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I love Chuck Dorfman!! I've done business with Mr. Dorfman for the last 3 years and have enjoyed every transaction we've ever done together. He is generous and extremely helpful. A real team player. I'm actually incredibly surprised anyone would have any issues with Chuck. Sounds like a fake complaint by a conpetitor.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service
Aiden Drq
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Chuck Dorfman is the best Individual ever!

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Chuck has been there for me every time, I can't believe people are talking back about Chuck when all he do is help people!. I will always talk good about Mr. Chuck Dorfman. He is a very honest and hardworking individual who has been for me every time i need him. Those people who talk about him should be a shame of themselves because they don't even think how they have hurt his reputation by posting those words. I am a real person and have dealt with Chuck for over 3 years and have nothing else that thank him for always being there for me. Thank you Chuck!
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  • He is very honest
  • He is straight forward
  • How he helps people
Reason of review:
Good customer service

Chuck Dorfman Realtor is a SCAM ARTIST!

If you are reading this, you are probably a wise consumer; wiser than myself since I failed to do my due diligence on Chuck Dorfman Realtor, prior to commencing any business activity with him. This individual is as dirty as dirty gets in the real estate and finance industry; I am providing this testimonial as a previous client of Chuck Dorfman "Realtor", and I was taken for over $18,000 in a real estate scam he put together and solicited my monies for. Chuck Dorfman is so deeply entrenched in being a scam artist that if you were ever to approach him with any financial related matter, he always steps forward and claims to know best or "have a guy for that." When I first approached him in 2009 it was for my real estate needs and he was quick to pitch me with, " Capital Managment Services" and "Investment Opportunities" - aside from Real Estate dealings. He leaves a wake of homeowners who fell victim to his conniving business practices and I have taken the time in investigating that he primarily targeted homeowners in Las Vegas and Los Angeles; My loss with Chuck Dorfman Realtor occurred in Los Angeles. He targets people who are too trusting and lend themselves to whatever charisma he pretends to exude. Unfortunately, most of these people don't have the means to seek recourse after being defrauded, since it is primarily a civil matter. I am not going to go into any great length on the details of my loss, since it will do me no good; I know better now. I can only put it out there to any consumer who is smart enough to do their due diligence and read this posting, HEED THIS WARNING. With so many real estate professionals out there and the controlling influence they have on big ticket items like a home, this individual is certainly one you could do without.
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This is Chuck. Eager to dispute this funny and

fake complaint posted by Tom Cass, my ex partner

with severe bipolar condition who has already admitted to

posting this complaint and had promised he would remove it.

As always, I'm available by phone, IM, email, fax and any means of communications because that is what professionals do.

818-971-**** is my direct line. Call me with any questions about ANY matter pertaining to real estate or this posts and anything it claims.

Afterall, I'm here giving my number and ready to talk and some annonymous *** is hiding behind a laptop. Very cute.

Chuck Dorfman

map-marker Henderson, Nevada

Chuck Dorfman of Rodeo Realty CANNOT be Trusted

Chuck Dorfman of Rodeo Realty CANNOT be Trusted
Chuck Dorfman of Rodeo Realty CANNOT be Trusted - Image 2
Chuck Dorfman of Rodeo Realty CANNOT be Trusted - Image 3
I work with Chuck Dorfman, and I've watched him screw over people over and over with his smooth talking and bad accent. My conscience wouldn't let me sit back and say nothing anymore. This guy wheels and deals anyway we can, real estate purchases, business investments, mortgage lending, capital management, you name it. Regardless of the avenue, he'll find an angle to *** over. For example, he'll go to desperate people about to lose their homes and talk them into draining the last of their savings, selling assets, even cashing in retirement funds, for fees and operational costs of some miracle service he's going to provide them which will rescue them from their woes, usually at the tune of $5000+. Then he'll do something like negotiate a short sale structured to pay him twice the usual rate of commission by charging both the buyer and the seller. Most time this money is attached to the judgement the sellers get slapped with for what they owe the back for selling at a price less than they owed. This puts them on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars more than if they had used anyone else besides Chuck Dorfman. Not scummy enough? Before the government cracked down he was responsible for putting literally hundreds of people into these situations buy talking them into taking out huge amounts of equity from their homes by getting mortgages from him with huge fees and horrible rates and terms. And those truly "lucky" clients of his, the ones he'd call "his one of a kind special people" to their faces; Chuck Dorfman would get them to go into some business venture with him with the money they pulled out of their homes that always resulted in the business failing, which he'd blame on the economy, even though he'd have promised it was immune to what was going on, because he'd pocket the investment money by fudging start-up expenses or paying himself a salary or paying friends or family for phony services. And these are just a couple of Chuck Dorfman's scams. Stay away from this guy and keep your loved ones away from him too.
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this is interesting to read. I dealt with chuck twice and working on a third time.

We had no problems.. so go figure..


Chuck also has a real addiction to *** and *** This consuming problem probably requires significant funding. I've known of this guy for awhile and he thinks he can get away with murder. The guy is a real putz.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-366625

I'll 2nd that notion, lol. I've partied with him before among him and some other friends.

Between the *** and drugs a good time was had by all!

Miss you out here in Vegas "Mr. Big" =)


I have a notification set up through google that keeps me

in the loop on my online presence. BECAUSE I DEEPLY CARE

about my reputation.

The things written about me here are false and have been copy & pasted from a different article about someone else.

I can't imagine anyone I deal with having the time and patience to write something like this about me because I make sure that I conduct business in a way that allows my clients to express their concerns.

I always make certain that my clients are satisfied and that every situation is a win/win to the best of my ability.

I would not respond to this silly article if I had ANY doubts about the way I

do business. As a matter of fact, the fist instinct is to ignore it and let it be forgotten.

I am a great agent and If anyone thinks otherwise, please feel free to let me know in person, via email at Chuck@***.com or by phone 818-971-**** and let me know how I can improve.

I have a feeling that I know who posted this silly article that was not even an original content or original thought.

As always, don't believe everything you read and if you do decide to read and research, there are plenty of positive articles about me and the way I conduct business.

Thank you,


Chuck Dorman



He looks like a ***

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