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I just received a call last week from Cigna to simply tell me I am cancelled effective last week. For 9 months my doctor had sent numerous reports to them regarding my condition as per Cigna's request. They think I can perform seditary work which for 9 months my surgeon was very specific as to why I am unable. I have worked my entire life and I truly wish I could. Have to hire an attorney and appeal. Waiting for them to send the info via mail....
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How can a private company use tax payer funds to reimburse itself ??? That is exactly what Cigna does by requiring that plan holders reimburse them with social security disability funds. Social Security is funded by tax payer dollars. I have auto insurance through Nationwide. Am I required to pay them back if I make a claim? No, I'm not! Is Cigna required to reimburse me for all the premiums that I paid to them for the coverage? No they...
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I have been on long term pain management since my last operation with absolutely no change in my medical condition but Cigna has now denied my claim for the third time in just over 4 years. The take heavy doses of narcotic pain medications everyday just to get out of bed. I can't drive or operate machinery. I suffer from dizziness, light headedness, confusion, memory loss, blurred vision, depression and insomnia. I won my last appeal because...
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Anonymous Not only is my issue not resolved but Cigna told me they were sending my claim for an "independent medical review". When I asked for the name of the company or practice perfor...

I didn't like
  • Deceitful business practices
  • Worst disability insurance