  • Costomer service

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