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Already talked about the problems I'm having with them and the boxes.I have called to get them replaced. They said they put in 2 new ones. They have been making noise and sometimes if you're on a higher channel and go to a lower channel you get a blank screen. You have to go to another channel and go back and it works. They told me about a year ago that others have complained about basically the same issue. They said the wiring to the building...
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Since getting the two cable boxes replaced I have heard noise from them.Like amps. It gets loud and goes away. I have been told to bring them in to their solution store to exchange them. I am on two canes. How do you think I can get them down stairs? One rep said there would be a charge if someone came out. Even if you're handicapped? I asked for the supervisor and was on hold for about a minute and disconnected. I have to let my temper to go...
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I didn't like
  • Getting different answers as to why i was having problems