map-marker Onancock, Virginia

Deceit and avarice

The fire company holds 2 celebrated auctions each year to auction off Assateague foals. Over the course of this last year it has become painfully obvious that they either have no idea what they are doing or they don't care about the welfare of the animals they are supposedly caring for or the people who buy the foals at auction. They have dense genetic problems that resulted in 2 of the 4 foals I purchased dying. One before it left the immediate care of the fire company during the auction itself and one within a week of delivery from an inborn error of metabolism. They pretended concern and asked to communicate with the vet at University of Pennsylvania about the problems with the foal and repeatedly assured us whatever was required to make the situation right would be done. After months of silence they finally reported having a meeting where they were unable to decide to make good on their promises to "do the right thing" as a result of their lack of information. They were kept apprised from the first day the foal was delivered of all issues and initially sent their vet to render care then their vet recommended hospitalization which I arranged and paid for. Despite everyone's best efforts the congenital condition he had was incurable and fatal
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User's recommendation: Don't buy a pony from the Chincoteague Fire Company