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I have been on disability for 3 weeks and they are the worst company to deal with because they screw the employees of companies who paid into disability. No one should ever purchase from this company Cigna ever. They will destroy your life. I tried to talk to them and will never talk to them and I even though I cannot walk have to try to get my employer to give me light duty when I should be recovering from surgery. Worst company ever to...
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I didn't like
  • Worst disability insurance
  • Deceitful business practices
I had some subjective complaints, but many documented objective complaints and all CIGNA likes to do is deny. They do not live up to their statements of excellence, diversity, or anything else. They pay for people who they are afraid of and those who earnestly are trying to get off of disability, they deny your claim. I am an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse and my husband is a cardiologist. I am going to complain/sue/complain/sue until...
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I had short term disability through Cigna by my employer. First thing was they gave an incomplete list of what was needed to be sent. I had to do that 4 times. By the time I got my first paycheck it was a month. Then when my claim had to be renewed I called them and gave them all they said they needed. I waited and my pay was only what my employer gave me for earned PTO. I called. The girl then informed me that my doctor has to send them...
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I didn't like
  • Rude customer service representatives
  • Wait wait wait
  • Everything so far

Cigna Short Term Disability Insurance Review

I've been getting the run around with cigna. I have been off of work since march with lower back and leg pain.My doctors have me disabled and have me on restrictions. I'm to have surgery, Now cigna says it doesn't mean anything. I. Have Mri to prove my back problem. Now there closing my claim. Don't know where to go for help. Pa.