Omar Wco
map-marker Woodland Park, Colorado

Enid, Oklahoma Allows Pedophiles To Reside Near Schools And Families With Small Children.

Enid, Oklahoma allows pedophiles to reside near schools and families with small children. They will not serve warrants for violations to registered sex offenders, especially pedophiles. I believe that one of their city commissioners is a *** (Lloyd Kauffman). I know for a fact that one of their city commissioners was fired from covington, Oklahoma for corrupt acts while being a sheriff there. Enid had never screened these people prior to elections. No background checks were conducted for them. The citizens must be subjected to drug and background screening, so why not all of their city employees and officials? What about their ex-mayor "Mr. Comic Book" himself? The roads are horrible and need to be torn up and completely replaced with new roads. The water was so toxic that freshly poured concrete slabs would only become brittle and cracked within two or so weeks, thanks to the polluted city water. The city library had asbestos removed from the building a while back. I wonder if their city daycare centers and schools also contain asbestos insulation? Maybe the feds should send in the EPA year-round for the next few decades. Enid has its own proprietary strain of clymedia (a.k.a.: "the clap" - an STD), found nowhere else on Earth. The CDC should quarantine the whole city. The city schools only spread head louse infestations to innocent families, and then blame all of the parents for their unclean schools.
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