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Scam Artist worst

6 passenger cart break down. Exchange on the other cart break down. Worst customer service dont want to give your deposit back. I will be reporting the bbc
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Classy Cycles Golf Cart Rental
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Classy Cycles - Scooter Rental Review from Grandview, Missouri

Thieves! Particularly the little weasel that rented us the bikes. Terrible customer service one of the vehicles broke down on us. Call the emergency contact number no answer had to leave the bike where broke down and walk all the way back to our hotel. And then they charged us both deposits after we had returned back home of course... the guy told us to leave the key and paperwork in the backseat of the vehicles when we drop them off so we did. One of the scooter seats for self-locking so apparently they had to hire a locksmith to open the seat to get the stuff out and then claimed one of the helmets my children were wearing the whole time was completely destroyed thusbeing the reason to charge me both deposits.
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Grandview, Missouri
Classy Cycles Scooter Rental
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Classy Cycles Golf Cart Rental Review from Mcminnville, Tennessee

I didn't read reviews before renting golf cart. Was accused of damages that I didn't do. Payed $100 for deposit that I thought was to cover the insurance, incase of an accident. Was blamed for busted wheel that I didn't do. They kept deposit and charged $135 extra to my card. For what, I don't know. Total rental for less than 12 hours was over $400. Filed a complaint to better business bureau. Please be aware of these *** bags. Gonna put a post in our local paper so at least more people know about these crooks. Lesson well learned.
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Mcminnville, Tennessee
Classy Cycles Golf Cart Rental
Reason of review
Order processing issue

Buyer beware, scammers!!

Same scam for me as well. *** golf cart would not hold a charge and the lights did not even work (verified with the mechanic out of ear shot of the owner that the connection had to be soddered) --- imagine my surprise when the owner?? Mike said there was also undercarriage scratches that I would have to pay $100 for. I have spent my whole day trying to contact Colleen the owners daughter to discuss only to be informed that they are not going to work with us and the $100 will apply. I have contacted the better business bureau and I am disputing the charge right now. I wanted this noted for others... buyer beware.
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Panama City, Florida
Reason of review
Damaged or defective
Preferred solution
Full refund
New Reviewer

Classy Cycles (AKA California Cycles) Panama City Beach FL

This company is nothing more than a bunch of red neck crooks. They rent scooters, golf carts and motorcycles down in Panama City beach florida. I wish I would have read the reviews prior to taking my business there.****#feedback-reviews My father and I rented a golf cart while on vacation in Panama City Beach Florida - for our family to use. We went to Classy Cycles - and agreed to rent a golf cart for $125 from 8pm - 10am the next morning. We rode the golf cart around for about 2 hours - which it was a total piece of ***. The battery wouldn't stay charged the steering was horrific and the brakes sucked. However, it worked and got us around in Panama City to the shops and stuff - my two little girls loved it - all in all it was fun. Well in the rental agreement it stated that I would charge the battery prior to returning the golf cart at 10am the next morning. So at 11pm - I drove the golf cart about 2 miles back to the Classy Cycles location - where I was told I could leave it overnight and let it charge. My vehicle was still there at their shop - so no big deal, I rode it down - plugged it in right next to the other golf cart sitting there charging. I did just as they asked me to. Then when I return at 10am the next morning to drop off the key - the kid takes it from me - immediately starts up the golf cart and states the battery is not fully charged - it is down 3 nothces. I informed him that it had been charging all night - and there must be an issue with the battery. Then he informed me that I would have to wait for the "boss". 15 minutes later here comes in this 60 year old Billy Ray Cirus wanna be trailer trash. IMMEDIATELY as soon as he comes in - he does not greet me nor ask how I am doing - never mind you I just gave his business $125 dollars for a service. He starts writing up the ticket for forfeiture or security deposit for brining the golf cart back not fully charged. He would not even let me explain it had been sitting at his office all night charging. He first accussed me of lying - saying I did not bring the golf cart back - even though my father, mother, wife and 2 kids know that I did. I went out of my way - to do as they had asked of me. His name was Mike - and he was a bully/asshat - it became clear really quick then that I was being scammed. I went out to the car and explained to my wife what happened - that basically we just got ripped off for $100. Well my wife - she is a good person, doesn't do wrong to others - never has, she is a caring person. She wants to go in and talk to Mike - to get to the bottom of what is going on. Not once would he look her in the face - or respond to her questions, instead he turned to bullying and making fun of her. The "kids" working there - would not even look my wife in the face - they knew what there dad was doing - because it seems he has been doing it for some time now. If you read the reviews - you will find story after story - just like mine. Now to get to the real kicker of the story - they then have the audacity to charge my fathers credit card $200 instead of just the $100 for the deposit. My father put the deposit on his credit card - then we paid the $125 in cash. My dads credit card company is giving him his $ back and going after the Classy Cycles chump of an owner Mike. However, I want to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else - there are other reputable companies in Panama City Beach Florida to rent scooters and golf carts. Please go to the Facebook page that I created and like and share it with your friends:!/pages/Classy-Cycles-13416-Front-Beach-Road-Panama-City-Beach-FL-SCAM-Artists/346880****48848?id=346880****48848&sk=info Help me put this company out of business - they shouldn't be able to profit off deceit of trickery.
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They charge for fraudulent items and have been sued by the State. The defendants will pay $20,000 in refunds to consumers, including $12,395 in refunds to 56 consumers who filed complaints against Classy Cycles.

The remaining funds are to be paid to consumers who file complaints showing that they are due refunds within 120 days of the date of the judgment. Consumers may file a complaint by Dec.

2, 2017.

Anyone who suspects unfair or deceptive business practices can file a complaint with the Attorney General's Office online at or call (866) 9-NO-SCAM.


the only reason they can not give you satisfaction is because the panama city beach council members will not allow her to by more vehicles


I posted a review on their Facebook page and the "owner" Colleen sent me a private message treating to sue me. I took the post down but this goes to show what kind of people they are.

Very unprofessional and extremely rude. No wonder the Panama City Beach Council is going to shut down all scooter rental companies.

But this woman will fight you tooth and nail if you post anything negative about them. Read their Facebook reviews and make sure to read the comments associated with's her being a bully.


Thank you for the heads up. I am looking for a rental place to rent for a family of 5 for the whole week.

I'll avoid this place just because you have given me warning. I appreciate it.

It really upsets me when places like this take advantage of vacationers. I'll help you put them out of business.


We definitely had the same issue. We rented a scoot coop as they call them.

I definitely agree with you sir nothing but down-home white trash want to bes. They are nothing but a big rip off. Somebody needs to put these people out of business.

We work very hard to be able to save the money to take our family here. Maybe Panama City should do something about it considering the Tourist what keeps that town afloat.


I basically had the same issue. I'm going to fight this company.


OMG..My family & I rented from them the beginning of August. The same story.

They found a little scratch and told me to wait for their boss (2 young punks). After 15 minutes a man w/ tattoos & wife beater shows up and starts taking pics. He never says a word to us. After 10 minutes of ignoring us, he tells us we owe $300 but will reduce to our $100 deposit.

I thought I was on a hidden camera show. We did nothing to the scooters which were full of dents and scratches to begin with. It was the young punks word against ours. Please, please, lets do something about this!!!

I have contacted the owners, police and BBB. We need to stand together and take action.

According to the web, they have scammed about 40+ people...same story. Please respond so we can go after these horrible people!


Thanks for the review was about to rent from them intill I read all thes bad reviews. In panama this week


I'm Glad I Reviewed Before Renting. I Just Walked To The Establishment To Inquire About Rates.

I Backed Down After Inquiring About Insurance Only To Discover They Don't Offer Insurance. Red Flag!

Any Reputable Auto Rental Company Offers Consumer Insurance. I'm Sure The Company Is Insured & Bonded.


My family and I were vacationing in Panama City Beach, Florida the week of July 8-13, 2013. On July 11 we decided to rent two scooters from California Cycles. Their location was close to our condo and on the initial impression were reputable. I rented two scooters for my son and his friend to ride and after the standard paperwork, payment, and a $100 deposit for damages discussion was completed, a young man named Brian (turns out that he was the owner's son) completed a very short tutorial on the features and operation of the scooter. The tutorial and "inspection" took about 2 minutes and since there was no obvious existing damage the boys were off for the ride.

I returned later to rent a three wheeled "spider" type of scooter that are very popular there. As I was waiting and deciding what unit to rent an adult lady comes out of the shop ranting about never renting from this company. She said they had kept her deposit for "damages" she did not do. She called their business a scam and stormed off the premises. With that in mind, I proceeded to pay another $100 deposit for "damages" and rented the spider scooter. I made a point of going around it with the owner's son and we both identified existing scratches, "damage" etc. We had paid for overnight rentals on all three of the rentals and proceeded to enjoy them.

We ran the spider scooter out of fuel (they don't have fuel gauges) shortly after we got it because it wasn't full when we left with it, as it was represented to be. We filled it up with fuel and had no further incidents with any of the three rentals. We returned them overnight to their business and I was there before the rental time expired with the keys to all three and prepared to get the deposits back.

The owner's son immediately went to one of the scooters and "found" a scratch on the underside of the plastic cowl in front of the floorboards of the scooter my son rode. It was not the type of thing the casual observer would just walk up and instantly notice. I was suspect at the time because of how fast he went to the exact spot this "damage" was. At the time I could not help but feel like he had found this "damage" before on previous rentals of this scooter and that I was about to get scammed by the home boys on this transaction.

The owner's son took a very casual look a the spider and one of the scooters and judged them to be in good condition and said I would get the deposit on the spider back but that he would have to call the general manager (dad) about the "damage" to the other scooter.

After waiting a half hour or more, "dad" shows up, jumps out of his truck, camera in hand, and after a very brief consultation with the son goes out takes a photo (again I could not help but feel he had seen this "damage" before) of the "damage", and begins to fill out the paperwork for the charges for the "damage. "Dad" did a great job of ignoring me, chain smoking, and generally being indifferent about the "damage" issue, f only concerned only with getting his charges figured.

To this point in the incident he has not so much as said a word to me about anything, that after I spent $300 on scooter rentals from him. Finally he decides to talk to me to inform me I owe him $269 for damages. Simply put he is keeping the initial $100 deposit plus and additional charge of $169 for a total of $269.

Being 600 miles from home and in no position to do much about it since he had followed the local ordinance that required the photo of the damage, and an itemized list of "damages", I decided it was pointless to fight the issue there. It is very hard to beat the "home boys" in their house. It was obvious they were experienced in this scam and knew how to execute it to perfection. After returning home from vacation and checking them out on the web, it appears they do this scam a lot and have a new complaint posted on various websites on a weekly basis and have done so for years!

I will never rent from them again.

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Panama City Beach, Florida

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