After 6 months of tussling with this Cadillac srx Engine malfunction now the thing will not park car is always saying that i need to shift to park when i have already placed it in park after stopping at my local store getting gas i left the pump inserted in the tank ran inside to pay and i look back and the car was rolling off by itself thank God i caught the vehicle in time before it ran into other cars the cashier immediately turn the pump off for me so i wouldnt blow the store up called Cooley and again i get in touch with inexperienced people who show no empathy im so over this *** Sarcastic
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This place is a JOKE AND SCAMMERS!!

Update by user Jul 14, 2018

Let me just mention, I have Several text messages from these people and not once did they ever say they were still working on my loan until I asked for my loan documents. And once I gave them my loan payoff information, they NEVER mentioned it was an issue with no DL.

I wouldn't have even taken the car because I knew it would take me another 30 days to get my DL renewed. Had they been honest up front, I would have either waited to purchase or went somewhere else with my money!!!!

Original review posted by user Jul 14, 2018
On 6/28 saw a car I really liked, a small SUV. Filled out the application onlime the night before and was contacted by a guy named Stewart or STU as he called himself. Told me I was approved and to come in that day because Chevy was helping with down payment assistance. So, i got off work and took an uber almost 45 mins away. I knew my credit was poor and I had DL issues, but he assured me he could help..I texted him this info before I went out there. After several hours there, they give me a 2018 Chevy Cruze.. great...not the car i had hoped for but its new. I signed my paperwork and that was that....so I THOUGHT! A week later, i txt and ask for financial documents because they never gave them to me. I spoke to Thai Nguyen in the financial department and he said the deal wasnt even completed..the bank needed proof my other loan was paid off...ok cool..sent it over next day. I thought that was the end.. NO! These SOB call me 3 weeks later saying they need the car back because the loan company wouldn't sign off on loan because of no DL...i had until Monday to return the car...this was 7/12...Im pissed and confused by this time...on 7/13 a guy named tony calls and says we need the car back today!!!! WTF! I've had the car almost a month smh...i take the car back and these idiots say they can get me in another car! Are you stupid? No...luckily..they refunded my down payment ..its on my credit card..so lets see in a few days if i get my money back! If not, im calling my lawyer.
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What the *** did Clay Cooley reply? Hey, Clay, why did you give him the car to begin with? Clay Cooley lives in an 11,000 square foot mansion off of Northwest highway, by the way.


You have the worst possible driving record, lousy credit, and who knows what other detrimental issues and you are blaming somebody who tried to help you ? You make me want to puke and I hope you don't live within 500 miles of me because you probably can't drive even when you are sober and someone hands you another car.

You're lucky they didn't send "Tony" to take it from you.

Are you stupid ? (your question, not mine)

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Irving, Texas
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Poor customer service
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Clay Cooley in Irving Texas, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE

As all car dealerships, there is a bait and switch that takes place, and we informed the new sales person that we were not going to wait for hours, and needed an answer ASAP or we would be happy to find another source for purchasing our car. The Bait and Switch did indeed take place. Garrett has a lot to learn when it comes to listening to your client. The Finance Manager thought he could talk the bad news away and was most rude and condescending. Thus my comment to him when he was following us out of the building, asking us to please listen. I turned and informed this person that I was not an unintelligent women, and he need not speak to me as though I was ignorant. Stay away from this group of merry men. The dealership was dirty, bathrooms almost unusable and the I think the receptionist needs to find a new line of work. Not at all what Clay Cooley represented in the commercials on television. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.
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Problems with payment

Customer Service