New Reviewer a ripoff, is not compete software for janitorial bidding

I don't want to really put down but I have to make these comments about simply because the price is just not worth what you get compared to other online tools or software programs for janitorial bidding because online program is outrageously expensive as it lacks so many things. The cleaning business industry is just getting by these economic times but if you don't have the extra money to spend $49.00 a month, don't waste your money in my opinion as you maybe be wanting more than what they will give you which in my opinion is not enough to when you have to have more tools of info to be bidding on janitorial jobs. If you have money to throw away then purchase it but you will need to look into other programs as Cleanbid does not cover anything more than janitorial proposals, that�s all you get with them. It is helpful in some way but it lacks so much that they do not include in the program. Remember, this is not a program; it is only an online feature that you pay $49.00 each month. There is no opening letters, ideas how to bid on jobs, cover letters, brochures and etc things you need for a janitorial business. If you need the tools to bid and have a cleaning business, I would recommend Janitors Edge more as they are $69.00 onetime fee only. I mean you get everything as I bought this program 6 years ago and I still use it today. I used Cleanbid for a couple of months and they closed the account the 31st day used I stop payment at the end of the month. They want too much for something that lacks so much than just a proposal kit. You need more. It is not a small fee, it is $49.00 a month, total ripoff. I will say it does work but it didn't get me any jobs than any other program out there. This is not the kind of online help you should be spending your hard earned money on when you have to compete with janitorial companies and illegal aliens on every job you experience, as there are so much low bidding wars out there throughout the United States, I would certainty try to think of other ways than spending over $49.00 a month on a online program, is fat out expensive. I know the makers of Cleanbid have tried to make it easier to make a solution to bidding on janitorial jobs and I credit them for there time but not at $49.00 a month. When I used the online program, there was so much it could not do for me and that is not worth it. Hopefully they will come to some sort of answer and make it for a final sale for the program or a lifetime fee waived. They need to make the online program more affordable and at least fix all the things it is missing too. I have used the Janitors Edge vice versa as they offer so much more than does. Also Janbid is another program many claim is cheaper and better too. Clean Guru
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I can't believe anyone can be so shortsighted and so lacking in business sense to not see the value in a program like this. Yes, $49 (or even $29) is expensive if you're quoting one job a month and not winning it.

If that's the case you should be in business, let alone buying software. If you spend $40 on an ad and you win one job a month is that a pathetic conversion rate? Probably. If you are bidding on $80 a week jobs well, good luck and have fun thinking small.

On the other hand if you're bidding on $1500 - $2000 a month jobs this is a no brainer...even more so if you go up another level and win windows or carpets. TP is spot on and well done Tony Dietsch for explaining what should be blindingly obvious


If you all cannot afford 60-70 dollars per month

you should leave running your own biz alone


If you all cannot afford 60-70 dollars per month

you should leave running your own biz alone


Great Software. the way of thinking of Tim the guy who started this subject, it;s all about expend MONEY.

and the way he referred to illegal aliens, I bet you his company in is majority is Hispanic at $5 per hour. and thats really ashamed.

Come on!! let's be realistic this program it pays by itself if you change your business attitude and think BIG.


Tony at CleanBid is obviously only out for the money. You can increase the number of users by lowering the price. There is no value at high prices when there are other programs that do the same thing.


The makers of clean bid have a book called " Discover the Guru in You". It's a book about starting a commercial cleaning business.

It's ok, but could be more specific and have more details. After I read the book I sent them an email about a question I had. Somebody emailed me back and told me that they are busy and dont have the time to answer questions. So, after that experience...I would never buy there software.

Plus why would would you want to pay 50 bucks a month for something you can do yourself. ISSA has has all the workloading time charts you need for making bids.

They also have some learning materials. Just my experience, to each his own.


Why can't Cleanbid sell the program? Getting locked in to pay each month is like a car payment.

The price is still expensive. :(


Just looked at this site and noticed they remove the Bid Express option if you only pay $27.00 a month - So I see it with really nothing to really use but your own calculations. If you want all the options price goes up to $67.00 a month.

Still is a lot of money for not owning the software just add that to 12 months and your total is $800.00 a year or if you pay $27 each month that is still $324.00 a year. With the cost of living these days I can't afford even that when you got a bunch of Mexicans cleaning for $5.00 an hour.


Right up front, I should say, I am one of the developers of the CleanBid Program. I apologize for the length explanation below, but I wanted to give a reasonably thorough response to your note.

After running our own janitorial business for a number of years, we wanted to see if we could create an easier way for contractors to bid cleaning jobs. We think we have in the CleanBid Program - certainly not perfect, but we hope useful and user-friendly.

First, in 2007, after several years in development, we were thrilled to finally be able to make it available - online. That was one of our goals - to have it be online, so we could continually improve it and then instantly make those changes available to everyone. In addition, it allows us to give instant, real time, one-one-one customer support - to help members with their own, unique bidding questions and issues.

Plus, I should say that we take our members privacy and security very seriously, so similar to other online programs that are widely trusted and relied on, such as Quicken Online / QuickBooks Online for Accounting, each CleanBid Account is secure, regularly backed up and password protected .

We try to make the program as affordable as possible. That's why earlier this year, we created several new plans to our program. So, while our standard monthly membership had been $49.97, we now offer three different plans, one of which is our new, Basic Plan for only $27/mo.

While we are very happy to offer this new, more affordable membership plan, we understand the feelings expressed by many frustrated, independent janitorial businesses who, having to deal with low-balling competitors, want to respectfully remind their prospective customers that in a very real and positive way "You get what you pay for."

These independent cleaning business owners feel they need to point out the very real connection between quality and price (i.e. value).... and we believe our CleanBid Program is a good example of this principle as well.

Let me offer here one idea to consider regarding the value of the program:

We believe a part of the overall value of the CleanBid Program comes directly from one of the unique characteristics of the many of the cleaning jobs our members bid on, and that is, that they are very often, reoccurring in nature - as opposed to a one-time sale.

So, for example, let's say a janitorial business was quoting on cleaning a local bank branch 3 (three) times per week; and that the monthly profit on that one job was $100. If we assume this account remains an active client and is kept in budget, the cleaning contractor might reasonably expect to continue making $100 each and every month.

And, if they used, just as an example, $47 of that $100 profit from that one on-going account to pay for, let's say, a CleanBid Plus Plan; that one account alone could be used to continue to 'pay' their monthly $47 fee each month ... still leaving them with an additional $50/mo. of profit.

So, one way to think about the value of a bidding program like CleanBid is in terms of its ability to help a cleaning business land and keep one or more profitable cleaning job(s) which could on its own more than cover uninterrupted access to the Program.

Our goal is to have the program be the fastest, easiest and most professional online program available anywhere today to bid janitorial jobs.

We hope members find that to be a real and tangible value.

The CleanBid Program includes sections for everything from cover letter and proposal to references and job specifications; all of which can be easily updated and customized.

Finally, while we realize janitorial businesses need a great deal more than just bidding help, such as in the areas of marketing, quality control and management, the CleanBid Program is simply our best effort in one area where we felt cleaning contractors most desperately needed help - namely, bidding.

We do plan on creating marketing and management programs to help janitorial businesses as soon as we can, but we do not want to release any until we feel they are of the same quality and usefulness as we believe the CleanBid Program is in janitorial bidding.

We need to hear what people like and don't like about our program - it's one of the very best ways we can learn how to make CleanBid a program that truly delights the user. If you'd like, feel free to call us anytime to share your thoughts on things we can improve on.


Tony Dietsch

Clean Guru LLC



Why is it so much? $49.00 a month?

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