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I've made posts regarding this issue on other sites - CL Rants and Raves, RipOff Report, Ripped Off Online, YELP, etc. "Someone" (I believe the owner of this shop) keeps flagging my posts for removal and had my post removed from YELP - but I reposted on all sites. Finds it necessary to email me and call me filthy names via email - I have reported this person to the sites. This is nothing but the truth--I do NOT take this lightly...I do NOT normally go and post on these times of sites--however, when this type of injustice has been done, I do it. My friend is a single working mother and she needs this $200 she made as a deposit to this rip-off place - they take "cash only" so what does that say? I am sure they don't report their full earnings to IRS, etc.--another issue, but here is review that was posted on other sites. Do not go to this shop if you want quality work and a clean shop and someone who will do your tattoo great and who isn't high. The employees are druggies...proven! I have read some reviews online - shop smells of pot (owner's excuse was it was one of the artists' "medicine"), shop is filthy, employees are high, etc. A friend of mine paid big money for a tattoo that was supposed to be beautiful - the artist's work was always superb (she had done numerous tats for my friend) - until she turned into a druggie. Her work has suffered and it showed. The artist took pictures of the finished tattoo and posted on Instagram - her boss (owner of the shop - artists are independents) made her remove it as it is so bad - so that says it all I think. My friend asked this artist - before she turned into an addict - to draw another tat for her and she asked for $200 up front for deposit - not unusual for a custom tat to be done - however -- she never did the drawing and now she is not trusted by my friend to do tattoo nor fix first one she messed up so bad--and the boss, Cleen Rock, knows it. My friend asked for her money back and all she got was rude text messages calling her filthy names, threats and general harassment. She has all of the texts printed out along with the comments from a Social Media Page so yes she has proof of the harassment and name calling, etc. So my friend went to the owner of the shop - Cleen Rock - his response was not what would be expected for a supposedly respectable business. All he asked was "what do you want me to do?" In other words - I'm not and can't do anything - when in reality, Cleen Rock, yes you can!!! Do what is professionally, legally and morally right - refund her money and take a percentage of your artist's earnings until SHE pays you back. He apparently cares nothing for his customers - very poor business practices. As far as the cleanliness - one post on line stated that the shop was very dirty so I have to question -- are instruments and equipment being sterilized properly if at all? Are tables and chairs etc. being sanitized? Is ink fresh and clean? The owner's response to this was -- his "cleaning person" was off that day so the shop wasn't cleaned - do the artists and owner not know how to clean? I, for one, would not go to a shop where there is filth and it's a mess, and I do have to question on sterilization of equipment and cleanliness of ink. I've been in many, many tattoo shops and have never encountered evident drug use, filth, messiness, questionable sanitation procedures, etc. I'd rather go someplace reputable, clean, sanitary, with artists who are not high, and pay more and get great work - not something from an addict who has no clue what she is doing any more. This went public on Social Media site and the artist was on the post making harassing comments and the owner was on there stating my friend was being childish - who is being childish here? The artist and the not respond to a customer complaint with name calling and threats and harassment - THAT is childish. She is within her rights to ask for a refund and when she said she would simply file a small claims case, the artist sent her another nasty message. My friend texted her and told her the conversation was over and to cease and desist contacting her - she continued anyway. She is trying to avoid a small claims court case as it would mean time off work, filing papers, etc. The owner never even offered another artist to fix the messed up tattoo free of charge. My friend only asked for her money back that she had paid as a deposit - nothing more, although in small claims she would most likely be awarded more than the $200-they have to pay her court fees, etc. My friend was professional and very nice about it - wasn't calling names, harassing, etc. Cleen Rock didn't like my post on a review site so he had them remove it....can't take the truth Cleen Rock? I will continue to post online and if they remove my posts and I have already told them it is a violation of my Freedom of Speech to voice an opinion, I will simply keep posting. I never called names, never harassed them, just stated the facts and made comments about other posts regarding the drug use and the filth. All she wanted was her $200 back - a drop in the bucket for the shop - you charge $100 minimum regardless of size and coloring of girl had a gift certificate for $50--called the shop and told her she would have to pay an additional $10 as minimum of $60. She got there and they told her another $50 as minimum is $100, so she couldn't use it because you had a minimum of $100 and she only had the gift certificate. They quote prices and then up the price once the customer comes into the shop so if you do go here and get a price - get it in writing...otherwise you WILL be paying more than quoted. One guy was quoted $800 for his tat - sent picture to artist - artist quoted $800. When he arrived for his appt. for the tat, they told him $1300. He showed the owner the text with the quote so they did for $800 and did a lousy job - probably because of the difference they wanted. Didn't want to do work for original quote so did sloppy work. Typical of this shop so I heard. So instead of keeping a repeat customer (for years), causing aggravation, letting your artist harass a customer, protecting your business reputation, you - Cleen Rock - choose to ignore the situation. Again - Do Not Go to THIS shop - you will regret it!!!! Go on the sites I posted - some of the reviews are good which is normal - but there are many that are not so good.....avoid this shop at all costs - there are plenty of other reputable, great tattoo shops in Vegas.
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If she is a single mother why the *** is she wasting money on a tattoo and not her kids/bills?! And no, she doesn't "deserve to treat herself" if she's struggling for $200.

I'm gonna tell you both to get *** and move on with YOUR pathetic life hahahahahah (giving me a second wind here with this laughter at you!)


Your friend needs to write the review miss "my opinion isn't legally Libel, it's MY opinion!" Nooo it's your heresay so SHUT THE *** UP ALREADY "FRIEND" and you must be so oissed about pot becoming legal in a couple of days, eh? (Add another bought of my laughter directed towards YOU baby!)


Sounds more like you're just being a ***, and your friend as well. Deposits are non refundable 99% of the time.

Her being a single mother has nothing to do with that and is just an attempt at pulling heart strings. Also, a quote is not a set in stone price. Anyone who isn't half brain dead knows that. I really hope Cleen sues your *** for slander.

Just as bad as the fat *** who sue McDonald's because "their food is addicting". Eat ***.


This is a slanderous comment and if it were posted about a mainstream shop, this "reviewer" would have been sued. While we have freedom of speech, unfounded accusations that may cost an owner business is not necessarily protected speech.

This person admits to having had no personal experience with the shop and every word sounds like sour grapes to me.

I'm surprised this was allowed to stand, and I think the reviewer has revealed herself to be childish and ignorant of how business works when independent contractors are involved. Ridiculous.


Ashley the tattooer, No longer works for Chrome Gypsy Tattoo.

The real story.

Lady comes in makes a deposit for 200. This is normal. She comes in and gets tattooed several times. She was quoted that it would be about $600.

Now the tattoo ended up costing more and was not finished because she does not want to pay any further past this amount. Please look up definition of QUOTE!! Now this friend here is posting everywhere. Cleen Rock One has owned and operated tattoo studios since 1999 and tried to help but would not come to shop and be rational.

If This lady the complainer and friend that probably is not mad at all and understands the situation. If they would just come down and discuss this we would work this out to an agreeable situation.


I can relate, had a similar experience though not with this particular shop. Artist asked for a deposit before he would work on a drawing for custom tattoo, when we returned he showed us a terrible drawing that made my partner and I question how he even got a job.

The samples of his work we saw were fine, but the drawing was awful. So I politely (yes I was really polite, I was trusting this guy to ink me after all) declined it as a tattoo, saying it wasn't quite what I had in mind and tried to discuss what I'd like to see, figuring the artist would like to work it out with me and come up with a design he and I are both happy with... No, the dude got really pissy that I didn't like his design and told me he didn't think he could help me. When I said uh ok I'll take my deposit back then?

He got really mad and snapped at me about "how hard" he worked on the drawing I didn't like, and said the deposit was his fee for taking the time to draw it for me. I said wait, you never said you would keep the money if I didn't like the design..? And he got more and more belligerent. I kept my cool and was polite, but firm that I felt scammed.

The guy eventually shoved my cash back at me and slammed the register, telling me to never return to his shop again!

All because the drawing wasn't what I had in mind for a tattoo! I guess what I'm saying is, never pay a cash deposit, at least not without getting a receipt and agreeing to some terms beforehand, etc.

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