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Clear Choice - "Clearly" a SCAM!! please believe these stories
Clear Choice - "Clearly" a SCAM!! please believe these stories
they do not provide you what they promise as someone mentioned before they treat you like a celebrity until they get your money notice that none of them at the office have the same procedure done do not at any cost let them pull your teeth do what you can to save your...
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I too am a pussed of customer from clear choice, I left before they got my entire 5ok but I want ppl to know don’t bother n go to K1implaints in Ohio or there is one in Wa, an...


I too made the same mistake. Ive aged 10 years in a few months. They put the wrong screws in 2 implants Luckily the jerk refused to finish the job. No doubt he would have cove...


Clear Choice - Argh!

I am so tired of their tv ads that I change the channel immediately.
My story is similar to others i have read. The right side of my mouth with the implants goes outwards in my jaw. While the left side goes towards the right side. I kept bitting my tauge. I keep getting small pills and tick tacks caught between the implants and gums . I...
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Clear Choice - Total misrepresented. Was told to bite into an apple afterwards they told me what I had was temporary at the cost of 32,000.and then the doctor told me for a 15000 more I could get zirconia which woul

This happened at the Phoenix Arizona location. I had my implants in 2018.I paid them $32,000 for what they said would be permanent teeth and enable me to eat what I wanted. My follow-up appointment for months later they told me that I would have to have zirconia teeth and they cost $15,000 more. They told me none of this at my consult and kept all this information from me.needless to say very disappointed in the company and I would not recommend that company to anyone.
After reading about other peoples issues with the Clear Choice warranty I had to write a comment. I was surprised as others were when I went in for another broken tooth that there was only a 5 year warranty on the work done. My warranty just expired but they are now...
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Clear Choice - Stop calling

stop robo calls stop stop
In December I went for it despite the high price tag. I am in process, So far, so good, they have delivered on most all that was promised. Staff was courteous, respectful, and I will be getting my finals later on. Recognition in particular to a young lady who made all...
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Clear Choice - Cost is outrageous why don't you talk about that white people don't come in to do it

Why don't you talk about the cost of it

Clear Choice - No refund

We call before appoiment & cancel they charge $ 12,000 up front & i cant get my money back. They did no work.

Clear Choice - Expensive

My daughter consulted them about dental implants. Price $51,000 . My daughter was a marine and now a paramedic. How can an average even begin to afford this even with a payment plan. We have put thousands of dollars into her mouth over the years. Severely ill when she was young antibiotics destroyed her teeth. NOT AFFORDABLE

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I had the implant surgery for both upper and bottom and was told that these new teeth would be at least 5X times stronger than my original teeth. I had both sides of my bottom teeth separate and break off from the last post. When I had the procedure the closet office...
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