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Called around for fireplace cleaning prices. Most company's were, for 2 fireplaces, under $300.00. Called Clean Sweep, old lyme ct. and the price is on the voicemail. Sounded like @***.00 to me, but what would I know, I am just a housewife, not a mason. Upon arrival, the owner/cleaner mentioned to me that one fireplace wasn't that dirty, but cleaned them both anyway. OK. At the end, about an hour, I was presented with the bill- Just under $500.00. Almost had a stroke!! It was $240.00 for each fireplace!! Wow. Never any discussion on price except what you hear when you are leaving a message. Explained my misunderstanding and was hoping for a little compassion and maybe a discount or something. Nope. Told me I was the only person who ever misunderstood his outgoing voicemail. I can't imagine why anyone would want to pay $260.00 when you can pay $500.00!! So what do you get for the big bucks, a clean chimney!! Nothing any more special than the other guy down the road. Consumers beware, do your homework and make sure you get the TOTAL price verbally and written BEFORE the job is done.
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A Clean Sweep LLP of Northern Colorado

A Clean Sweep LLP is a small housecleaning business owned and operated by two women (Shari and Debbie) in northern Colorado. Do not work for these women! It is an absolute joke. Here is what happened to me: I found their ad on craigslist for a subcontractor position and contacted them about an interview. They offered to meet me at a nearby Whole Foods market for an interview. Moments after meeting them at Whole Foods, Debbie jumped down my throat about how I'd better not do "this and that" if she decides to hire me, because she'd already hired and fired 10 girls so far this year. This made me rather skeptical and uncomfortable from the start and I should have walked away then, but with the down economy and being in the position I was in, I took the job once it was offered to me a couple days later. Upon being hired, I was told I'd have to provide all of my own cleaning supplies (including a vacuum), which I did. This initially cost me $120.00 that I could barely afford. I was being paid by the hour(odd for a so-called subcontractor) but not paid for drive time or even reimbursed for the cost of gas. I was also told at the time I was hired that I would not receive my first paycheck for an entire month, yet I was expected to pay for my own supplies and gas. I received $12.00/per hour for all hours of actual cleaning. I was originally told by Debbie and Shari during the interview that I would not be having to drive too far for the houses I'd be cleaning and they would keep them close together. This ended up being very far from the truth. I lived in Westminster at the time and they would often have me driving from Boulder to Arvada to Superior all in one day. I spent an average of 2-3 hours driving for this job each day. Unpaid hours. I Put many miles and a lot of wear and tear on my own vehicle. After more than two months of feeling that I was not making much money with the costs of gas, I looked through all my online banking history and realized I was averaging $4.50/an hour with this job! I averaged 20 hours per week of actual cleaning, but once I added in all the time spent driving, I was putting in nearly full time hours. There is more- I should have been able to do many of the estimates myself, or at least been paid for my time while doing walk-throughs and estimates. I was often expected to show up with Shari to do a free walk-through with a new customer. These would usually take 30-45 minutes and I was not paid for any of my time on these, nor was I the one giving the input as to how long it would probably take me to clean and such things, yet I was to be the one cleaning the house. By myself. About 2 months after being hired, Shari brought me a packet of paperwork to sign. I read through everything and one of the statements on this contract she had me sign stated that I was allowed to bring a "helper" with me to my cleaning jobs, so long as I had it approved by Shari and Debbie first. This made some sense considering I was a subcontractor after all. I signed the paper and the next day, I asked Debbie's permission to bring one of my friends to help me on one of my cleaning jobs. She said that I was not allowed to ever do such a thing and that the only reason this was stated in the contract I'd just signed was because two of her other employees sometimes went on cleaning jobs together.??? There were also a couple of times that I met up with Shari to clean a new house and she was late meeting me. She was never more than 10 or 15 minutes late, but on the 2 occasions that was 10 minutes late meeting her, her and Debbie both got very upset with me. The worst thing that happened was what occurred after I quit. I had just moved to the mountains only a few days before I'd quit working for them and I was now living in an area where I did not get a cell phone signal, but most of the corresponding I did with them was through email, so I emailed Debbie to notify her that I was quitting. Neither her nor Shari responded to my email, but two days later I was down in the North Denver area where I had a cell signal. I checked my voice mail to find that they had indeed received my email and in less than a 24 hour period of notification about my needing to return two house keys, Shari had threatened the police on me. Shari's first voice mail had stated that I needed to return the keys asap. She then called again less than 24 hours later threatening to involve the police. I immediately contacted Debbie about the keys and told her I would mail them to her, or that she could meet up with me to get them back. She did not want me to mail them and said it was vital that she get them back right away. She agreed to meet up with me the next day at 11:30 at a cafe to get them. I arrived to the cafe five minutes early and waited for nearly 30 minutes. When I got home, I checked my email and found that she had emailed me at exactly 11:30 to tell me she couldn't make it. I then sent her a message saying I would be down near her area later on and she could meet up with me near the mall to get the keys back that evening. She refused and said to just throw them in the mail instead, so I did so two days later. The last of it--she sent me an email saying she still hadn't received the keys and that if she did not get them back in time, she would take the money from my last two paychecks to use towards the lock smith and re-keying she'd have to pay for. I sent an email back stating that I have documented proof of her having two opportunities to meet up with me to get the keys and her then changing her mind and that I would take her to court if she did not pay what she owed me since this would be theft....She never responded and I received the rest of my paychecks in the mail. Overall, they never seemed to have consideration for my time and hard work. They walked all over me and in the end I made a total of about $130.00 working for them for 2 1/2 months when you add in the expense of new tires and repairs I had to pay for for my vehicle. As for their actual services and quality of cleaning, I cannot say. All I know is that I, personally would not hire such people that treat their employees in such a way, to clean my home.
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My daughter works for this company and she has nothing but nice things to say about the company and the owners. They gave her a bunch of paperwork at the interview to read and look over which included a cleaning supply list, make home cleaning supplies, and the contract of which they have people sign.

In their Wanted add they declare that you have to supply your own cleaning products so I am not sure why this seems to be an issue? The paychecks are always on time if not early. My daughter has been working for them for over a year and she is making great money and happy. Working for someone for 2 1/2 months would not have a significant amount of wear and tear on your car that would cause you to have to get new tires and whatever costly repairs you encountered.

It sounds to me like you had problems with your car to begin with.

I would highly recommend this company to anyone. These ladies have been nothing but honest and nice to my daughter and she really enjoys working for this company.


This almost sounds like my sister with the exact same company! She went through the same exact issue, only they are trying to short her final check by $52.

I will do whatever I can to spread the word that this so called 'company' is not a good one!

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