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Let PissedConsumer find lead class action plaintiffs for you

PissedConsumer is an online review and complaint platform. We offer finding plaintiffs for your class action lawsuits via mailing campaigns, targeted advertisement campaigns and a wide range of other customizable solutions.

  • 74%
    Avg open rate for mailing campaigns
  • 93%
    Traffic comes from the United States
  • 62%
    Audience has an “I am ready to sue” mood
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We have pissed consumers writing hundreds of thousands of reviews on our platform about wrongdoings committed against them by various businesses. We help these consumers get heard, and protect them by partnering with different industries, including law firms. What people write about on our site is what law firms often sue businesses for!

We offer a simple workflow

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You give us your
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We search our database for
potential matches
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You get new plaintiffs

PissedConsumer is an intermediary between legal marketing agencies, consumer protection attorneys and potential plaintiffs.

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Review authors are real people with real problems

Our posters and visitors are real people who are really pissed, hurt and want justice.
To the point where they not only write about it, but also talk about it on camera.

With our mailing and advertisement services you will get


We will save you time and money spent on chasing individuals who are essentially “cold” leads and may or may not want to be a part of your class action.

Customized approach

You will get services that are tailored to meet your specific needs whether they are based on a particular type of class action or peculiarities that are appropriate to a certain jurisdiction, etc.

The perfect target audience

You will have the advantage of audience segmentation where we ensure that the right people are reached out to with the right message.

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plaintiffs within a week.

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