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Knocked on my door and I asked for the literature of CWA and I looked it up and I found out they support the Democratic Party. These kids that go door to door don't know fully what they're doing.
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Seems to be against the organization for the individuals political views.


Rude, persistent young man, would not listen to my comment "No thank you, I'm not interested", would not stop talking, and I finally had to shut the door. Later I found a help wanted ad fro Clean Water Action, on Craigslist (****.html ) which interestingly stated they want to "★Prevent Trump from ruining the planet ★" and "POC, LGBTIQ folks, and women are strongly encouraged to apply".

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I got the same visit from a rude POC man today as well at my door. He "ordered" to listen to him, to read the paper, to flip through the pages - who is he to "order" me what to do especially after I told me "I am not interested." He said the same statement about Trump, too. I am so disgusted by this scam.

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One time donation turned into recurring fraud.

So, I get a canvasser to knock on my door. For his effort, I make a one time donation of $60. I use a credit card so he doesn't pocket it. 8 months later, I see on my recent statement another charge for the same amount. When I go back, I see they've been charging me whole time, about $500 total in unauthorized activity. Taking someone's charity and abusing it is worse than a common thief. I'm glad to have Amex Fraud Dept. on my side. [Webmaster: Why do I need to type 100 words here for my entry to be submitted? So here I am reviewing your silly constraint to fill your quota. You're welcome.]
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Reason of review:
Unauthorized charges

Preferred solution: Full refund

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Same thing happened to me too. I authorized a one time paymentbti then and they went ahead and started charging my card that same payment amount every month.

Good thing my bank took care of it for me with no problem.

map-marker Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania

They just keep taking my money

So, about a year ago, I get stopped on the street by some young college aged kids. They want to know if I support clean water. Of course I do! So I sign up to give them 20 it turns out, $20 turns into $200, because they won't stop debiting my account monthly. I talked to them 5 months ago when I realized what was happening and I was in between jobs. No action taken. I called again today. If they don't stop and refund my damned money, I'm going to have to submit a fraud claim. This sucks. Never going to donate again to these "Good Causes".
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Reason of review:
Problems with payment
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As an employee of Clean Water Action, that is very strange. We canvass -- meaning we go door to door.

So if someone stops you on the street, I'm not sure that that is even Clean Water Action.

Also, we call up the giver and confirm every monthly, quarterly, or annual gift to make sure that the person agreed to it legitimately.

So, what you are describing is quite strange.


Knocking on my door after dark

Twice in the last six months while I was home alone I got a knock on my door at 8:30pm! I had no lights on outside. I couldn't believe that someone would solicit funds at that time of night and both times I called the police and was told that they had permission to knock on doors until 9pm. I could accept this time in the summer when it is light out until that time but when it is dark and no outside lights are on why would anyone think it is permissible to do this? I think it is also dangerous for the young people who are doing this. I knolw it frightened me and who knows what someone with a gun might do in the same circumstance.
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You sound like a monster

map-marker Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Fair Organization -- Terrible employer

My son worked for CWA for one summer and that was enough for him. The pressure they put on their employees to raise funds is absurd! It's like a door to door sales job under the guise of organizing for the environment. They work in the hottest weather, high humidity, tornado warnings and the only measure of success is $$. They really pressure them to get people to open their doors. From what he said, there's a lot of partying. Where he worked, they always drank and smoked pot after work. There was also a small group of employees who he described as junkies. It's a shame because it could be a really good thing for college kids.
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Pushy "Robots"

I signed up for CWA, thinking they were working to protect our drinking water. Actually, all this "group" does is to badger people into giving money, regardless of what stance the resident has on the issues. When I went out with the group, our group leader wanted us to pay attention ONLY to him. They also scared the daylights out of another new member who had her first night with them as well. I was told that as the night went on, I had to "get aggressive and do what it takes to stay in the door", which made me more than just a little uncomfortable. They came across as more of a "frat party on wheels" than a group of concerned people working for our drinking waters, more concerned with "making quota, then going out to party" once their "workday" was done. The individuals who work for this "organization" are pushy "robots" with a clipboard, no compassion for parents with children to put to bed or folks eating dinner, or folks who do not want to be solicited. They seem to lack any empathy, common courtesy, recognition of boundaries, or any sense of how to talk to a person on an issue, It's more akin to a hard-line "sales pitch", and they give the resident they are talking to practically NO chance to say no. It's "yes or else", and they seem to be prime examples of many of the young people in today's workforce that employers are loathe to even interview, let alone hire for anything important to a legitimate corporation. Other reviews I have read say "well the organization needs money to run", as well as a whole plethora of other excuses as to why they think CWA is "a good place to work". The way this "organization" is going, they are doing themselves more harm than good with their heavy-handed, aggressive and confrontational tactics. If other reviews are going to defend this group's pushy, arrogant attitude, then perhaps its' "defenders" exemplify this narcissistic, invasive psychological type. Finally, the ones in charge of the group tend to talk down to, rather than WITH, the people they are ostensibly "training". They are not reluctant at all to make veiled threats about "not continuing to be employed of you don't do what we say to the letter". In Short: YOU'RE BETTER OFF WORKING AT MCDONALDS. Stay away from CWA, and try to develop a career with a legitimate corporation. These kids aren't it.
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This is not true at all. Definitely not what they teach us..

map-marker Los Angeles, California

They have invaded my computer and I don't know why!

I regularly go into my control panel on my computer and found the program: CleanWaterAction Reminder by v5.0.5.1 I tried to uninstall this program and cannot. I found and removed a cookie for this program and still could not uninstall this program. I have no idea what it is...I've NEVER been to their website and I certainly wouldn't give them a dime! I wrote them and gave them *** for putting something like this on my computer. Be aware...they are certainly up to NO GOOD! (ninety two, ninety three, ninety four, ninety five, ninety)
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Sara L Xph

If you Googled them you would see that they are not "up to no good", quite the opposite actually. It is also sometimes bundled with 3rd party software and CAN be removed. You should be able to remove it by Googling instructions specific to your browser.

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I've done the googling...nothing works. I cannot even find where they invaded one of my program files.

This should be illegal.

I cannot go bug someone's phone or home...its illegal, yet they can come into my computer and put something in there I did not ask for and do not want? I don't know what We-Care.Com is up to but they look like thugs to me!

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Laurene Gkq

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| map-marker Twin Cities, Minnesota

Long post, ignore if not interested

i work with CWA and we do good work, we have to motivate neighborhoods because thats how its done. It definitely feels like were being pushy, cause we are. If there isnt a solid, moving force behind us pushing towards progress then who is to say progress will ever happen? let alone happen now. The job is not for everyone, I am just training and maybe wont make staff but Im glad to say i have contributed time to CWA. Honestly it doesnt feel like a job, they want you to help them raise money and will tell you techniques that improve you ability to talk to strangers, teach you how to motivate neighborhoods and MOVE people to do the right thing, but truth is its not for most people, its for people who believe in the issues plus the money is great. even if you dont believe in the issues you can get behind the pay scale, although i doubt you will get hired without caring about how the physical environment is treated, it is a job. remember that, and as far as jobs go doing something positive and moving towards a cleaner environment also means realizing that we all live on the same planet; And that humans should be treated equally. besides clean water action, I am NOT an environmental activist, but i DO believe in the issues we fight for and the cause we back. it is important to know we back humanity at its best, and we do this by organizing communities. we would not exist if people all simply cared about how they felt, its about the knowledge that we are all humans on the same earth striving to meet the same goals that each human is treated the same and will be able to have a good life. we are not just an organization, we organize humanity at its best.
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scammed i
map-marker Washington, District Of Columbia

Clean water action - scam

A member collecting funds for Clean Water Action comes to my door and hands me a clipboard on clean water. Yes, I support clean water, who doesn't? I asked him if there was any political connections or if it is supporting clean water. He said they are non-partisan and non-political. Well, surprise, surprise, they are very political. I looked them up online as soon as they left. This Clean Water Action org needs to be honest and quit hiding behind 6 clean water bullets on a sheet of paper for donations. It's dishonest and I've developed a great distaste for anything that has to do with them. If you support clean water, support a different organization.
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Rude people that don't understand the word no!


You are so uninformed about this organization. They are out there trying to protect the water and speak for the people instead of allowing large corporations to decide those matters for us. You are part of the problem.


This is pure ignorance.


Keep in mind when you read all the negative comments that Clean Water Action is fighting the good fight to protect our waters and protect families. Right now, they are fighting for Flint, Michigan and many many other communities like them.

Clean Water Action also has a lot of enemies.

They fight powerful companies and powerful politicians. Remember, they knock on all doors - including the doors of those who fight to hold on to their powerful positions and the money they are making off of other people's misery.

I have worked as a political organizer since 1997. I have fought companies that were killing their workers with Beryllium dust and fought to not take care of their problems. I have talked to people in cancer cluster communities.

I'm sorry, but after that -- concerns about signs and interrupting dinner are petty.

Some of my most passionate supporters had no soliciting signs on their door. Wrong - is disregard for human life that destroys families - just like what is happening in Flint, Michigan.


I was online trying to research Clean Water before I write my check and read your review. I understand your frustration that they are actually more political than you were led to believe (I assume the were college students). Outside of that is there anything fishy about them?



I stand corrected. Obama only endorsed the criminal organization.

Anyone who feels good about donating to these eco-gestpo nutcases should move to Europe, work 2 hours a week, sip coffee at a bistro street café, ride bicycles not cars, and pay 60% taxes.

Just don't come to Texas.


Clean Water Action wants to shut down gas, oil, and especially coal. Launched by Barack Insane himself, and his crime family.


Of course they contribute to political organizations...EVERY group does. That's how you get things done in gov't.

They get an excellent rating from Charity

Look it up if you want. I donated, and feel fine about it.


"Political" could be taken in two ways. I don't know what conversation you had with the canvasser, but this organization does do lobbying.

From that perspective, they get involved in politics. However, they do not take any partisan views when it comes to defending the environment. In this way, they are not political. Perhaps the canvasser should have told you that a part of their approach to change is through civic lobbying.

CWA does good work.

I think you should give them another chance. Young canvassers make mistakes, too, right?


Back in the late 70's, one of "them" came to my house and said he was not leaving without money.

The second time these people came, I said, one moment, I went to the back door, grabbed my water hose, dragged it through the house, and pointed it right in the man's face, and told him to get the *** off my land.

He left and never returned.

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map-marker Glen Burnie, Maryland

Clean Water Action

Clean Water Action canvasses neighborhoods across the country, collecting donations for initiatives to sanitize water and prevent pollution in the nation's water supply and natural bodies of water. While it is a legitimate organization that actually contributes a solid portion of its funds towards said initiatives (unlike many charity scams), and is backed by politicians, their methods of soliciting contributions is shady at best. I highly recommend against working for Clean Water Action. CWA recruits just about anyone, including students, to their fundraising campaign because the job is fairly simple, albeit obnoxious. An employee memorizes a pitch and some facts and goes door to door in the afternoon in what could be your neighborhood. I remember working with CWA and a lot of people were quite aggravated that we had disturbed the family during dinner or bothered them by coming to their house asking for money, or at least a signature. I thought working for an environmental group would be rewarding, but it often turned out to be a drag. The worst part is, that in order to become a full time staff member, an employee must make a quota of funds raised each day over a long period of time. There are positions with coordinating the canvassing, and relating issues to the canvassers, but the office is not large. The kicker: If you don't make quota for two consecutive days, you are fired. This also feeds back to how CWA hires new people all the time, including students. Not hard to get hired, not hard to get fired. If anyone who has been visited by CWA canvassers would like to share their thoughts, or anyone who worked for CWA, I would like to read it. I'm curious to see how many people aside from myself and my former coworkers have had the same experience.
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I tried this once, and they were the worst presenters I have ever seen. Pushy, presumptuous and aggressive.

They have absolutely no clue about marketing and no sympathy for issues such as eating dinner and trying to get children in bed.

They are doing enormous harm to issues that really matter and they are failing utterly to make a difference in their "efforts" to safeguard the water supply at the political level. Epic fail on many really important levels.


i agree with leandor collins. I worked for clean water action when i was in college, and it was a great experience.

They are an excellent organization who has helped pass beneficial environmental legislation!

Just because you did not make the cut there is no reason to trash a very worthy organization. Yes, they do care about money because they are fighting against enormous corporations with billions backing them who could care less about your water and environment because it is not good for their bottom line.

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Yes, there is no reason to trash a "worthy organization". The problem is: CWA IS NOT ONE OF THEM.

They just pay themselves, and care only about the money.

BTW: do you even care that homeowners feel like their privacy is being invaded?

or do you think their privacy doesn't matter? From your and Leandor's words, apparently you DON'T, Unless it's your OWN.


Students came to my door a couple of years ago and I found them very professional and pleasant. I was never a donor to any clean water cause, but they convinced me it was a good one.

I recently sent a much larger contribution for their good works.

Just a quick phone call and I received my pledge card in the mail. If a CWA worker truly values what he/she is doing then a little rejection should help make him/her a little more persistent to campaign for the cause.


i work with them every summer. It's definately a legitimate org doing great work.

If you like being outside, working on your own and enjoy talking politics, you might like this job. They have phone programs in some cities.

Grassroots groups are important in politics and they have to raise the money to pay for expenses in getting the word out. This will be my last summer with them, unless I can't find a job after graduation.


Do NOT apply to work for CWA UNLESS you are good at talking people out of their money. Seriously.

CWA cares about donations and if employees can't meet a quota every day then they won't be employed any longer. I applied for this job and had an interview in which I was asked very few questions and was told to come back the next day for "training." Training consisted of sitting in on a meeting for a couple hours where all they did was talk about money. How much money they have made, how much money they need to make, what kind of quotas need to be met by the day, etc. Then around 1 or 2pm they said it was lunch time so they drove everyone to a taco restaurant (was not prepared to eat out during a "training day").

Around 3:30pm the van finally set out into a neighborhood. I went door to door with the girl who was supposed to be "training me." Basically I had to memorize a bunch of words and keep pressuring people out of their money. Seriously she would NOT take no for an answer even when people were telling her politely that it wasn't a good time. I think most people paid her to go away.

Then it was time for me to go off on my own. I only raised $11. Most people were mad that I interrupted their activities in the evening. Of the $11 I made, $3 was my own because I felt silly having only raised $8.

I was told these were not the kind of numbers they were looking for and so I was fired right then and there.

They care about numbers. Not issues.

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I've been working at CWA for about 2 months now and I'd just like to clear up a few things.

You are hired based on whether you are "trainable", not whether you make quota the first couple days. (I missed quota my first 3 days)

Money is important, how else do you run an organization effectively? But if you think that is all this organization cares about you're poorly informed. The best canvassers are people who care and are knowledgable about the issues and have the people skills necessary to deal with busy/stressed out people.

Canvassing certainly isn't for everyone; It's a tough job that doesn't pay very well. But it can also be surprisingly rewarding and has an incredibly laid back and fun work atmosphere.

ps there's no need to vilify canvassers just because you didn't make the cut (*cough* ashley *cough*)

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One of these pushy salesman stopped by my house. I use the word salesman because he was more pushy than some I've met who sell cars.

He was poorly informed except "they do a lot of good and fight for clean water". He was reticent to provide any paperwork, just wanted a signature which I declined since he would provide little in the way of info. As I finally got him to cough up some paperwork, he was following me up my driveway to which I turned around and stopped him quickly by telling him I would neither sign nor donate to a cause I have not heard of.

Overall: turned off by their lack of knowledge and pushy assumption that I should just donate because he says so. Looked them up online: they spend way too much (when compared to other legitimate causes) on administrative costs.

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That's because they pay themselves to be obnoxious. They don't give a hoot about the water.

I'm so sorry they bothered you: no one should have to put up with constant harassment like that.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-637005

That is complete BS Leandor, and you KNOW it. These individuals are pushy, and just want pitch salesmen who are willing to bug people during the most inconvenient times.

"Trainable" = being able to ram a sales spiel down someone's throat and make them sign before the shock wears off.

And no one needs to "vilify" the canvassers: me and another person who were doing the first day of canvassing BOTH saw the same thing and agreed that it was garbage.

Ashley is absolutely spot on in her assessment, and I was told the same thing as her at the CWA where I applied. BTW: if you enjoy forcing you will on others, keeping children from being put to bed, interrupting hungry people during their dinner so you can be obnoxious and demeaning, and overall making homeowners want to simply go out to dinner before you even get there so they don't have to deal with coercion tactics and overall invasive demeanor and call all that "laid back", then I hope I NEVER buy a house in a neighborhood where you or anyone who works for CWA would ever canvass!!!

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