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Does ANYONE truly believe that Classic Tax Resolution is REALLY out to help consumers? After viewing their smarmy YouTube video, all I see is stock images and deceptive business practices, overcharging fees and incompetent staff, why would ANYONE want to do business with this company. The lousy Classic Tax Resolution website does nothing to support a taxpayers concerns/issues/problems with the IRS. Taxpayers want a company that can actually handle their concerns, problem and issues without all the hype and without deceptive business practices and definitely without paying ridiculously high fees. Does Classic Tax Resolution have an "F" rating with the BBB? Look it up. Do they have thousands of complaints on message boards, on complaint boards, letters and pending lawsuits against them for bad business practices? So, again, WHO would WANT to do business with such a horrible company? Consumers should look for competent companies who actually know what they are doing and can assist taxpayers with the issues in a timely manner. There are other companies out there who care and can honestly help taxpayers with their concerns. Classic Tax Resolution is only interested in one thing, lining Lloyd Lee's pockets with cash. If his company cared so much about the Taxpayer why don't they show some actual success stories or tell you who their enrolled agents, CPAs, or lawyers on their website? Why haven't they addressed the thousands of complaints they have against them, why do they continue to allow Lloyd Lee to lead this company into the ground? Why is Classic Tax Resolution not hiring any qualified people to work their cases? Questions like these are those that need answers. Why would anyone want to do business with this company?
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Does anyone TRULY believe that article written by someone pretending to be from Classic? It sounds to me like a very disgruntled individual who disliked Classic because Classic was giving someone a run for their money!!

I checked up on the complaint and found all of it FALSE!!! So, it would appear that someone just got upset because Classic was doing a better job at taking care of business versus whoever wrote this article. I used Classic Tax Resolution and found the company to NOTHING like the negative article described. They aren't listed with the BBB and don't have any complaints against them currently.

So, careful with the negative article.

It's full of trash talk by a jealous individual(s) who don't appreciate hard work and ethical behavior. Shame on them for lying like that!


I read the negative posting and don't believe a word of it. I believe this article was posted because of Mr.

Lee's honest interview that is posted on the internet about TaxMasters. He was honest, told the truth about TaxMasters and sure enough, one year later, the company and its Leader fell from grace and filed bankruptcy. Mr. Lee was totally correct about the goings on regarding TaxMasters and the article written above must have been written by someone at TaxMasters - probably the "fat man" himself because he didn't like the interview with ABC and the investigative report by Brian Ross.

The internet interview is very interesting and Mr. Lee proved to be honest and sincere in his answers. He just told the truth and the truth came to fruition a year later. I called Classic Tax because TaxMasters charged me $6000 and DID NOTHING!

My file was under a desk and empty. NO WORK had been done by TAXMASTERS!!!! I explained my situation to Classic Tax and they immediately started on my case and within 3.5 weeks were able to complete my case and my cost was only $2500. I couldn't get any money back from TaxMasters but Classic's fees were so reasonable and they handled my case so effectively I didn't mind paying the extra monies to clean up what TaxMasters had screwed up!

I'm glad I called them, I'm glad TaxMasters and that ugly "fat man" is finally off TV and I'm glad TaxMasters is OUT OF BUSINESS! Thank you, Classic for taking great care of my case!


I just finished my tax resolution business with Classic Tax and found that they saved me over $4500 versus what the IRS said I owed. Had I handled my taxes correctly I might now have gotten into trouble with the IRS but Classic Tax Resolution took very good care of my tax problem and saved me money to boot.

The folks at Classic took care of my tax problem right away. They talked to me, kept in touch with me about my situation, my options and did not charge me ANY upfront fees like TaxMasters and JK Harris tried to do to me. I'm glad I took the time to check out Classic, call them and talk to them and finally decided to do business with them. I also have a business to run and Classic offered to handle all my bookkeeping and future tax filings so I stay in good with the IRS and don't fall into another pit like I did this time.

I'm happy with all the services I received from Classic and will definitely share my experience with Classic to other folks I know.

They are great! Thank you, Classic Tax!


The article that appears above MUST have been written by someone at TaxMasters or some other competitor. Why would Classic Tax Resolution write a negative article about itself?

You can tell by the writing that it was someone other than the folks at Classic. That's obvious. I'm glad TaxMasters is gone, finally. They only ripped people off.

I checked on Classic Tax Resolution and found them to be very professional and very helpful. They helped me with my accounting business and file my tax work on time! I use them because they are what they say they are and they have great customer service. They do have Professional Tax Preparers, they do have former IRS folks working with the, they do have an attorney and a network of people that work with this company.

They are very professional and I don't regret ever calling Classic and having them take care of my business.

They have fair and reasonable pricing also that folks can live with. I enjoy using the company's services and plan on doing so for a long time.


I know who the person was that wrote the article "CLAIMING" all those negative things about Classic Tax. It was a manager at Tax Masters who was upset that Classic Tax Resolution began receiving customers fed up with Tax Masters.

I worked there and watched the manager write the complaint. The manager's intent was to make Classic look bad because Tax Masters client base was starting to be affected in the sales department. None of the information above is true. The manager just wanted to make Classic Tax Resolution and Lloyd Lee look bad for having gone on ABC news and exposing Tax Masters for what they truly were - a ripoff company with an "F" rating with the BBB and who was sued by 6 states for deceptive business practices.

I worked at Tax Masters for 3 years, 2 of those years I worked with Mr. Lee. Mr. Lee made very positive changes that were actually helping Tax Masters; not hurting it.

But the manager over our department was jealous of Mr. Lee's work and attention. The manager was also afraid as was Patrick Cox that Mr. Lee's continued work would expose the company's deceptive practices even further if they didn't get rid of him.

So, the manager used some really lame excuses to get rid of Mr. Lee. I'm happy Mr. Lee has been able to move on and do well with his new company.

From what I hear, Classic Tax Resolution has helped so many people that TAx Masters ripped off or tried to rip off. I quit the company a year after Mr. Lee left. I just couldn't take the deceit and all rip offs the company did to us as employees.

We worked hard but got little in return. I'm glad I left. I now work for another company and I love my work and the manager is really nice. Renee Miller was a worthless manager because she just did whatever Pat Cox told her to do.

I hope she ends up in court and confesses all the wrongs she did for Pat Cox. They can hold each other's hands as they march off to jail.


I needed tax preparation help as HR block really messed my tax returns up over the last 5 years. They had me getting back lots of cash when the return had been done wrong in the first place.

The IRS sent me a letter and said I owed them all that money back plus interest. I was really scared and decided to look up another tax preparation company that could help and came across Classic Tax Resolution. They not only helped me but talked with the IRS, re-did my tax returns and helped me get my tax returns set up right and filed correctly.

I'm glad I called them. Classic did a great job for me!!!!


Tax Masters has finally closed their doors and I'm one taxpayer that is glad to see that finally come. Tax Masters tried to rip me off by trying to tell me that I needed to pay $6500 before they could help me.

I hung up on them right then and there and called Classic Tax Resolution to see if they could help me. Not only did they help me, but they didn't try to rip me off. Classic talked with me first, then told me they would take my case step by step and only bill me for the services that would be needed. My case ended up not needing as many steps as Tax Masters tried to "sell me" on.

I saved over $3500 by calling Classic Tax Resolution and letting them handle my tax situation. Thanks Classic!

You really came through when I needed your help! I will recommend you to anyone who needs tax help!


Just wanted to thank Classic for all their help. I needed help with my taxes and they took real good care of me.

Their office was easy to find and I didn't need an appointment. I just showed up, told them what I needed and they helped me right away. I paid them what I owed and I think it was very fair. I have used HR Block and Jakson Hewitt and they both took my money and did not do my tax work right.

Classic took good care of me and fixed my taxes. Thank you Classic for helping me out.


I work overseas and needed tax help. I contacted Classic Tax Resolution while I was home on leave and talked with the professionals there at Classic.

Mr. Frias and Mr. Laurier answered all my questions and Mr. Lee prepared my tax information.

The work they did and the fees they charged were so good, I gave them a $100 tip for taking such good care of me. Thanks Classic!!!


I wanted to take a moment and thank Classic Tax Resolution for taking care of me during this tax season. My taxes were a mess and I needed some help getting organized and filing my tax return.

Classic was not only helpful but took care of me, provided some helpful tips on how to better organize myself for next year and their fees were very, very reasonable. I will continue to use Classic Tax Resolution. I found them to be very helpful and very knowledgable in this tax business and they took very good care of me.

I would recommend them to anyone who might need some tax help. They sure took care of ME!

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The company hellp me with my back taxes

If you need a tax resolution company call Classic Tax Resolution at 800-391-****. They help me with my back taxes, their prices are probably half or less than half of what you will paid to any of those big companies. Classic will charge you for the services that you need and they will be honest and tell you if they will not be able to help you. those big companies when you call they charge you at front without knowing if you will qualify for any of the programs available at the IRS. Visit and speak to Shirley Frias
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Who the heck is the nutcase that wrote the bad report on Classic Tax Resolution? This company is a great company and helped me with my tax problems without charging me an arm and a leg.

I checked out Tax Masters and there are so many complaints about this company I can completely understand why Mr. Lee and his associates left that company to start up a new company. Tax Masters has so many complaints and is being sued by so many people for bad business that its no wonder that Mr. Lee left.

Mr. Lee is DEFINITELY NOT a liar. He knows his Tax stuff and is a real honest and good person. He certainly helped me with the IRS and getting out of a nasty jam with them.

Whoever wrote these negative comments really didn't know Mr. Lee. He is one person and he didn't sink the Tax Masters ship. It had to be the heads of the company who weren't doing their job that caused Tax Masters to fail.

Not one person. The complaint against Mr. Lee is completely false and the person who wrote it should be ashamed for making false statements. Classic Tax Resolution is NOT a RIP OFF Company.

If anyone is a RIP OFF, it's Tax Masters for all their wrongdoings to us taxpayers. They are just a worthless company and don't take care of their customers.


I called Classic Tax Resolution for help with my taxes. Mr.

Lee took my case and was extremely nice, helpful and took care of me and my tax issues. Ms. Frias was exceptionally nice and provided all the necessary paperwork I needed based on Mr. Lee's advice.

What was really nice is that their prices were extremely affordable. Nothing like some of the local companies I contacted such as Tax Masters. They were WAY too high and sounded like a used car sales team. Didn't care for Tax Masters AT ALL!

Classic took very good care of me and many thanks to them for all their hard work and help. Whoever wrote those nasty things about Mr. Lee must have had an ax to grind because Mr.

Lee and his company are very nice people and do a great job. Thanks Classic!


I don't know if this person or company knows Mr. Lee but anyone who has had contact with Mr.

Lee would know that he definitely is not what this comment states. I also find this particular comment interesting for the fact that it states that the company itself wrote this email about itself. I don't think this is the case. I read this comment and decided to contact the company to see if the comments listed are true.

When I called the company I found them to be polite, knowledgeable and very helpful. I mentioned to the person I spoke with the complaint listed on this complaint board and asked them about my first issue - the BBB rating. The person I spoke to stated that the info was not true and misleading as the BBB does not rate companies that are less than a year old. Thus, Classic's rating would not be listed as of yet because the company has not been in business long enough to have a rating.

I called the BBB and found this information to be absolutely true. I then talked with Shirley Frias who assisted me with my tax concern. She stated she is not a tax prep but can answer common questions and direct me to Mr. Lee or others who would discuss in more depth what my options were.

I found Mr. Lee to be very helpful as well as the others in his staff who filed my returns and helped me save money. I found their fees to be very reasonable and affordable.

I would definitely do business with this company again and find the negative information regarding Classic Tax Resolution to be the work of a competitor who is trying to discredit them in order to attract business in their direction. I have notified all those I know not to pay attention to the negative comments as they appear to be fraudulent and misleading.



They are a group of ex-TaxMasters employees--the ones who were fired for nearliy sinking the company with lack of production and inability to serve clients AND to be honest with customers.

Lloyd Lee could not produce at his last job. Why would anyone think he could produce at this one???

Classic Tax Resloution Scam. Classic Tax Resolution Fraud. Classic Tax Resolution Ripoff. Lloyd Lee Ripoff. Lloyd Lee Liar. Lloyd Lee Scammer. Lloyd Lee Dishonest. Lloyd Lee CHEATS Customers.

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