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Yes, I would like to understand why I am being deducted from your company of $9.00 to the amount of $11.95? I have never given any authorization for your company to deduct from my Checking Account, I would like that you contact by email www.ggefcu.com Government of Guamn Credit Union, and straighten this out with them and that I would like an reimbursement of the amounts that was taken out of my account. I will be filing a dispute on this if there is no action taken. Please reply andThank-you so much Mrs. Hediliza Mafnas
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How do you cancel cic credit monitoring?

I am trying to cancel my credit monitoring account with CIC and the telephone number listed on my credit card statement is not a valid working number. Non of the websites I have been able to find have an address or phone number to contact anyone, you can only purchase more products. If someone knows how I can get through to them please let me know. I am about to cancel my card, just to stop payment. It is great to be able to purchase things on line, but when you go to try to get rid of the service, it takes so long you give up or get pissed. I'm Pissed.
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On the phone with them now, asked for credit card number and social security number, which i am guessing they have both, but i did not feel comfortable giving them to another individual whom works for a fraudulent company.

So i will use my bank to stop this.


Call 1-87*-***-****. You should be able to cancel from that number.

They will try to talk you into staying and other things, just say no and cancel and they will. Good luck!!


SAME HERE!!!! I have a family of lawyers and we could be seeeing some legal action coming this way if we cannot fix this!!!!!!!!!!! :(


I, to am having that same problem.....


:( I am having the same problem. If I find out anything I will let you know.


:( I am having the same problem. If I find out anything I will let you know.

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