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Caring Canine Rescue or Clay County Rescue

We also picked up a puppy from Caring Canine/Clay County Rescue on 8/16/13. We emailed Chrystll Owens Friday afternoon/evening because he wouldn't eat anything. She said that he may just be skittish being away from his mom/littermates. By Friday night, we were worried enough that we left a message for our vet to try to get an appointment Saturday a.m. The vet didn't do a parvo test because she saw he had been vaccinated. We tried special food, Nutrical, syringe feeding, etc. By Saturday night he was vomiting and lethargic. By Sunday at 3:00 a.m. his *** was bloody and filled with (what we found out later) sloughed off intestinal tract. The vet at the animal hospital tested him for parvo and said he had it for at least a week (he had been in our care less than 48 hours). We gave Chrystll the benefit of the doubt and contacted her asking that she let all other adopters know ASAP so they could treat their puppies. We also told her to get all of the dogs currently in her care checked. She acted shocked and said the one puppy from the litter in her care was fine and said that maybe the test was a "false positive". Seeing as how he hadn't eaten in almost two days, was puking, pooping blood, and sloughing his intestinal tract, I don't know why she would even suggest that. We asked that she refund our adoption fee. She then expressed anger at us for euthanizing the dog and said we should have returned him to her so that she could care for him. We told her that the vet said that she had never seen such a small puppy with such an advanced state of parvo and said the odds of survival were well below 25%, even with the full treatment. We made the decision to euthanize him rather than put him through a series of treatments that the vet made clear wouldn't likely extend his life. We then found another adopter on this site whose puppy from the same litter also had parvo and had died. From her we learned that a third puppy had also died and that Chrystll knew that on Friday August 16th--the day we took our dog home. She knew she was sending a dog home with us who was very ill and unlikely to survive without immediate treatment. We also discovered the puppies and their mother probably weren't "rescues". In fact, she is most likely the owner of the mother and intentionally bred her. She also didn't take the puppies to a vet for the vaccines (which is what she told us) but that she administered them herself. Chrystyll knew we were taking the puppy into a home with another dog. Luckily, our dog is up on all of her vaccinations. We have two heartbroken kids who fell in love with a puppy just to lose him after one day. We have a house that is now filled with parvo and have been told that even with thorough cleaning with bleach we cannot be guaranteed the parvo is gone. And to make matters worse, we just found that this woman has listed the last puppy out of the litter on So she knows three of the five out of the litter have died from parvo and she is trying to get someone to "adopt" him for $250. I've emailed, the local animal board of health contact, plan to share this widely on Facebook, and called her vet (who is considering cutting ties with her). We are also considering small claims court, although our more pressing concern is making sure this woman is not allowed to continue to present herself as a no-kill animal rescue when she is actually a for-profit breeder who is intentionally sending home dying puppies.
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I got my dog from her back in March of 2013. I was told she was an owner surrender, that the "rescue" had her for a couple years before putting her on petfinder due to her getting pregnant at the rescue and then had to have an emergency C-section because the puppies became twisted inside.

I was told she was up to date on shots, etc... but when I asked for the vet records, the rescue was hesitant. I finally got her to tell me the vet she used so I called them and all that was done was a c section and a spay. No shots but this place supposedly had her a couple years??

Luckily, nothing serious was wrong with my dog (Schnauzer/yorkie mix that she tried to pass off as a full bred schnauzer) She did have some intestinal worms but those were treated easily with some meds. The thing that bothered me most about this place/lady was that she had soo many dogs running free in her house and when I was getting ready to pick her up to leave, the owner made a comment to one of the dogs about don't make her take her shoe off and kick them. Needless to say, I grabbed my dog and left. I can't believe someone would actually say that when they have someone around that is rescuing one of the dogs.

I say rescue because I did RESCUE her from this place. She also made a comment about making sure mine was in a fenced yard or on a leash at all times because she has lost her before and found her running down the middle of the road, what kind of rescue allows that to happen. I will say, I lucked out with my dog. She is one of the best dogs I've ever had.

I still check the rescue's site to see if they have multiple puppies and yep, they do. Seems fishy that a "rescue" always has multiple puppies.


Please contact Petfinder if you have any issues with this rescue or the person who owns it. They are working very hard to determine what is going on.

I've had issues with Caring Canine Animal Rescue as well and Petfinder seems to be the only organization interested in solving the problem. Good luck to all of you!!


I would like to post that I have talk to the owner of Caring Canine Aminal Rescue. She is very concerned about what is going on .

The owner and I talked on the phone today after I posted what I posted earlier. She is very willing to pay half of the bill. I am happy with that. She is very willing to work with me.

This has been very stressful for me and my family. I am very sorry if this went out wrong but never did I expect this.


I hope she is telling the truth. Seriously doubt it though.

This is her MO--gets freaked out that you are posting the truth about your experience and promises to refund. We have been waiting on our refund for about 6+ months now and she has stopped responding to emails/phone calls. In the past half year, she has sent home five puppies with Parvo. She promised the Board of Animal Health that she would start testing all puppies for Parvo before adopting them out.

Obviously isn't doing that.


I'm so sorry! You are right to be wary of taking the puppy back to her.

Based on our experience with her and reading about others' (you might check, too) experiences, I have no faith she would treat the puppy. I have tried everything I can to get the word out about her--posted here and on, emailed/tweeted about my experience, posted on Facebook and asked all of my friends to share widely, emailed PETA, and contacted the Board of Animal Health. We didn't end up taking her to small claims court, mainly because we didn't want to have to deal with this awful woman one second longer. For us, the main point is getting the word out about what she is doing not getting our money back.

I recommend you try to get the word out as well. Be forewarned that she will probably send you hateful, ignorant emails threatening lawsuits. She has no intention of suing, just of trying to scare you out of telling the truth about your experience. She knows she doesn't have a leg to stand on.

How old was the puppy when you got her? I believe there is an Indiana law about not sending puppies under a certain age (I want to say 8 weeks) across state lines. Another victim of this woman was out of state and was telling me about the law. Anyway, Chrystll claimed our puppy was 8 weeks when we took him home and our vet said no way--6 weeks or maybe less.

I recommend you contact the Board of Animal Health--here is the contact info I have: Ed Woolwine



Share your story widely and try to get the word, tweet/email, etc.

And if you do decide to go forward with small claims, my husband and I would be happy to share our stories. I can also send you the names of a couple of other people who took home Parvo infected dogs last summer.


Please help me!!! We just adopted a 8week old puppy from Caring Canine Animal Recue.

We got Shasta on Saturday March 1st, 2014. Puppy got sick by sunday night March 2, 2014. I called my vet monday morning . She thought it could be from the 4HOUR drive we drove to get Shasta on saturday.

Monday night she got very sick vomiting, diarrhea and stopped eating. Called my vet Tuesday morning and took Shasta to my vet. They tested her for Parvo and test came back positive. My vet hospitalized shasta .

I am now looking at 3 to 7 days of her being in the hospital and a bill of a $500.00 to $ 1, 500.00. I tried to contact the lady that was taking care of her she would not answer her phone and hasn't called me back yet.. Then I contacted Caring Canine Animal Rescue by email. She responded but told me it is my problem not hers.

I have contacted an Attorney about this. I only filled out an application for Shasta never signed a contract stating what I am responsible for. I got very little information on Shasta.

We have another dog and she is all up to date on her shots.

So this will not hurt her. But 1 year ago we lost a dog do to old age . She 12yrs old. It liked to have crushed my 4 daughters.

I could not let this puppy go cause I cannot bear to hurt my kids. Vet thinks Shasta will pull out of it. Shasta has only been hositalized one day now.

Caring Canine Animal Rescue told me to return her in 24 hours and they would pay for her care and give me my adoption fee back.

But I am stuck with all the vet bills until I take her back. When I asked her how they would treat her for this she didn't answer. I asked if they would kill Shasta cause there is no way someone is going to pay $1, 000.00 for this puppy. They would never make there money out of her.

She stopped emailing me. I asked for my application I filled out to be emailed to me for my attorney.

I got nothing..

If u can help me please do.. Thank you...


I just got a dog from there this month. She said that she had him dewormed and ready to go.

He still has a massive case of round worm. I also dont believe that she knows whats breeding with what because when we were there it sounded like she had a garage full of barking dogs. I let her know and she said that she didnt have the dogs anymore.

I then used a buddy so that he would email her about them and low and behold she still has all of the rest. She is a puppy mill and a scam.

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Sick Puppy

Update by user Aug 20, 2013

I do wish to correct one aspect of my review- The Boston terrier is a rescue and does not belong to her.

Nothing else about my review has changed or is inaccurate in my opinion.

Original review posted by user Aug 18, 2013
In July we found a puppy on that we chose to adopt due to the fact that he was a Boston Terrier/Pug mix and that was exactly what we were looking for. The first thing that was odd to me was the fact that she only dealt with checks and wired money- it was a bit of a red flag, but I shrugged it off thinking that she (Chrystll Owens) probably lived somewhere rural that using a credit card wasn't possible (though a paypal account is online so there isn't a reason not to use that). Once that was all taken care of I asked her several times how the puppy was doing, but never got a response. When we neared the date of adoption she contacted me to tell me the date was wrong and the adoption would actually be on the 16th, due to their age. We waited the extra two weeks, drove 200 miles and were greeted with a pup only 6 weeks of age- What I would later discover is under the legal age for puppies to go out in the state of Indiana. Chrystll went over and over how she can't guarantee the health of the pups (more red flags), she told me the shots are live viruses and that it's up to them to fight it or get sick (vet certified falsity). She talked to me about things a vet had said regarding his breed (not a Bug pup), gave me a shot record and I was on my way. When we got home I realized quickly the pup was not ok. He was vomiting constantly, had severe diarrhea and wouldn't eat. I contacted the other adopters only to find out their puppies had already been diagnosed with Parvo, not only had they found out, they informed Chrstyll to let her know before adopting out the other pups. Of course this info was never relayed to me. I got to spend one night with this sick little guy before the vet told us that he too have Parvo- and he was not in good shape. Our options were thousands of dollars in treatment which he didn't have a high chance of surviving or putting him down. We had no choice but to put him down-my kids and I were devastated. Also, the pups were from her own boston terrier, which didn't make a lot of sense- A rescuer normally would have her own dogs Spayed. After I pressed for the name of the vet who signed off for this little guy to be adopted, I found out she never took him to the vet. She did her own shots and evaluated them on her own - not sure then what my 250 dollar adoption fee went to. No microchips, not neutered, no vet, no certificate of health, just a scam! Do your research before adopting and don't go to Chrystll Owens! She has 2 rescues- Caring Canine Animal Rescue and Clay County animal rescue
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I cannot believe I'm reading what I see in your post. We had an identical experience this weekend with a "bug" pup from the same place.

This is not a joke. Please send me an email at the following address so we can discuss. The email address seems like a joke but it's just an old one I never use and I don't want to leave one of my busy addresses in a strange comment!

I look forward to hearing from you. I know your pain, believe me.


No email address showed up, but I have been getting contacts from other former adopters. Today she posted the last pup from the litter, which she knows has been exposed! Please contact her as well!

Did your little guy make it?


You should take her to court, that was sad, and terrible, her selling you a puppy that she knew wasn't ok.

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