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My employer offers short term disability insurance through Cigna. They contact you when you file the claim and after that the rep does not return your calls. They kept my claim 'under review' for three months then changed the status to closed on the website you can log in to. From what I could tell it was approved but I still did not receive any money. When I left a message with the rep about getting paid, this time she called back. She was...
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Got to love Cigna's website! Basically the introduction saying don't worry we got your back and understand when you become ill/injured that your financial situation can become pretty tight very quickly! So don't you worry we are here and strive to get you through these tough times. Whew.. man am I glad to hear that! I've got so much going on at the time that I was already on the *** of a mental breakdown from trying to get my stuff packed and...
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Anonymous It has been established that my husband is going through treatment from stage two oral cancer. Went from surgery to five teeth extraction and now two months of radiation and p...

Cigna/LINA has grown to a net worth of over 56 BILLION DOLLARS. They didn't get to be that WEALTHY by paying out on Long Term Disability Claims. The Worst part is they have partnered with a company called ALLSUP Inc. Allsup has NON ATTORNEY representatives that will appear with you at your SSDI Hearing and are paid by Cigna. If you happen to win your claim and are awarded your SSD Back pay, Allsup sends you a letter saying you OWE ALL YOUR SSDI...
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I didn't like
  • Poor management
  • Should be prosecuted under the rico act of 1970
  • Bad customer service