map-marker Alpharetta, Georgia

Chip "repair" turned crack

I am very dissatisfied by the services on Chipio Windshield Repair. I was approached in a Sams Club Parking lot while pumping gas regarding a chip in my windshield which had previously been filled years ago. After "offering" to re-fill the previously filled chip, the technician, Mr. Dudley, conveniently noticed an additional chip on the other side of the window. Despite my skepticism, I agreed to allow him to contact my insurance company to have this additional chip filled. Have had chips filled before with no negative effects, I figured there was no harm. Boy was I wrong. As Mr. Dudley begin to drill and attempt to fill this additional chip with the risen and purple light, at some point, the chip turned into a crack on my windshield about 4-5inches long. Not only did Mr. Dudley attempt to conceal this new crack from me during the repair, but he continued with the process of attempting to fix the chip and did not inform me of the crack until he finished. Specifically stating "don't be mad at me but look what happened." That is totally unacceptable. A very small chip which could have possible been on my windshield for months, never causing any issues, is now a much larger crack on my windshield. I was better off allowing the chip to remain. After contacting the manager, Levon, to express my dissatisfaction, I was informed to return to Sams Club to allow Mr. Dudley to put additional risen in the newly formed crack as a crack less than 6 inches is repairable. There is no repairing a crack your technicians causes unless you replace my windshield. Filling it with risen is not a repair. It's a temporary fix which in this case is no fix at all because it was not done properly. After taking time from my busy law practice, Mr. Dudley informed me that he placed risen in the crack (although a fellow Chipio worker informed me there was no risen in specific areas of the crack) except at the very end, which is where if the crack were to spread, that's where it would begin. Mr. Dudley also informed me that the crack probably occurred due to the heat being on in my vehicle and the fact that the risen was so cold. I asked Mr. Dudley why he had instructed me to turn on my vehicle to use the purple light however DIDNT instruct me to confirm my heat was not operating while he completed my "repair." Mr. Dudley informed me that he didn't take the necessary precautions when completing my repair. He also informed me that if he went back in to fill the end of the newly formed crack which was not filled previously, it would likely cause an additional crack. End result: I had a very small chip which has now been turned into a crack due to the negligence of Mr. Dudley, which is not even completely sealed with risen. I am extremely upset as the cost of a windshield replacement through my insurance has a deductible of $1000 and I have a possibility of additional cracking. This is extremely unacceptable and I believe your technicians need additional training and should adhere to protocol when "repairing" a windshield. This so called repair has caused a grave inconvenience and wil eventually cost me additional money and time. I will definitely NOT recommend Chipio Windshield Repair, ever.
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Why would you let them fix your windscreen? He approached you in a PARKING LOT for gods sake. Have some common sense next time

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They should pay you for the windshield replacement . That is totally unacceptable.

They need to make you whole. I would not let them off the hook.

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map-marker Mount Laurel, New Jersey

Chipio - Unfair Company Review from Mount Laurel, New Jersey

Worse company to work for. They are liars and if do work there stay away from Mike Roper, he is a snake and you shouldn't trust him
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You just must of had a really terrible attitude, student mentality, or work ethic. I've made close to $1000 every week working here with those three things.

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Ive made amazing money hahah 99% attitude 1% ability. I guess your not cut out for it


I was dumb enough to try to work for them in MO and got scammed for my pay. Worked for a month and am out all of the money I was supposed to be paid.

Add in all the money for gas and my time, plus the money they made off of my work and it really sucks. Still trying to get the money owed me.

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Ayden Aen
map-marker Hurlburt Field, Florida

Supposed to fix winshield cause structural damage instead

On ( 10-03-13) at Hurlburt Field AFB in Florida I had a sales rep come up to my car and tell me I had 3 chips in my windshield and I could have it repaired for free. The sales reps harass you the second you step out of the car every time you go there. They told me that the work is guaranteed. I was reluctant but they talked me into it. I drove over and after waiting for them to get ahold of geico I was handed the phone. As I was on the phone they were then telling me to tell them that the chips happened today. I was never even shown the chips so how am I to know when they occurred. The representative got the okay and then went to work on my windshield. Once finished he claimed everything was good and walked away. Once On my drive home I noticed what looked to be *** on the windshield. After I got home I got out an not only was there a new chip that I could actually see there were two other little ones. I thought the point was to repair them. I was going out of town the next day and it was already too late to return back to Hurlburt which is a 30 minute drive each way without traffic. I returned today (10-10-13) and took the car in and was told by the manager that this new hole was not cosmetic but a structural issue!The hole that was put there by your employee that was too busy joking around (and screaming in Spanish at the Geico employee while laughing hysterically) than to fix my car properly. They could only fill it in, they could not repair it. I was told Florida will replace the windshield for free but it would not be free for me. My front windshield has a strip of tint on it, so if I get the windshield replace I now have to replace my tint too. Now they scraped my car again today, added yet another mark to the windshield and did absolutely nothing to the hole that is there as well as the two other ones. What is worse is that while your employees had me on the phone talking to geico again they proceeded to spray my car with every chemical they could get their hands on without even asking me. So your service that is SUPPOSED to be free and guaranteed is neither. You have now cost me an unknown amount to get my tint replaced as well as the time it will take to have it done. I will be forwarding this message to AAFES and the BBB and anyone else that will listen.
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map-marker Citrus Heights, California

Lied Too!

While getting gas at the Sams Club in Citrus Heights, Ca. The Chipio girl Maria store code ML1. Well she fixed the crack & three week later it grew into two cracks 9 & 3 inches long. Meet Maria one more time at the same Sam's Club & she promised the company Chipio would call me back after she reports into the corporate office. 9 calls latter....still never hear back from Maria or their corporate office/call center. Chipio is just a scam & has not intenions to fix your chip windshield. Sam's Club should not allow Chipio to take advantage of their member's.
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map-marker San Diego, California

Do not listen to Chipio National Liftime Warranty!

I had a windshield repair last year by Chipio at the Chevron gas station in San Diego. One year later the problem came back. I called the customer service to address my concern, per warranty they have to re-repair it. Unfortunately, I called them at least 4 times. They have promised to send someone to fix it right away. There is no one even call or take care the problem. This is a scam! Please someone out there don't listen to the sale men or sale ladies. They have promised me everything before the repair is done but look it now. When you call them, they know it was you. They are not even pick up the phone.
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You should report it to

Hali Xuk
map-marker Wentzville, Missouri

Chipio Windshield Poor Repair Practices

Chipio could be one of the biggest consumer and insurance ripoffs in the auto glass industry to date. I have personally talked to a few of there technicians. This is a quick over view on how they operate. 1. First of all the customer pulls in a service station to get fuel and is approached by one of Chipios staff to clean there windshield as a courtesy. If they find damage they will offer there windshield repair service, right there on the spot. And if you have comprehensive insurance they can bill it to the insurance company. And that is where the screwed up repair starts. Rule number one never do a windshield repair when moisture is present. by cleaning the glass they have not only added moisture to the stone break but have also added more contamination into the damage. Windshield cracks are very open to the elements and will fill up with moisture in just a second. If the windshield has been wet it need ample time to dry out. On hot sunny days about an hours on cooler days 8 to 24hours. My point is they are injecting resin on top of moisture without giving it time to dry out. They have done more harm than good by sealing moisture in the damage. Furthermore the appearance looks terrible. This practice of cleaning the windshield first has screwed up thousands of windshield across the country thus windshield safety. 2. They are also repairing surface chips that would have never split out in the first place and billing the insurance companies for them. One of there lead technicians tried to convince me that one of the surface chips I had on my vehicle needed to be repaired, it took me ten min. to explain to him way it was impractical not to do them, and he still didn't understand. They are in contract with Sams Clubs throughout the US
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These guys are a Cancer to a otherwise good industry. Poorly trained employees Doing bad repairs


I had my windshield repaired by the Dallas, TX team in Lewisville and they did a fantastic job! I understand so many of you have had awful experiences, but you shouldn't judge the whole company by an awful team.

The technicians in Lewisville were absolutely wonderful and I am more than happy they approached me one day at Sams club, due to the fact I had just gotten a chip that morning. They kept their promise and did the repair in 10 minutes.

I've had this repair done for almost 3 months now and it is still perfect! Just because one team couldn't do their job correctly doesn't mean the whole company is the same way.


I was so happy to get this job at first. They said I was going to make a lot of money and I am good with people so I thought, *** yeah!

I started in the middle of their pay period and they told me they hold a check back. They siad they give a base pay of $300 a week. 10-12 hours a day 6 days a week but it was so easy that I need not worry with base pay, that I would make a lot just off of commission pay. I worked 3-days and they had to leave to another state to open another event, this worried me.

They had 4 people in a *** truck that were in a holtel with only TWO beds. Well, they did come back with my 3-day check of $160 for 30 hours! So I said ok, maybe I need to step it up. So I went back to work and worked 3 more days.

It's very HOT in Florida and people were very MAD that they can't even pump their gas without being harassed by us. Well over 250 I asked to repair their chips, I got 3! I did the math, it was $5 a hour they are paying to line their pockets!

I feel used and beatin from the sun. I should have known better..

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Oh and they said I won't get a check this week because they left me hanging while they went to another state. So, it would have been 5 weeks of work for only two checks worth around a $150.

That was another tip I was getting screwed! I am burned from the sun and can't hardly lay in bed at night. I was doing work when so insurance companies wouldn't even pay me for and they boss told me, it happens! I can't live off that!

They are using people. They make what they can in one town and leave and don't care who they screw over!

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yo, the reason you got paid so little is because you didn't really even "step it up" a mediocre employee would at least do 5 a day. that 100$ for just 5 fixes.

if ppl were posed at you it's because something was wrong with the way you were relaying info or just even approaching them.

ppl like you don't last long in our company, you focus way too much on the negatives. enjoy your life, juice


Hey captain hero! Do you think that company has a warranty?

If this practice doesn't work visit to activate your warranty. This company is very credible!


The company hires young inexperienced sales reps and puts them in the field the first day. I was one of them.

They used me for 3 weeks and when it came time to get paid, there was always a difference in the number of chips I fixed to the number they paid me. I have been waiting now for 2 weeks and today they told me that my check did not come in and they have to file a "missing Chip report" that takes 2 to 4 weeks. We all know that is BS. How many unsuspecting young adults looking for a job have they ripped off.

I filled 68 chips and have been paid for 40 so far. Don't go to work for this rip off *** You will work like a slave and then not get paid,

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Did you bring it up to the manager or the internet. I was paid on time every time before going back to college.

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map-marker Kearney, Nebraska

Chipio Insurance Fraud

I went to Sam's club to get some gas and a chipio rep comes to my car and asks if its ok to wash my window. While washing my window the rep found a very small nic in my windshield slightly bigger than a pin head. (He pointed out several of them) All windshields get nic's over time but none of these were actually chips, just small tiny nic's. He went on to tell me that those will crack eventually unless I get them fixed and that my insurance will pay for it so I have nothing to lose. I told him he was wrong and if he fixes those we would be committing insurance fraud. He said that at chipio that anything bigger than a pin head is considered a chip. I told him maybe at chipio but insurance company's consider that fraud since your not actually fixing anything. I watched this go on at Sam's club for roughly 30 minutes. In that time the two chipio rep's scammed 3 different individuals. The chipio rep's on all 3 vehicles just used their drill to drill out the area and then put a small dab of resin where the nic is. They never mounted a bridge to inject the resin into the windshield. They didn't fix anything. There was a 4th car that actually did have a chip. An elderly couple probably around 80 years old. This is when I lost it and laid into the chipio rep's. The 1 car that actually had a chip they didn't even fix, all they did was drill a whole and put a drop of resin on top of it just like the rest of them. If you suspect you've discovered chipio doing an insurance scam you can report it easily and in most cases anonymously. Attached is a link to report insurance fraud. In the website it describes what chipio is doing and the link I'm providing list the fraud bureau in each state and the appropriate phone number to call if chipio has scammed or tried to scam you. Please call, there is only one way to stop chipio from scamming others young and old and that is to call. Thanks.
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Carlon Dew

You can't take it out on the technicians because they did not come up with this scam or don't even know that they were hired to scam people. I was granted a position yesterday to be a windshield repair tech & did not realize until now what they are.

You can only blame the CEO and business managers.

I feel sorry for the reps who don't know what they're into. I just sent an email denying the position & I was scheduled to come back to Sam's Club today @ 10 AM to sign the rest of my paperwork.


Not all chipio reps are bad. They do provide an excellent service to the public in most cases people do need their windshield repaired.

And if their insurance like mine covers it then why not. Why have to replace it for what a rock done to it.

Plus it does'nt affect my insurance. Thank you chipio.


The "chipios" were running their side show today (the 4th of July no less!!!) at the local Sam's Club here in suburban Minneapolis. I had pulled into the newly added gas station to fill up my 2012 Chevy Cruze.

While I am filling up, and having some trouble with the pump reading my "older" Sam's Club Card, a female 20-something approaches the front of my vehicle and starts to wash the windshield with a gas-station type squeegee, even though I told her that it really did not need washing, as I had just finished washing and drying the car by hand earlier that morning. I was half distracted by station manager during this time, who was trying to get my card to work in the pump.... which he did, actually. Of course the girl found a "chip" on the passenger side of my windshield, way down low, very close to where the wiper blade would rest.

The chip was more of a small nick with a couple of 1 mm hairline cracks extending from opposite sides of the nick. I told her that I had warranty coverage from my Chevy Dealer, and that I would bring the problem to their attention, and that no, I did not want them to attempt to repair it. Well.... aside from all that has been said by others regarding the fraudulent nature of their repair procedure, what has got me even more steamed is the possibility that the girl (rep) could have actually put the nick into my windshield using some sort of easily concealed, perhaps spring-loaded, diamond-point or steel punch of some sort.

It seems to me that this would not be that difficult to do to some carefully selected prospects, who might fit their marketing profile. When I got back into my car to leave, the nick was quite visible when the sunlight hit it just right, and I am sure that I would have noticed it from either side of the glass, being a detail-oriented person careful to notice any imperfections in my like-new car. This nick, on closer examination, seemed too perfect, too deep and too small in diameter to have been made by the typical piece of gravel or stone one might have picked up while driving on the freeway, or 50mph arterial street. One usually notices the sound of such an impact as well, in my opinion.

Hard to prove malfeasance on their part I would suppose.

Any similar experiences out there??? Sounds like the Attorney General's Office needs to shut this operation down!!!

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Banjo im sure sam's club has camera's. If a company gets a cotract with sams club dont you think they would of caught on to those ethics?

How can a chip be caused by a squeegie? If she put that chip there would it make a noise? There are people all over those gas stations im sure it would be noticed, you think? Have you diven on any major high way in any city america?

Rocks litter every road. For any autoglass company to put chips in windshields is absurd. If they are at sams they probably are not a fly by night? Sams club isnt hurting with this economy!!!

They wouldnt allow us valued members to be miss treated. If chipio condoned putting damage in windows they wouldnt have been around very long and could never be at sams club. If a company needed to do those types of sales they surely wouldn't be in business long. :?

Rocks fly every day and most people look through their windshields not at them! Thanks auto

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I hate this company. But I doubt they damaged your windshield.

I also do WSR, but I don't believe in or participate in aggressive marketing. Those sales reps, which is what they are--not glass technicians, see enough damaged glass that they wouldn't need to risk damaging a customer's car.

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You know how *** you sound, a spring loaded dimond tip of some sort? What kind of b.s.

are you feeding yourself. Detail oriented or not ppl over look things, so being so disrespectful

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-674514

Your an ***


No point in denying the truth, we do offer a service for our customers. But before were so quick to bash the things we don't know anything about let me educate you.

Call your insurance company and ask them to educate you on windshield repair. Its a piece of safety equipment, designed to sustain the weight of the roof of your car in the event of a rollover. when, over time, damage occurs to your windshield it slowly reduces the structural integrity of your windshield. our repairs restore structural integrity.

Not make your windshield all shiny and perfect again, and thats exactly what we tell our customers. Structural vs. cosmetic. Your insurance company WILL tell you: In the event that the crack or chip (there is a difference people) is under 6 inches they would RATHER you get it repaired.

In most states if the repair is not good enough you can switch to a replacement. It saves them money to have your windshield REPAIRED rather than REPLACED. We DO NOT begin work until the customer has agreed that they would like the work done by our shop to the insurance company. Sooo.

That was on you. Honestly...what do you think a glass shop does? THey will push you to replace the whole thing(which can also negatively affect your monthly premium)...oh. wait.

Isnt that why Safeflite is in a class action lawsuit? Because they pushed all their customers to replace their windshield? And were the bad guys? Get over yourselves.

Before you forget - We actually are some insurance companies preferred glass shops.

Let me make a long story short. No company is perfect, and neither are the employees that work there. The employees that we have found not adhering to our business practices are fired on the spot. We offer the service if you like it, and if you don't, then you don't.

Period. We do NOT forge signatures, do NOT force customers into anything they don't want to do, and I've very rarely EVER seen someone who was dissatisfied with their repair. If they were, we personally drove out to their house to fix it until they were satisfied. Funny how those positive comments never make it up on websites like these eh?

Anyway - this probably isn't going anywhere.

Who wants to listen to a scam artist, right? you'll read this with an air of cynicism, and your nose upturned to the wind like your *** doesn't stink, and undoubtedly find numerous little barbs to throw or witty little comments to attempts to make me feel bad about my profession... problem is guys... on a website devoted to pessimists, i have to tell you bad news.

For every one bad comment i've read on this website, I've had a hundred heartfelt thank you's. For every person that feels like they have gotten scammed, i've had ten sweet, kindhearted elderly ladies drop off cookies "just to say thank you again" You can bash our work all day if you feel you've been taken advantage of, and i truly, truly do apologize, that was never our intent, but don't ever call my company a scam. If were legitimate enough to secure contracts to do business with fortune 5 companies (beating out THOUSANDS of other shops in the process) Im prettttty sure were *** something right. If theres one bad sour faced person with a chip on his shoulder about how he hates his life and the people who come in it and a thousand people happy with the services we provide...

Kick rocks. Watch the *** sunrise.

Cheer the *** up. Im sorry you hate your life enough to blog about a bad experience in a gas station.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-603579

To the "Chipio Rep": For someone who is trying to represent a company, you are a terrible representative. In no way, shape, or form should you portray yourself as you have in your long, arduous, insulting, solecistic response to "mneumann".

Secondly, you have very rarely EVER seen a dissatisfied customer? Just Google "Chipio Windshield Repair" and read the laundry-list of complaints about your company.

But my point is not solely to bash the Chipio Rep, it is also to bash the company as a whole. Here at Fort Hood the Chipio employees run rampant through the gas stations offering to inspect your windshields. The only people who get suckered are the new Soldiers who just got out of high school and the unknowing kind-hearted elderly who are visiting their grandchildren.

The entire process of the windshield inspection/bait you into purchasing anything from their company is, without a doubt, throwing money down a toilet. Why would I trust the word of someone who walks up to me randomly at a gas station over that of my auto mechanic? I wouldn't.

Lastly, the company is parasitic in nature... essentially the Jehovah's Witnesses of gas stations. The whole process of being approached and convinced to do something that you had no intentions of doing at that moment in time is off-putting, as it should be. Your gut instinct should tell you not to trust a random stranger trying to get you to purchase something, because they are out for themselves or trying to earn money for a shady company any way possible.

Side Note: I went to fill up my tank at one of the gas stations here on Fort Hood last week. A cute new Chipio employee who I had never seen around here before approached me and asked if she could inspect my windshield. I was already shaking my head "no" before she opened her mouth. My instant rudeness and arrogance caused her to talk to me for 10 minutes... about the usual stuff that an employee would ask a customer: how I have a great smile, how SHE thinks SHE is pretty, blah blah blah. Anyways, I ended up having sex with her that night. What does this have to do with the company at all you ask? Nothing, except sort of bringing me back to my original point to the Chipio Rep, that:

1. Chipio employees are typically unprofessional, semi-trained ***-artists.

2. That girl was easy.

and 3. *** finish first.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-605040

At first I thought you were a legitament RESPECTABLE defender of our country just voicing their opinion. However upon reading your whole statement I no longer respect the fact your a veteran and your credibility.

What does sleeping with someone have to do about finding a websight that only voice negatives. The only reason you find more negatives on the internet is because those positive ppl are to busy enjoying their lives, not crying and moaning to a computer screen because they don't like to interact with people

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Betty F Maz
map-marker Bellevue, Washington

Chipio Windshield Repair

I pulled into a gas station and some girl offered to wash my windshield. She told me that I had a small chip in the corner of my windshield. She told me she could repair it at no cost. I asked how it's free? The girl told me its not free that my insurance company would pay for it as long as I had full coverage insurance. which I do but I was skeptical of this so I called my insurance company...after I called Progressive they told me my deductible would be waived and my rates wouldn't increase. This is such a convienent service I am so please with the company Chipio Windshield Repair. Thank you Chipio
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I worked for Chipio for 2 days. They were unprofessional, dishonest and just horrible!

I will never recommend them to anyone! They are scammers and they don't care about how much pain they cause to others.


This is called an insurance harvesting scam. They do the repairs, needed or not and charge the insurance companies.

You ask why should you care they are scamming the insurance company and not you. Eventually the rates re going to go up. Then we are all paying more.

Also these chipio reps think you are dumb and want to just use you as a tool in their scam.


I was approached at a Sam's store in Sherman, Texas and it was hinted that the glass repair was free but when I sent to the stand for the repair, they told me that it would go through my insurance. They called State Farm and they told me that Chipio was not a preferred provider which meant they couldn't guarantee the work.

I thought that since they were at Sam's, they had to be ok. The guy doing the repair caused a crack to occur across the windshield. He called his supervisor and they told me to contact an 800 number and someone would get with me and replace my windshield at no cost to me. I called the 800 number and w/in 48 hours I was notified by an agent of Chipio and e mailed a picture of the crack and a copy of their warranty.

I received a confirmation that a company called Majic Auto Glass would contact me w/in 24 hours. They did and they actually repaired my front windshield within three days and did a fantastic job. I confirmed with my insurance company and it was done at no charge to me.

I was pleased and surprised. I could recommend Chipo Windshield and Majixautoglass repair and would use them again


The short and simple of it is that any and all glass repairs (through Chipio or not) that are filed through your insurance are repairs that you have already paid for. Every month that you make a payment to your insurance company, they set aside an allotted amount within your comprehensive coverage, that specifically takes care of those repairs.

You honestly have already paid for the service so if you get a chip or crack then why throw your money away by not getting it repaired.

Chips and cracks DO get worse. Whether its the next day or years down the road. Fixing those problems now saves you a lot more money down the road. Once those chips/cracks branch out and get past 6" (at least in the state of Texas. Each state has their own regulations) then your windshield is considered defaulty and you now have to replace your entire windshield, not just the crack, and you'll have to do so with either cash (any monetary form of payment) out of your wallet or deductible dues through your insurance. That means that you are now paying extra money because you've already paid for windshield repair on your insurance policy.

I can understand how people would feel confused or swindled by the Chipio repair set up but only because its a fast process. Most people want to sit down and think a while before making decisions especially when it comes to their hard earned money. But if we really must blame someone that why not blame ourselves for not thoroughly reading over our insurance packets that we get when we first sign up. Those packets explain exactly what Chipio tells their customers and your insurance agent can also let you know how many times you can make those repair claims a year. I can assure you that Chipio is not a scam and that they truly are just offering a service that you've already paid for.




You are correct. I worked for chipio and we was always told that all that matters is the insurance $$$. I left chipio but nobody wants to hire me because of the bad reputation.


With the name "Betty Ford" I would say VERY high.


You must be high.

Chipio is the worst thing to ever happen to that industry.

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